Yar 87K4T for SnowRunner

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Published by k4talin (mod ID: 783960)


Replaced engine with TATARIN one.

Adjusted Fuel Tank and consumption to adapt the Tatarin engine.

Added Tatarin wheels, removed all useless others.

One set of ICE tires present, no need more.

Tweaked stabily to a decent level.

Slightly tuned winches.

No extra fancy/SF addons added just to keep vanilla experience.

The concept of my scouts gravitates around this ideea:

If Tatarin can go almost anywhere except deep water, why not making every scout similar or close to that?

My modded scouts are able to do scouting..... in any map.

This way we can use more than one scout without making them UFO's

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igor.igor.belykh.696 @igorigorbelykh696

мод отличный но нужно ему обновление

Bob73 @bob73

Thanks! Great mod! :-)

LionH @lionh


SRJgame @srj-game

best trailer for Yar 87

k4talin @k4talin

Hell yea

XboxCharles @mononclecharles

Well done, no problems whatsoever, works well in lake kovd on console.

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Still having issues with the YAR 87K4T not moving.

This time with no trailer... I was able to leave the Garage & move... but coming to a complete stop... the vehicle will not move unless I use the winch to "jump start" it ✌

k4talin @k4talin

I am so sorry , I can not test it on PS4 . I never have this issue on PC. But i will try to add a second gearbox for you as a option. I believe it is an issue there withing this gearbox and PS4

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

One issue I had last night, when attaching a trailer... it would not move after coming to a full stop.

I would have to use the winch to basically "jump start" then it would drive.

k4talin @k4talin

Never happened to me. The winch and trailer attachement are original.... no modification there. So if you did encounter a bug it must be game related. This modification was tested on PC only. I can not test problems might appear on different platforms.

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

I truly love this Mod!!

Thank you so much for making an amazing tweak & allowing the YAR 87 what it always should have been!

Everything about this is just about perfect for me man, using it constantly for about 2 weeks now ✌

TememberTheDoob @tememberthedoob

Don't know if you are aware, but on console when you have the Tatarin engine equipped the Yar won't move from the red garage exit box and if you stop in any of the yellow mission/loading zone boxes it does the same thing and you have to winch yourself away from them to be able to drive. Hope you can fix this, as other than that I think this is a really good mod.

k4talin @k4talin

Sorry I can not replicate the issue on console. I am using PC only for my games.

HEYDRICH2 @heydrich2

gracias por el mod

T0P @t0p

Great Mod, Thank You!
Tested it on Imandra Map and it does really well. Makes Imandra fun.
I see you understand how to make it a better Off-road Trail Rig by making it Dig capable.
Thank You!
I wish other Modders would learn to do the same.

For those who don't know what "Dig" is, let me explain.
In real life Dig is when you disengage your rear axle and only have front axle engaged and apply the rear brake for sharper turns or placement of the front tires. We use it a lot in real life rock crawling and trail riding.
In order to have a True Rock Crawler in Snowrunner you have to have FWD and Engageable AWD with the Handbrake Only on the Rear Wheels.
A Must have for it to be a true Rock Crawler or Trail Rig.

Thanks again for a great Mod.
Thumbs Up!

winterfury @winterfury

What does this update have?

winterfury @winterfury

You probably should have made changes to the fuel consumption or fuel tank to compensate for the thirsty engine.

(Edit): I have not tried this yet, just saying this for clarity.

k4talin @k4talin

I did. Try it. Feels good. Not Op. You can travel like 2 full maps using a tank. I think that is decent.

winterfury @winterfury

Looks good to me