Unipog ADDON - Mercedes Facia for SnowRunner

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Published by Poghrim (mod ID: 749000)


This is an ADD-ON mod for my Unipog MP500 mod. Adds a branded Mercedes facia/grille and bumpers as a customization option for the truck.

Alternatively, this mod may or may not be used in the future to add further PC-only addons to the truck.

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3D Model and Textures - Made by Poghrim from scratch. (MrExcuses on the official SnowRunner Discord)

Game integration: - Gumides, Dolesen, Poghrim.


MP500 Unipog




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OpaFritz @opafritz

This is an awesome mod the fact that this truck is basically a scout wich can attach all the scout trailers is a Game changer for me......cause I hate all the scouts. So big big thanks

One thing....when pushing the throttle in the character starts bumping on his seat. This can be seen best when putting the truck in Neutral gear and just floor the throttle. In third person this isn’t a problem but in first person the camerashaking is very annoying. However it seems the amount of bumping can be adjusted. I obviously don’t know how but another modder changed it on his mod and ever since the character doesn’t jump on its seat up and down anymore. I hope I cloud describe the problem to you in a proper way (English is not my first language) if not just say the word and I try again 😅 I can also make a video about this if you like. Thank you in advance

verteru3 @verteru3

Thank you! Can you add Mercedes logo to steering wheel?

jaysee82 @jaysee82

Thanks for the great mod, Poghrim! It's so detailed and well balanced, that it actually feels like an og in-game vehicle. It doesn't feel OP, either. It's more like on par with the Tuz Acteon for example. And the way you made it work for PC and consoles is really creative. Well done!

Nick1590276200 @nick1590276200

is there a way to combine the mod it would be easier for me with the mod limit and all

Poghrim @poghrim

Putting it into the same vehicle mod would actually make the mod limit worse. As the file size from this one would be added to the actual vehicle. And I would have to make an additional listing with the off-brand truck. So if you want to run both configs, you would have to download 2x 670MB

mvaughn10 @mvaughn10

They did that on purpose so the actual vehicle has a chance to make it to Consoles without branding

Stazco @stazco

which exact model and years of production?
thx a lot in advance!

Poghrim @poghrim

The overall vehicle is supposed to be the U4000. But the entire configuration is quite custom, to suit SnowRunner.
I took reference and inspiration from different models.

Stazco @stazco

great job! thx a lot!

M4ChR @m4chr

Great addon!

15119363312 @15119363312

No mod found in the game ?

Warpillow @warpillow

Do you have the unipog installed? All this mod does is add the Mercedes badges to it

Johnnyholster @johnnyholster


TressTM @tresstm

Спасибо, то что нужно 🙂👍

ssmol @ssmol

PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 @puppymaster2

MWUHAHAHA!! :EvilGenius: