Weather Station 34 for SnowRunner

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Published by DerEggen (mod ID: 757695)


Welcome to Weather station 34!

The meteorological research station 34 is located in a very remote area in Russia. The terrain is rough and there is nearly no infrastructure like roads or bridges.
Test your skills as an offroad-driver and comlete a hand full of tasks around the station.

This map will bring you a new generation of super realistic terrain and landscapes. The map was made with the use of real world Digital Elevation Data and I optimised the map a lot to generate an extremely realistic landscape that has never been seen before in mod maps.
The level of detail of the terrain is extremely high and represents what you can expect from my future maps.

For all those who just want to take their favourite truck off-road, there are 50 hidden points on the map that you can search for - good luck with that!
(the hidden points are made as upgrade giver- but they won't give you any upgrade, it is just a trick to have a statistic where you can see how many you have found already)

Dev-Tools are available!


  • 2000m x 2000m
  • Russian region with correct shop
  • 1x Garage, 1x Trailershop, 2x Fuelstations
  • various places to discover
  • 5 missions to discover
  • custom models
  • additional vehicles and trailers to find
  • super realistic terrain made with ESA Digital Elevation Model datasets
  • full translations for: English, German language


I highly recommend playing the map with Poghrim's fantastic Unipog MP500 - the map was tested with the Unipog and for the missions the Unipog is incredibly well suited.


This map uses a completely new type of terrain generation. I am therefore very curious about your feedback. Please let me know what you like and what you don't, mainly in terms of terrain and the look of the map.
The missions are just a little bonus, originally I wanted to build a pure offroad map- but a few missions don't hurt, do they?

Hitting thumbs up would be very much appreciated as it really helps the map to stay up in the rankings so other players can see it.


If you find a bug, feel free to write a comment or send me a PM via or the official Discord, thanks!

Have fun!

Special thanks to Poghrim for his awesome custom models and support (make sure to check out his mods!!)








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Berserk188 @berserk188

Карта не устанавливается! Выдаёт ошибку!

#Mr.BoS @mrbos

Привет, карта интересная но очень мало заданий , мы ее прошли за 3 часа, для такой карты это очень мало! Пожалуйста в будущем делай заданий побольше, тем более на такой качественной карте.

Chinook4411 @chinook4411

I'm a map geek in the real world. My job in natural resource management has made me very familiar with mapping and geography, and one thing about Snowrunner that always bothered me is the lack of watersheds to define the terrain. In the real world, streams and rivers aren't randomly scattered across the land, they are defined by watersheds. This map is an absolute triumph! Red Canyon is the only other map that comes close to reflecting real erosional forces that create peaks and valleys. Nice job! I really appreciate the technical achievement of translating a DEM for use in Snowrunner. I have no Idea how you did it, but I hope you can do it again, and maybe share instructions with other map makers. I salivate at the thought of a DEM translation for the Moab, Utah (USA) region!

From a realism standpoint, you have the tree spacing and rock placement perfect! This map is fully drivable, which is very cool! I think the rock placement and density is fine.

I would offer a couple of suggestions for an update or next map.

Consider adding streams into the valley bottoms of at least the larger valleys to mimic actual stream systems, where smaller streams flow down and feed larger ones. You have shallow mud in the bottoms of most of them, but I really think there would be streams or wetlands in them.

You might think about adding more interesting obstacles and "set pieces" like farms, cabins, rock walls, and ponds. I think they would make exploration even more fun. This would also include some more roads, even really primitive difficult roads would make the place seem more "alive". You might think about making some of the valley bottoms into deep wetland bogs that are a real challenge, and maybe hide some interesting things like old trucks or airplane parts.

Thank you so much. If you need any help or advice about natural realism or geomorphology, please let me know.

DerEggen @dereggen

Hey, glad you like this type of realistic terrain so much. And thanks for all the suggestions and feedback.
This map was some kind of tech demo to try some things and get some feedback. This build was a fast one as I have serval other projects going on and specially man made structures and missions take a lot of time- that's why I put far less on this map than usually.
My next maps will be much more developed when it comes to roads and man made structures as well as other features like rivers, smaller streams and rocks- and I was able to make even more improvements to the terrain itself.

Right now I'm sharing terrains with other map builders. Getting raw DEM into a map is no problem, prepairing the data is what requires some knowledge, skills and programs. But we should see some very high quality maps in the future based on terrains I have made.

