JTTs Cat 680/681, Hummer H2 and GMC 9500 for SnowRunner

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Disclaimer: This Tweak is my "Cup of Tea" and I do not like OP with a zillion torque and superheavy 100'' Tires. XML tweaks only, everything from 'very close to stock' up to nearly 'OP' can be adjusted. OP in Michigan differs from OP in AMUR.

Recommendation: With Poghrims universal addons even the stock addons look like eye candy.

Collected my tweaks for "console forbidden Trucks" as any GMC brand (includes Hummer) as well as CATs in this package.

As usual: Everything unlocked to have a nice gameplay on Modmaps - starting typically at "Level 1". As this tweak is forbidden on consoles, it will never appear there.

CT680: Tweaked mass distribution (more "realistic" weight), tweaked and slightly better tiresets with access to OHD ones. If in doubt - use these. Suspension totally reworked, now its really working AND being ACTIVE to get the belly a bit away from ground. Removed some quite silly addon options. This truck has no remarkable framelength, so you can have either a flatbed plus trailer or a crane plus saddle.

CT681: The DLC truck (you need to own that DLC) vanilla has a "highway tire" dead axle, liftable. This is nonsense within "offroad game mechanics". To make that truck special and distinguish it from CT680, it has the same tireset options as the CT680 with some more frame options as it has a longer frame available. Can use Crane plus Flatbed plus trailer. Furthermore, AWD is now really "all wheel drive". The dead axle gets active as soon as you enable AWD - both rears and the front axle are always powered. This dead axle got also some steering as nearly any modern multiaxle truck has this function to reduce tire wear and decrease turning radius. The Active Suspension now lifts all axles a bit, but the dead one a bit "more". Thus - suspension "low" and "awd off" is axle lifted, unpowered, front and both rear axles have torque. AWD on equals powered dead axle but still "up" - works if you have a high center on it to push a bit. Activate the suspension to drop the dead axle and to lift the whole - gives you a bit better ground clearance, but also lifts your center of gravity. Besides suspension - the "Long Log Adapter" was pushed back and the space was used for a loglift.

Hummer H2: Added a single active (stock) suspension and AUTO-AWD for 39'' Tires. Tire weight increased so that this 3t offroader has a "weight to traction" ratio in the "acceptable" range. Engines, winches and addons unlocked, so you can use that on modmaps. Pretty stable with recspect to tipping and a nice truck to tow scout trailers. Not yet a loadstar, but something you can work with.

GMC MH9500: Suspension improved, Tatra Sideboard added. AWD is now available from your Garage.

All trucks have adapted Center of Gravities (feels now OK) and the axle Loads are now in the OK Range. Usually, the stock trucks have an overloaded front axle. You can see that point especially when driving the Tatra 813 (load distribution OK) and the 815 (load is nonsense). GMC and both CATs got the good looking Tatra Sideboard.

Ford CLT 9000 and International Transtar 4070A were moved to this Package.

Addendum: If there is an issue with the tweak, please use ... As I may easily miss comments.


JTTs Highway CLT-9000 & Transtar 4070A












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dcoltrain @dcoltrain

Not sure if you recently updated this, but they were no longer purchased in my game today, and when I rebought them, the C680's suspension is sagging enormously in the front. Putting a crane and sideboard on it basically bottoms out the front end, and even without the crane, it looks like a Brazilian style truck with a dropped front end. I don't recall it being like that before, just wanted the check and see if it was intentional or not

Windsjorn @windsjorn

Do you think you will ever make a Mega Pack for all the trucks?

JTT @jtt2

I will have to create a Console Pack as GMCs are not allowed in console mods as far as I have learned.

Windsjorn @windsjorn

What I meant was, will you ever make a pack for PC that contains all of your tweak trucks so that way I don't have to subscribe to each one of them?

JTT @jtt2

Windsjorn As there are different rules for consoles and PC - no. I had to split my Highway trucks today in a PC version with GMC 9500 and a "wannabe console version" without. My tweaks are so small, if I make 1 or 10 - it does not change the size. Modspace is limited by storage and not by numbers.

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Saw that one of your other tweaked truck packs made it to console today. Hopefully the devs will consider this one as there are absolutely ZERO mods of a CLT 9000. Fingers crossed.

JTT @jtt2

And it was so simple. RWD truck series from 4070A -> CLT9000 -> P512 -> P16 and 43'' -> 46'' -> 51'' and 57''. The devs simply do not do anything about old and disfunctional trucks being totally nonsense with respect to gameplay. But a ZIKZ605 and Tatra 813 with loads of power, good grip and low weight.... Look for "Canadian Shield" Modmap, this 4070A and CLT make a lot of fun there! My personal favourite is still the small 4070A, its plainly cute and the high chassis flex compensates a lot.

Mudigger2010 @mudigger2010

You’re a copycat everyone knows that trucks are in the game


JTT @jtt2

Drive the originals. They are even useless in Smithville Dam. These tweaks ( I do not claim that these are new trucks) make them usable at least up to Taymyr until you get the P512. And even that is "stock" short of nonsense.

tomasrehy @tomasrehy

of course we know that, but this is a tuning of those trucks dude. Because there are basically useless, so JTT made them better.