Voron-AE4380 Tweaked for SnowRunner

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Published by Divinity666 (mod ID: 124186)


Voron AE-4380 has the longest frame among standard RU trucks, so I figured it was only fair that at least one of them could still use trailers when equipped with mini crane and sideboard bed. Especially when sideboard bed on it stands out just marginally further than on Fleetstar F2070A. Still I made some corrections in offset values to get both crane(s) and bed a bit closer to cabin.

I've also added US mini crane as an option to Voron AE-4380 since I prefer it over RU mini crane due to design, color and, actually, usability - it extends further! :)

PS. Manual installation is recommended. That way you won't have two trucks in the store(original Voron and this Voron as a MOD truck)! For manual install just replace corresponding files in initial.pak.
PPS. Feel free to report bugs\issues\suggestions.

v1.9 Update

1. Minor adjustments to add-on combinations.
2. More color schemes.

v1.8a Update

1. Fixed issue when all color schemes but default were missing when using mod thru subscription.

v1.8 Update

1. Offsets for add-on combinations with saddle-low adjusted.
2. CAT's log-carrier frame add-on offset adjusted.

v1.7 Update

1. Patch 13.1 ready.
2. Fixed some add-on combination issues/bugs.
3. Raised suspension has more damping (0.3>0.4).
4. Voron Grad new engine can be installed (if discovered).

v1.6 Update

1. Fixed some add-on combination issues/bugs.
2. Changed low-saddle's model back to high-saddle again.
3. Wheels from Pacific P512 PF is now an option.
4. Maintenance frame add-on can now be installed.

v1.5 Update

1. Log-loader crane can be installed along with log-carrier front add-on.
2. Added log-carrier frame add-on from CAT.

v1.4 Update

1. Updated to ***** of the game.

v1.3 Update

1. Fixed: attachment point for semi-trailers (high\low saddles).

v1.2a Update

1. Added another option for the suspension - active. You can raise or lower you truck via Functions Menu ("V" by default)
Stock\High suspensions properties were not changed.
ps. There is no proper description for active suspension in Functions and in tuning section - it is only generic. Haven't figured out how to edit it yet...

v1.2 Update:

1. Updated to 6.0 version of the game.
2. Weight distribution rebalance.

v1.1 Update:

1. Moved RU mini crane + sideboard combo a bit further to the front.
2. Moved US/RU mini cranes to the middle of the chassis when used with saddles.
3. Changed standard low saddle to "high" low saddle, like the one Fleetstar F2070A uses.
4. Can tow scout trailers.















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Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

I like this tweak. Why no color customization though? Obviously a minor thing but I would like a color other than red. Other than that it feels mostly like the vanilla truck but very improved.

Divinity666 @divinity666

LOL, you are the first one to report it in 1yr+. If mod is enabled thru subscription all color schemes are missing indeed! I just never knew it cos I use it thru manual install(which I recommend btw) and it's all fine that way. I've fixed it now, even added extra color schemes.

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Unfortunately no manual install for me xD. I’m on console, the color schemes missing are such a minor thing I won’t lose any sleep over it if they don’t get colors. Just caught my attention when I was in the garage customizing lol.

Divinity666 @divinity666

Well, it's all work well on console now? do you have color schemes?

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Late response but yes there are color options 👍🏻

Divinity666 @divinity666

That reminded me that I've made some changes to the truck including more colors like three weeks ago and just never posted an updated truck here)))

TerryM @terrym

That is trick.

Evilomatic @evilomatic

would it be possible to "unlock" the raised suspension? since it can't be found ingame

Evilomatic @evilomatic

Solved it:

Divinity666 @divinity666

Check this out:

nightlywind @nightlywind

Всё отлично работает. При ручной установке естественно. Проверил только что. Теперь машину на повседневные задачи можно отправлять ))) Кстати, при ручной установке, это всё работает и в коопе, при условии что те, кто с вами играет, сделают тоже самое. Я так уже много чего изменил в игре, и с другом катаем без проблем. Автору спасибо.

blackdrizzt @blackdrizzt

Never touch the [Your drive]:\[Game folder]\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\initial.pak , that can destroy your mod option!!! That can also happen with other mods!!!
If you load 10 mods and overwrite the initial.pak 10 times. Then how much work?

Evilomatic @evilomatic

well as long as you di a backup of the file and put it aside, you can jst go crazy with your...whatever you are doing with pak file..nemas problemas

Divinity666 @divinity666

It works just fine:)

Gavinology @gavinology

Works well with manual install and is a fun truck now to do delivery missions. Thank you!

0921dma @0921dma

Unfortunately ist not working :(

Divinity666 @divinity666

Did you use manual install?

0921dma @0921dma

No, i subscribed. Do I need to install in manually?

Divinity666 @divinity666

Oh, I found the problem: I called folder "truck" instead of "trucks" that gotta caused issues with subscription, though I can not test how it works thru sub. cos I have sorta "free copy" of the game:) With manual install you'd probably noticed my mistake. Fix now... download again and try, please!

0921dma @0921dma

Thanks! Now it works :)

0921dma @0921dma

I have one more question: how do u calculate those offset values?
<AddonsShift Offset="(-0.95; 0; 0)"
Offset="(0.18; 1.156; 0)"

0921dma @0921dma

Можем кстати и на русский перейти :)

Divinity666 @divinity666

Просто по-умолчанию у кузова идет -1, я начал увеличивать и смотреть. У крана 0.15 - то же самое: увеличиваешь и смотришь. Ну, вначале кран надо подвинуть по-ближе к кабине, а потом уже кузов смотреть.

0921dma @0921dma

Ок, спасибо!