Volcano: Expedition for SnowRunner

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Published by DerEggen (mod ID: 1518070)


Welcome to Volcano: Expedition!

Explore Spark Island, a volcanic island somewhere in the North Atlantic. The uninhabited island was created and shaped by an active volcano at its centre.
The terrain is rough and dangerous, and the researchers on the island desperately need your driving skills to distribute important supplies to the various bases and camps, to support experiments and to build infrastructure.

There are no paths or even roads on the whole island. Explore the map thoroughly and find the best routes to get your cargo safely to its destination.

For those who want to navigate with a printable road map, you can open and download a high res map here:

This map will bring you a new generation of super realistic terrain and landscapes. The map was made with the use of real world Digital Elevation Data and I optimised the map a lot to generate an extremely realistic landscape. Height-, colour-, snow- and material-layer are generated from the same data set.

For the active volcano I have added custom sounds and light effects for a unique gaming experience in Snowrunner.


  • 2200m x 2200m
  • 1x Garage, 1x Trailershop, 2x Fuelstations
  • various places to discover
  • 2 missions and 20 contracts to discover
  • active volcano, make sure to check out the crater at night for better light effects!
  • custom models
  • custom sounds
  • custom materials
  • additional vehicles and trailers to find
  • super realistic terrain made with ESA/NASA Digital Elevation Model datasets
  • full translations for: English and German


Unipog 500 by Poghrim


Hitting thumbs up would be very much appreciated as it really helps the map to stay up in the rankings so other players can see it. If you liked or disliked the map or a detail on it, let me know- constructive feedback is very welcome!


If you find a bug, feel free to write a comment or send me a PM via mod io or the official Discord, thanks!

Have fun!

Special thanks to Poghrim for his awesome custom models and support (make sure to check out his mods!!)

Console release is planned once the first patches have been applied!






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nikthefly @nikthefly

no way to get in to the sea. engine off. cant complete

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Beautiful and realistic looking map! Terrain gave it's own challenges but I would have liked to see at least some deep mud/snow. Gameplay got somewhat repetitive, though, as same paths needed to be traversed a bit too many times due to the ring shape.

sve4ka214 @sve4ka214

Спасибо за карту.
Прошёл с удовольствием!)

sve4ka214 @sve4ka214

Отличная карта.
Есть в ней некий шарм из-за отсутствия дорог,

дорог нет - одни направления) это что-то!)

На скауте едешь - вроде нормальное направление,
на грузовике - терпимо,
а вот с полупрецепом уже тем же маршрутом не везде проедишь) хребты, батенька)

InterceptorKZ @interceptorkz

Карта, в целом неплохая. Но вот без дорог просто по направлениям ездить как-то не шибко интересно.
Ремонт моста доставляет. :)

The card is not bad on the whole. But it’s not very interesting to travel in different directions without it’s expensive.

cars3 @cars3

scraggsds1 @scraggsds2

I have an issue where I cant deliver the cabin on the moving mission. Map is absolutely stunning though. Great work!

BilboSnowrunner @bilbosnowrunner

Hey DerEggen, i'd like to say i'm a huge fan of your maps and with Volanco: Experdition you've hit it out of the park. The scenery and the sounds are truely epic. Keep up the great work 👍

mark.rowe74 @markrowe74

just come to console, really want to try it but still have loads to do on Lake Coap (another great map), I wish they would add more save slots as mine are all filled with mod maps as well as my main game.

matchbreakers @matchbreakers

This map is really cool, and provides interesting challenges. Not a massive amount of winchpoints, few dedicated roads, it's a very interesting, different experience. I've purposely been using old/rusty trucks since that's what i imagine would be present :D

DerEggen @dereggen

Thank you all for the nice feedback! I'm working on the last patch at the moment and hope to get the map on consoles by end of the week. The next patch will fix some minor problems and typos and will include a Russian and Spanish translation.
I'm trying to get Meteor going as well, my files got 'a bit' corrupted and since the map is very old, I have to fix some problems to make it compatible with the latest game version.

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Super happy to hear this news! I have never had the opportunity to try your meteor region so I’m really looking forward to that. 🤙🏼🤘🏼

all-ride @all-ride

That sounds promising, thx..besten Gruss;

greentdi @klwag

Thank you for this map, nice.
But you should update one other map from you first before making new maps: METEOR REGION!

rtmjrx @rtmjrx

I will try this out on my channel. See how it goes over with my subscribers. Looks like a cool map. I like the open environment. Thank you

majerpolska @majerpolska

Jak zwykle nie znalazem 1 pojazdu. Mam 4/5. Nie mam pojęcia gdzie go szukać. Mapa cała przeskanowana. Może jakaś pomoc.

MinimalTango @1588991775

coooool.... thanks Dude!

kzh1 @kzh1


Roughtoe @roughtoe

Just a few days ago I made another expedition to weather station 34 and lo and behold, a volcano opened up. Fantastic map with super effects, the rumbling noise scares me almost as much as the Geiger counter ticking in Meteor Crater. It looks like there is a lot to do. Thank you for another great map.

schum198217 @schum198217