Moab is something I have an eye on but I guess I would need some custom textures and rock models to really nail it.

godsbane6661797 @godsbane6661797

Love this map just love it its beautyful the detail i love how u can drive where ever you want to as soon as i tried this map out i had to download it on all of my systems on my pc series x ps5 x1 ps4 i cant wait to see your next map this map should out beat all otheres in my op thanks for such a great map keep up the amazing work thanks a mill

Xdfinlayttv @finlaymontanna

This map is amazing I spent all morning on this

xozd @xozd

карта вылетает при загрузке в гл .меню игры.

Citation @citation

тоже самое

Tigron @tigron

At first I really liked this map. The landscape created with Digital Elevation Model is really great and very beautiful. But...
Stones, stones, stones everywhere. If you think Imandra didn't have enough stones, you haven't seen this map.
DerEggen please don't listen to the DEVs. There should be different ways to create challenge and interest in the game. Because of the wrong mass and traction processing stones just don't work right. They just **** people off.
Please continue making great realistic maps, but consider stones as a road blocker. Don't make people go over them again and again and again. Think a little more about the contracts and logistics. Mabey it is good idea to consider some road network (at least dirt roads) and some more tasks/contracts to clean roads (from the stones), repair bridges etc.
Thank you for the map! But please don't make us go over that stones that much.

DerEggen @dereggen

Thanks for your feedback! The stones... I might have added them with the same method the devs used on the original maps, by accident. I know there are too much of them and they get annoying over time- I don't like them on the original maps, too.
I'm looking into methods to add less stones and to have a wider diversity of sizes.
Don't worry, a full developed map/region with roads, paths and larger structures will feel much smoother than this "tech-demo" .

Headfull-Eyeballs @headfulleyeballs

I recently checked out this mod, feel free to check out my video here:

Rufus_Johns @rufus-johns

Great Visuals! From the sky to the mud and everything in between. I have not gotten to far into game play , however i'm looking forward to going all the way thru the map..
Thanks for the hard work and more so SHARING Your Work!!
ps. would you please release the terrain editor used in the creation of this map?
I've tried one . and it was not what i had envisioned. it really sucked in my opinion.
If you cars to share this. I would be Grateful.

DerEggen @dereggen

Well it is not like you click on a button and you get a terrain like that. I used real world elevation data as a base and did a fine tune with Terre Sculptor. Adjustments to the colour and material layers are done with GIMP or Photoshop.
I had plans to generate terrains like that and release the prebuild data here on But I don't know if there is enough interest for that.

Rufus_Johns @rufus-johns

if you do produce some map assets, (what ever they may be) I am very interested in seeing what you have. Please pm if you do . and I do relize that time is money.

RomanTurbo @turbo1596716708

Привет DerEggen! Почему нет русского языка на твоих картах? Очень много русскоязычных игроков играет на твоих картах, но всё портит отсутствие русского языка! Поэтому очень просим исправить этот недочёт, пожалуйста! 👍

На русском языке играют не только игроки из России, но и с многих стран восточной Европы!

DerEggen @dereggen

Ok, ok, I'll add one ;D

giancarlojoli89 @giancarlojoli89

I'm trying to not play this game until I have my steering wheel back! How am I supposed to do this when you keep releasing such amazing maps?! Jokes aside, thank you for all your contributions

kzh1 @kzh1

Nice map. Done it with Step.
But opened tasks dont save when map reloading.

jaysee82 @jaysee82

It's a little bit too empty for my taste, but the terrain is amazingly realistic. Fantastic as a showcase imo. I love your mods I've put more than 100 hours into The Meteor region. So I'm really looking forward to see your next project!

Vielen Dank!

DerEggen @dereggen

Thanks for the feedback! The terrain is more uniform than you would want it to be for a full developed map, that's for sure. The maps I plan to use this new type of terrain (or terrain generation) will have much more details to discover and the terrains will be not that uniform.

Slayerbount2 @slayerbount2

Is there some where i can get that terrain generator app id love to build with something like that. Im pretty new to pc building ive been a console builder mostly.

Slayerbount2 @slayerbount2

Or any form of uploading real terrain into this game would be much appreciated cause lets be real the more people who know how to do so only means there will be so much more to play

DerEggen @dereggen

The editor has a build in feature to load .png files. It should be a 16bit greyscale file with a 4033²px resolution for max sized maps. If you are interested in building maps you should have a look at the official Discord, me and many other modders are around there and help out each other.

Slayerbount2 @slayerbount2

awesome i had no idea i will join that and cant wait to learn this all and then create more maps thank you