Volvo C304 Tgb - 13 for SnowRunner

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Published by Poghrim (mod ID: 171648)


Volvo C304 / Tgb-13

Built on a robust chassis with portal axles, it is a popular choice for anyone that wants to carry people or light cargo across rough terrain. Used by both civilians and the Swedish military, it got the reputation of being an exceptionally capable off road vehicle. It was even used in rally racing, where it won in its class in 1983.

In the modern day, it is both a collectable vehicle and a solid choice for an off road vehicle.

The C304 is heavier and significantly less agile, than it's smaller brother. But the extra bulk allows it to perform much better in mud. It will go pretty much wherever you want it to, just not in a hurry. It is still not recommended to wade into the deepest mud.

The narrow wheel track width remains the same, so caution is advised when driving in hilly terrain.

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Donations are highly appreciated and will help me improve as a 3D artist/game developer.

My mods will remain free, this is just a way for you to support my work and encourage me to keep pushing through the difficulties that this type of work can bring.

Terms of Use:

You may edit the xml files to suit your taste and upload for private use only. Any sort of editing or alterations of the meshes or textures are prohibited, unless I give explicit permission to do so.

I spend countless hours working on these projects and don't charge for them, so please respect the integrity of the files.


Portal axles allows for higher ground clearance, without the need for oversized wheels.

7 sets of custom tires.

4 variants of exo-cages.

Unique detailed utility supplies "Clutter" addon, with physics on some of the objects that allow them to rattle about as you drive along.

2 Unique camo pattern paint schemes.

4 Front bumper designs.

6 Unique decorative plates on the back of the vehicle to choose from.

Working gauges.

Working mirrors.

Animated headlight / diff lock / handbrake switch.


C303 / Tgb - 11: 4x4 van body variant.

C304 / Tgb - 13: 6x6 van body variant. <--

C306 / Tgb - 20 6x6 variant with modular frame add-ons.

Additional Content:

If you find issues with the mod, or wish to see more add-on options added, please write it in the comments!

The C306 variant is in development. (Halted for now.)


3D Model and Textures - Made by Poghrim (MrExcuses on the official SnowRunner Discord) from scratch.

Game integration: - Poghrim.

Extra credits:

CanuckRunner - Beta tester / QA.

Gumides - Beta tester / QA.

Special thanks to BA2017 for the mod review/spotlight!

Known Issues:

There are currently no known issues.















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DerpDaDuck3751 @derpdaduck3751

Pog, i want to personally tweak the engine a little, where does all the mod files go? couldn't find it in the initial.pak
i am not pirating your mod, i just want to raise that B+ to A.

Can you tell me the location of these mods?

Poghrim @poghrim

It's not in the Initial.pak, you have to look for the mods folder in Documents/MyGames/SnowRunner/base/Mods/.modio/mods/171648/Volvo_C304.pak

Then just look for the engine xml and you can change the values there.
As it says in my Terms of Use, I don't mind people tweaking the xml files for the mod to suit their play-style or whatever, as long as it's not re-distributed (You can upload it as an unlisted mod, if you want to use it with friends) or attempted to steal my stuff :)

phillyc9421 @phillyc9421

Pohhrim the C303 and C304 are my hands down absolute favorite scout mods. They always put a smile on my face, and damn are they capable! Can't wait for the C306.

DerpDaDuck3751 @derpdaduck3751

i believe pog will definitely make that mod as high-quality as these previous versions!

mufasin82 @mufasin82

N.E.V @nev12


Headfull-Eyeballs @headfulleyeballs

Hey I checked out your mod and made a video about it:

Kuffe32 @kuffe32

Hi, dose this work on console and if not do you have plans for it :)

Poghrim @poghrim

It's a "branded vehicle", or at least looks close enough to one that it's not allowed to be used on consoles, sorry

Kuffe32 @kuffe32

Ok, thanks :) lite synd det var väldigt coolt :)

smysaka @smysaka

Hi, it works together with the tgb 11 or I have to choose? Cause if I have both mods on ,game crashes on loading.

Poghrim @poghrim

Both of them work together and separately, try disabling other heavy mods.

rojoha @rojoha

Pohgrim, you think its possible for you to eventually get the 8x8 prototype they made done? :)

DerpDaDuck3751 @derpdaduck3751


Poghrim @poghrim

The downside is that there are no good photos of it, and, more specifically, no reference on how the front chassis was done.
So I'll most likely not make that one.

DerpDaDuck3751 @derpdaduck3751

found a video on youtube about it
it's a comparison between the unimog vs volvo.

GENGAMERS @gengamers

my mod saying you have no access to servers

alexander26pBEoAcd2k @alexander26pbeoacd2k

Awesome! Thanks for the recent update. I really love this truck, its my go to scout vehicle for the new Yukon area.
And now it looks perfect. :)

Do you have any plans for modding in the future? :D
If there is one thing this game needs, it's more Volvos. ;)
They have some really heavy trucks on offer, like the Volvo A25D or Volvo FMX.
Maybe one of the SUVs for some LOLs ;)

rojoha @rojoha

Really loving the Tgb 11 and 13, really looking forward to Tgb 20 alot. Cant wait for it to come.

alexander26pBEoAcd2k @alexander26pbeoacd2k

I really like this mod! Fun to drive, not too easy to handle, not overpowered. Great atention to detail, i like the stuff in the cargo compartment... the vehicle is not as empty as the vanilla YAR for example :)
The only thing that bothering me is: The bars under the rocker panel clip into the front wheels a bit :D

Poghrim @poghrim

Haven't seen that, but I'll get on it.
What wheels are you using?

alexander26pBEoAcd2k @alexander26pbeoacd2k

thx for your reply :)
It's just a minor graphical glitch, so no worries :D

It sees to happen with all wheels, even with the raised suspension, if you steer. I've only tested the biggest and the smallest wheels, though.
Seems to shorten the bars a bit would do the trick :)

Poghrim @poghrim

Wow... kind of ashamed of how that turned out :/
It'll be fixed in the next update (this week)