Z2 XM808-TZ Tornado for SnowRunner

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Published by zxp990 (mod ID: 1801352)


A reconnaissance vehicle made with only one unique steering.


  • Smoothly climbs up and down steps
  • Large reconnaissance vehicle
  • Dedicated radar
  • Dedicated seismic vibration device
  • Small capacity and localization
    ** Google Translate / It will increase a little with the addition of parts in the future **

honeycam 2022 02 13 04 00 03honeycam 2022 02 13 04 03 39
Seismic vibrator / Radar ( Rear )

honeycam 2022 02 13 18 53 34honeycam 2022 02 13 19 06 28

Radar ( Side )


  • This track is so powerful that it can make the game boring
  • The torso sometimes twists
  • If you have difficulty driving, please use "Hinge Off"


  • The seismic vibrating device only works on the required maps.

2022 02 13 04h13 39

  • Do not equip metal detector and radar at the same time


  • I make every means to learn
  • All models are built from scratch.
  • The design is often different from the real thing. Please pardon


I was attracted to the unique mechanism and the story that only one was made.

...And I'm not good at driving CAT770 and AZOV Antarctic.




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Vitto78 @vitto78

Is to possible to do unlockable diffs, the thing refuses to steer, but otherwise very nice :)

Zekumas @zekumas

Siesmic attachment unit on the left is not a static component it swings around widely while driving.

ROVER2714 @rover2714

автор этой моды можно ли сделать в кабине а не вне кабины как то фигово смотрится а в кабине смотрелось прикольнее

Crumbus @crumbus

THIS is THEE KING of scouts and more!!! A must have in your stable!

Kartal86 @kartal86

hello, will it fit PS4?

Malidictus @malidictus

A few comments on your design:

Firstly, a large number of your localisation strings have no localisation attached to them. For instance, both winches have the name "UI_Z2_WINCH_FOR_MEDIUM_SIZE_DESC," but none of the localisation text files have an entry for that. This is true for engines and gearboxes, as well. This should be simple enough to fix and really shouldn't have been left like that.

Secondly, balance-wise this quite overpowered. And yes, I know you disclaimed that, but this causes actual performance problems. Your vehicle is far too light for how powerful its engines are, causing it to skid under normal operation and bounce around unrealistically. Your high-range gearboxes also give far too much speed to a vehicle this light, causing it to take damage just driving on flat terrain. Game balance isn't just there to make things difficult, but also to make machines controllable and stable.

The vehicle certainly looks great. No complaints there. Having integrated Radar and such is neat. I'd very much like to use it in my own games, but I'd need to make considerable stats tweaks on my side first in order to stop it feeling "floaty."

schum198217 @schum198217

acteck60 @acteck60

Awesome mod and really low ram consumer, it feels pretty solid and fun to use!

JAVA-M3-GTR @java-m3-gtr

Welcome to console! cant wait to try this thing out!

LionH @lionh

Hi PS4 soon?

ige999 @ige999

Hi.. why in my game tires is not display..??

AlphaDJKILl @alphadjkill

Really excited to thrash the hell outta this rig :)

FWhite420 @fwhite420

I mentioned this to someone awhile ago as a mod suggestion, can't wait to try it out and see how it moves.

kyalsinwonyan @kyalsinwonyan

How to install this mod?
Please step by step . Thank sir

Drifty_Customs @driftycustoms

Just click the button that says subscribe. Thats all.

LibertyMods @libertymods

this Is rad, great work once again, man! 🤘

Eridyne @eridyne

After more testing:

The articulation will never really work right, unless the pitch pivot is moved.

If at pitch/yaw are changed to work like the real thing, it should be more-or-less okay, even with no roll.

As is, if you get the front end stuck and keep going? It bends up in the middle. Get the front end stuck and back up? It bends down in the middle.
The pitch point is just too far out of line with where the axles apply force to the frame, so it bends up or down in the opposite way of what you'd want, most of the time.

That's the only major drivability issue. Everything else is cosmetic, like lots of parts clipping into each other and some parts not being modeled, or is relatively minor, like some weirdness with the air intake location and the center of gravity.

Maybe put the stock metal detector on brackets hanging off the rear fenders? That and the new radar introduce a whole new world of unattractive clipping.

Rufus_Johns @rufus-johns

Awesome!! the concept alone is big, not counting the time and skill to make this ________ (truck/APC/tank?)
And most of all Thank You for Sharing Your Work...

zxp990 @zxp990

I'm sorry to update it many times.
I tried a custom metal detector but it didn't work.

Instead, I forcibly attached the official one.
It looks a little unnatural, but please forgive me.

Enjoy the design as it modifies the content and acts as an additional radar.

4SPOOKS @trevorandmaggylee

Is anyone else having trouble using the winch to get it the right way up after a rollover? I just appear to be dragging it around in it's roof, are the winch points too low? Or perhaps it's me. I do unfortunately have a lot of rollover experience.
I like the latest updates.

onelows10 @onelows10

It's possible that its center of gravity is set a bit too high, which will cause it to slide on its sides rather than want to be righted back up.