Old Betty for SnowRunner

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Published by Iceberg101 (mod ID: 1118896)


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(This is a fun side project I took up along side my major projects due to my love of MuddRunner. I do plan on exploring more Russian trucks)


You made your way down to Delta's Junk Yard to drop off some scrap metal and you noticed OLD BETTY here sitting rusting away awaiting decommission. You decide to take a risk on the old girl and breathe some life back into her. After some engine work and a brand new air filter, she's puttering black smoke again. Despite the rusty body and stuttering engine, she's a tough girl and can run on pure vodka if she needs to. Her body frame is compatible with most modern customization addons so she fits right into your current fleet.....treat her nicely and she's sure to get the job done, happy hauling.

Thanks to:

  • CrazyFool02 for providing the Model.
  • sunny_gunshot07 for donating the large tires.
  • My Patreon supporters.


  • Engine: 11.2L V6 TD, 14.9L V8 TD , YMZ280_TDI
  • Gearbox: 4 selections
  • Suspension: General purpose, Extra Stiff
  • Winch: Stock , Autonomous Heavy, Sherpa Stallion.
  • Tires: Seasonal / mud / off-road
  • Diff. Lock: Installed
  • Frame Addons: Several Body customisation options


  • Roof Top: N/A
  • Bumpers: N/A
  • Misc: Full range of customisation options
  • Exhaust: n/a
  • Rims: N/A
  • Dashboard Full working gauges with high attention to detail.


  • Full selection of colour options

Interior Customization

  • Bubbleheads. Custom Air freshener soon to be added

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IgorBossPavlov1 @igorbosspavlov1

Хотелось бы побольше выбора колес .
Ксли можешь обнови данный мод.
А так мод шикарен .

Adolf1667074003 @adolf1667074003

Пробывал ездить для сравнения на других уралах ,и пришел к выводу что это самый реалестичный Урал в игре .Сразу видно чел старался .Деталезированно все.отдельно про звук мотора скажу ,это чтото с чемто оригинально рычит ,как должно быть .

antiqussususii @antiqussususii

Solid mod, looks great, not too bothered about sideboard packing issues, it looks great and I consider it a challenge to deliver without spills, or I just use pog's flatbed like in the picture, very much appreciate the minimal rear over hang for semi hauling and the crane also looks great but I experience some control issues when using it close with low boom, it's fine if you park it a few feet away, love the zark tyres tho a 53"option would be nice, maybe a couple more chained tyres too but being a console player I think this is a quality mod for pretty low ram, many thanks.

SmugglePuggl @smugglepuggl

Series x?

sleeper0 @sleeper0

Awesome, but there is bug. If you have Sideboard bed or flatbed than cant load cargo manually. More precisely can you load them but not packed. And if you use autoload and unpack them. So they cant be packed back. Can you fix it ??

Smonkey929 @smonkey929

Love your mods! Just curious if youll be updating them for next gen consoles?

Stavrorus @stavrorus

Great job master! Everything is excellent, but there are a few comments or rather wishes. when installing a 25-ton crane with a roof-mounted trunk, the crane boom lies directly on the boxes stacked on the trunk. The textures of the crane itself are a bit not natural, maybe it's worth bringing them under the appearance of old Betty. there is no way to secure the cargo on your onboard platform. But in general, everything is fine.

Scorp88 @scorp881

Хороший мод, но что с салоном? На скринах салон нормальный в реале весь облезлый

RandySugar @randysugar

Like Blackman666 already said, the mod is really good and I love to ride this Truck but the thing with the packaging of the cargo is a very hard disadvantage. That needed to be be fixed. I think a lot of users would be really happy about. THX for this MOD.

Blackman666 @blackman666

The mod is cool 10 points, but the packaging of the cargo in the back does NOT WORK!!! You can unpack it, but you can't pack it. Check it out!!! If everything works, please write in the answer.

ShadowCAT629 @shadowcat629

I love it but it really needs a bigger tire selection especially wider ones because it likes to flip a lot

Chebur100 @cheburgen2

Автор сделай на большом кране 25т угол подъёма больше,и повозможности можно ли улучшить текстуры крана?

vedroooo @snowtime

tested on phase 6 dlc map great truck

sosomething @agotch902

This is really nice. Great custom addons, excellent model, great textures... A very capable tune and plenty of power without being too OP. I also really dig the forestry cage and bumper addons. It definitely gives this truck more of the "old, worn-down workhorse" vibe than a lot of the other Ural mods out there.

Armoredp @armoredp

I'm sure it was unintentional, but I really enjoyed your wooden custom sideboard/fuel tank being available to other vehicles to use before you updated. It fitted so well with some of them. Perhaps you can consider making an add-on pack that would make some of your add-ons available for use on vehicles that have the correct slots? Still using this mod as an essential one, thanks for all the trouble!

Orion0271 @orion0271

Great work! Nicely detailed. Very capable.

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Sweet, looking forward to the update when it returns to Console ✌

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Stazco @stazco

Good mod, but now its like flying carpet - no axles/suspension collisions!
Common man, its an offroad game, vehicle (aka hard piece of metal) cant phase through terrain and obstacles!
Please add it!

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Come on stazco you know better! How about all the vehicles the devs made? Non of them have axles/suspension collisions. For a reason - axles with collision get stuck in mud and whatnot... SR is not that kind of realistic sim. Also asking instead of complaining would be a smart idea if you ask a modder for any changes by the way.

Stazco @stazco

only few vanilla vehicles dont have axles collisions

many good mods like from Yansors or Ronnie DO have it.

its not perfect, but it works.

old betty is UNSTOPPABLE, mainly due transparent axles.

we dont need cheat machines, and asking for changes. Explaining WHY we ask for it, not complaining.