Western Star 4964 Custom (49x conversion) for SnowRunner

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Published by B-Man17 (mod ID: 768469)


Custom Western Star 4964 49x conversion. I tried to make this rig similar to the WS 49x. Features the 49x's engines, bumpers, exhaust, and lift axle. With some improvements on top of that. I tried to keep it as balanced as I ***** without making it too overpowered or useless.

+Added the engines from the Western Star 49x

+Added a few visual parts from the 49x.

+Swapped most of the truck's sounds with the 49x's.

+Added lift axle like the 49x has.

+Diff lock always on and some form of AWD always on is in it too. All axles except the lift axle has power always going to them. The AWD upgrade will give the ability to power the lift axle along with the others.

+Added some frame addons.

-Couldn't add any UI or store images because of a strange crash when loading them.

I created this truck for those people that want something similar to the Western Star 49x, but upgraded. I'm not sure exactly what the rules are like when it comes to uploading DLC truck tweaks. Thats why I tried to recreate it in the White Western Star. Otherwise I would have uploaded my personal tweaked 49x.

Hope you all like it.




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ronass @ronass

if not allowed here upload it on some big russian site for mods and god can not ban it there

vedroooo @miewqw western star review and test nice mod mate

FrostGhilidon @frostghilidon

Would be nice to see on Xbox one, but likely won’t happen. I remember reading (I think) that dlc truck tweaks are a no go on consoles

B-Man17 @b-man17

If I read it right, using parts from DLC trucks is allowed. It just wouldnt be allowed if I tweaked the DLC truck itself and uploaded that. I could be wrong though.

neveras333 @neveras333

I've seen mods where people make it so you need DLC in order to even use a truck, I'm sure you can make it need DLC since I've also seen mods that require ranks/levels. Also, keep on keepin' on, make these tweaks. Doesn't hurt anybody. Those who get upset have nothing better to do.

B-Man17 @b-man17

Well thanks, man. The only thing slowing me down right now is trying to figure out which trucks to do next. I originally wanted to tweak trucks that you dont really see many people do, like the STEP 310 and a couple others like that. Or I wanted to try tweaking them in ways you wouldnt usually see, like how I made my P12's rear suspension able to be lowered and raised for attaching low saddle semi trailers

neveras333 @neveras333

I like tweaks because there are trucks I enjoy, but after awhile they become "outdated" compared to other trucks. And while a truck is better, I don't enjoy it as much as others. I don't play snowrunner for progression, I play it coop for the fun. Like roleplaying or doing odd jobs.

FrostGhilidon @frostghilidon

I may be wrong too, I dunno

PhroZzun @phrozzun

Looks awesome! Will this make it to consoles?

FrostGhilidon @frostghilidon

Probably not as it is from a paid dlc truck

B-Man17 @b-man17

I dont know if it will or not

TRU89x @tru89x

As far as I understand it you can upload any in game vehicle with tweaks but whoever would download you 49x would need to have the dlc purchased I believe.

B-Man17 @b-man17

I really wouldn't know. Better off for me to be on the safe side. At least for now.