ZikZ 5368 Mk.2 Scout for SnowRunner

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***NOTICE*** As of this writing, this mod will no longer be getting support. What's here is it. I have not been able to find any "proof" but it seems that Saber had managed to break many of the things for which I created this mod to over come. Primarily I learned the XML for Snowrunner so I could make trucks which allowed me to forgo the many hours grinding through mud just to complete one mission. Since better tires were the means to accomplish this, I made "super" tires that drove through mud and snow with little issue. Somewhere in the last two updates from Saber, they changed how the tires interact with the surfaces. The truck began to sink when it was stopped, it refused to roll from a stop, and the brakes fade when used (both E-brake and main brakes). From my testing, it seems that the mass of the trucks have a bigger impact on brakes and the mass of the cargo has also changed (for the worse). All in all, in order for my modded truck to work as designed (and did when released), I have to turn down the specs of the tries to a level that is no better than standard game values. This makes this mod mostly worthless to me as do my other mods. I'm not going to spend more time just to figure out how to work in a new universe with different laws.

I wish you all good health and good luck, both with the game and with other mods. I don't think I'm alone but I'm surely not going to continue in this environment.

PATCH: I got a report of some issues with starts and stops. I had already traced that back to my wheels and the specs I was using. This patch fixes this issue. It should be available on PC immediately but will take a day to two for it to be reviewed and posted for consoles. Sorry, this was a miss on my part.

Update: Got an easy request to add a Roof Top carrier. Added it to the list of Addons. Also did some minor changes to suspensions. I stiffened them up just a little as the truck still had some extra bounce. This should help in the really bumpy areas. Will allow a little more speed when going over rough roads and not get bounced off the road.

NOTICE: The current iteration of this truck is the final version. If someone finds a major issue, I will try to fix.

Update 3.0.1 : Changes a couple of tires to correct specs. They were missed in last review.

Version 3.0.0 (Hopefully Last Major Release)

- A complete review, redo, and normalized set of tires. I have included almost all of the Mud tires and changed the parameters of each tire set so they are as close to the same a I can make them. There are still a few small issues with using tires designed for a light scout being used on a truck. But my testing shows that both perform well on this truck, so pick the tire you like and run with it.

- This truck was updated to be something any new user could use at the start of a game. There is little that one will need to level up to get access to so this is that Overkill (a.k.a. cheat) truck that everyone seems to want. So, I changed the previous version to one of cheap, easy to get, do anything truck.

- Added a number of addons. I have included all addons for the Loadstar 1700 and a few others that normally do not go with this truck. All have worked well under game conditions so enjoy.

- The addons that can be used as maintenance units all have the about the same cost and do have the same repair/fuel specs. No need to choose which one you need as all are the same. Pick what looks good to you.

- As this truck was configured to be a scout, it does not perform the hauling duties as well. It will still haul and do so with proficiency, so don't be afraid to hook up a trailer and go. Still, those non-transport duties is where this truck shines.

- Added a couple of Stack Exhausts and Snorkels to improve looks and deep water use. I think one snorkel is locked to level but that should not be an issue. Definitely looks better than the dual snorkels that are standard.

- All trailers are supported: scout, trailers, and semi

- As stated above, the truck was configured to be a scout replacement. It does that role very well and it will stick to many hills without tipping over. It also does very well in snow.

- This truck is NOT lore/game friendly in that the cost of everything is cheap. All tires are $4000, all addons are very similar in price, and the truck itself is rather cheap. I have removed all the Locks that I could, but some still remain as I also use standard game files for some items. Those are few and should not cause any real problems.

Version 2.0 and earlier

- All text regarding those changes has been removed as they are no longer relevant. Also, it was making the list much too long.


















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6.7cummins_1220 @67cummins-1220

Im sorry they changed the physics of the game your truck worked great!!!! And you did a good job. Hopefully you come back and think of a way to fix the truck!!!!

ansadx @ansadx

Not so good, it’s struggling starting driving with awd enabled. Seems like driving a bit backwards then forwards then backwards then forwards when continue driving after a stop, without switching the engine off!

rfzl7007 @rfzl7007

I think that has to do with the tires. I've had the same issue with another mod with the same tires. I did not push out an update on this truck as it did not seem to be much of an issue. I'll apply the fix and update. However, it will take a little time to reach console. Thank you for the information.

ActualWilson9 @actualwilson9

Credit where credit is due, didnt think at first it was any good, but this is the perfect scout/truck for all them small tasks. Truck is balanced real well. 9/10 (just missing a small roof rack)

rfzl7007 @rfzl7007

The roof rack was added yesterday. Look under the Addons area (same as flat bed) and it should be there. It should be at the top of the list "Small Roof Rack". Thank you for the response.

6.7cummins_1220 @67cummins-1220

Great job and this truck its a great balanced work horse!!! I run the blue crane and enclosed green storage box with the truck at stock ride height and its a blast to drive and nibble since its a cab over truck the only thing can you add a roof rack for extra supplies just for when you are using the crane or semi hitch? Please good job again!!!

rfzl7007 @rfzl7007

I found a little time to add the roof rack. I also stiffened up the suspensions just a little. Nothing major, just should help on the really rough areas.

rfzl7007 @rfzl7007

Thank you for the comments. I spent a fair amount of time trying to get the ride/drive right. I have not looked into adding the roof rack but it should not be too hard. Unfortunately, I'm busy with some other things and these mods have taken a back seat for now. Keep an eye out, I might be able to sneak it in. My only issue with the truck is the same thing I like, a single rear axle. Nice for tight spaces but lacks the extra pulling power of a twin+ rear axle. My goal was to make a better than average heavy scout and I think I made just that. Thanks again.

ChromaticWolf @chromaticwolf

Oh btw do you know a way so I can add some mud tires to this cute little truck ? (xml knowledge)

rfzl7007 @rfzl7007

I was having some issues with Single Tire sets on this truck. There is a definite interaction between the tire type and suspension. To help with this, I limited the tire options. I have the sets for the Heavy Single Tires but left out the Scout Tires. Since I already have gone through the process of adding the tires, re-adding them is easy enough but their performance is questionable. To add in the tires yourself, you would need to create your own mod. It is easy, once you know how. Getting that knowledge is the hard part. I could try to add you as a "tester" on my private version of this truck. It is almost the same but has all of my newest changes and I do update it often (several times a day).

ChromaticWolf @chromaticwolf

Very nice but I just found out if I increase the mass of some of the most annoyingly lightweight trucks (Bandit mostly) I could finally stop them from rolling over, every time I came across a rough curvy terrain the truck acts like its a peace of paper and it has no weight at all, this paper feeling is alright as long as it's a scout.

rfzl7007 @rfzl7007

I have suspected as much. I did lower the CG to help but I think the tires, weight, and suspension are fighting each other. Working on a patch to help this issue, one of the areas is with weight. Thank you for the input. It confirms what I already thought.