Western Star 49XS (Super) by Palomides for SnowRunner

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Published by Palomides (mod ID: 855432)


Western Star 49XS (Super)

by Palomides

Concept: A Western Star 49X with more bed options and better off-road performance.

What this mod does:

- Adds several truck bed options and combinations including rear mounted cranes, small boxbed and flatbed, small maintainer, kung, and the standard beds.

Version 3.3.2

- XML naming updates only. No gameplay changes.

Version 3.3

- engines: refined for gameplay feel. WIP

- gearbox: refined one set for gameplay. WIP "WS 49XS Special"

- suspension: refined for gameplay. Now limited to two (Active and Heavy). Active is low-high. Heavy is for heavy loads like Long Logs.

- LogLift: unblocked for combination with log carrier. (an oops corrected).

-Coming Soon: two additional gearboxes. Specialized HIGH and LOW range variants will replace the experimentals.

Version 3.2.1

- added three new gearbox variants. "Experimental"

Version 3.2

- added a small amount of all-steer and castor angle to improve cornering.

Version 3.1

- added weighted bumper for especially heavy loads

- added cabin protector


- replaced up/down middle axle with standard axle to allow for more suspension options instead of the raised middle wheel.

- suspension options for Low, High, Active (HiLo), and Heavy-Haul.

- re-enabled diff lock to accommodate third axle. Otherwise turning was not so great.

- engines. Similar options but very different in the backend.

- engine performance tuning. Lowered torque and raised acceleration a small bit. Subjective but trying to find a sweet spot.

- tires reworked. Mainly backend stuff. Options should be similar. Double only.

- Coming Soon: weighted bumper, bed options refinement.

Version 2.9

- crane strength increased. (will be balanced later)

- added gearbox options for "optimized" and "realistic". So if you don't like the realistic versions you can choose.

Version 2.7

- replaced gearboxes with "realistic" versions. Inspired by and settings borrowed from eclipse538's mod Realistic Transmissions.

- fixed diff-lock. May have to rebuy to enable.

Version: 2.6

- added winches. Longer and stronger.

- permanent diff-lock.

- adjusted most wheels for better traction on asphalt.







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невозможно погрузить автоматически средние бревна в кузов

Douglas69 @douglas69

Any thoughts on adding some fuel to the small maintainer box, the OD green one?

Jewfrow780 @jewfrow780

Need more tri drives this game. Awsome

winterfury @winterfury

Give it more fuel as well.

winterfury @winterfury

Like 330 L tank or something.

ZBEAST @zbeast

Does this mod edit the existing 49x or implement a separate one, If it is a separate one would it be bought in the store?

winterfury @winterfury

It would be separate and be bought in the store.

ArtemInfocar @artem8882270

Good afternoon, this mod will be on consoles ?

2012ram1500 @2012ram1500

It might be because we are going to be allowed tweaked dlc trucks for phase 4 provided that the devs get the dlc checker in place

JuicyFruits @juicyfruits

No because it is a paid truck