Western Star 6900XD Quad Steer Special for SnowRunner

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Published by RanicoX (mod ID: 136951)


Added rear steering.

Added 4x8 and 8x8 drives.

Changed CG and added a new engine.

Raised suspension so it does not high center on everything.

Added trailer attachment point.

A fun truck but in the stock form its just for selling since it sucked everywhere and wasn't very useable. This makes it much more fun and useable truck when you want to haul 3-4 cargo items without the hassle of trailers, or if you want to haul cargo + bring a service or fuel trailer with you for extended distances.

A personal use mod I've decided to make public. Enjoy.




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hipal @hipal

how much does this mods cost and what are does it have lever requirements

DoNJapon @donjapon

Hola a todos, espero que me puedan ayudar, en mi juego, lo tengo instalado en xbox one, no me aparece el icono de MODS, ademas lo compre con seson pass. Alguien me podria apoyar en como instalar detalladamente Gracias

RanicoX @ranicox

Thanks for the feedback guys, I used this a lot on Zimnegorsk recently, found it quiet enjoyable. If you haven't, play with toggling the AWD and High on the trans, you can get some good fuel economy out of it that way and the high gear seems to work nicely through mud a lot.

jgallagher3030 @jgallagher3030

From useless to awesome! Great job on this mod. Need to add some funny alternatives to the "Wide Load" sign.

ALTEREDREDNECK @alteredredneck

This was very much needed, and you'd think twin steer would also mean rear steer but apparently that was not the case.

Keio000 @keio000

Just saying... Twinsteer means both front axles steer. And why does this vehicle need things it does not have in real life? I actually used this vehicle on all maps with no extra exploits... It is OP in its basic form.... Just saying.
Still, mod is nice.

Blei1208 @blei1208

Wunderbar. wird nur nicht installiert...

LwGamerDerEchte @lwgamerderechte

Warum so Toxic?

warrior993 @warrior993

Absolutely spot on! Feels far more stable, tire size, lift, and suspension are perfect! Steering feels amazing even at speed. LOVE this mod. This is by far my favorite edit of the 6900XD!

Hawk600us @hawk600us

It looks good OP, thank yo for sharing!

cessna172p @cessna172p

Gracias por el mod amigo...
tengo una duda general donde puedo encontrar el mapa de pruebas de snow runner lo busco en el menú pero no aparece tengo la version1.0
Se que no tiene nada que ver con tu publicacion pero si me puedes ayudar te lo agradeceria mil, gracias y saludos ...!!!

RanicoX @ranicox

Sorry I don't understand. I think you're asking why there's no menu icon for the mod in the store? I usually don't bother with that part :) But I'll add it next go round.