TWM's Protective Racks for SnowRunner

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Published by TheWanderingMerc (mod ID: 1967022)


The TWM Protective Racks is my first foray into the world of SnowRunner modding!

This mod seeks to add a bit of diversity in terms of cabin protection options, adding a "Tool" Headache rack with side compartments, chains and loadbinders, a "Logging" headache rack based off the Peerless Headache Rack, and a more plain heavy headache rack of a generic design with iron bars to protect a truck's back-glass whilst facilitating visibility in most trucks. The various racks attach to the US/RU Minicrane addon sockets or to select cabin protection slots on trucks like the BM17 Royal, Pacific P12, and Derry Longhorn 3194.

I've included the option to select a Color-Changing version to match the truck it's attached to, or a fixed color version of each of the Headache racks in addition to a special "Chrome" version of the diamond-plated tool box.

+Special Support added for MaxMike181's Peterman 3790

---New in Version 1.1!---

- "Welder Rack" pipeline welding setup based on the hand-made rigs used by many oil/gas pipeline welders. Includes 800 repair points!

- "Winching Rack" steel mesh headache rack with a military-grade centerline-mounted winch, perfect for winching wrecks up onto trailers or flatbeds.

- "Chrome Sleeper" external sleeper addon based on the Mercury Sleeper Company "Mercury Sleeper" a timeless classic from the days gone by! Available in Chrome and Color Changing!


Current Lineup of Addons:

  • Tool Cabinet Headache Rack
    • Color-Customizable Option "Tool Rack CC"
    • Standard Option "Tool Rack"
    • Chrome Special Option "Chrome Tool Rack"
  • Logging Headache Rack
    • Color-Customizable Option "Logging Rack CC"
    • Standard Option "Logging Rack"
  • Heavy Headache Rack
    • Color-Customizable Option "Headache Rack CC"
    • Standard Option "Headache Rack"
  • Welder Rack
    • Color-Customizable Option "Welder Rack CC"
    • Standard Option "Welder Rack"
  • Winching Rack
    • Color-Customizable Option "Winching Rack CC"
    • Standard Option "Winching Rack"
  • Chrome Sleeper
    • Color-Customizable Option "Chrome Sleeper CC"
    • Standard Option "Chrome Sleeper"

Note: This mod does have known clipping issues/bugs with certain vanilla trucks that are irreparable without extensive modification to the vanilla truck files, which I am not going to do. The same goes for modded vehicles, if the vehicle has the normal US/RU Minicranes these addons will probably appear but I can't guarantee they do!

Special thanks to maxmike181, Big_Es, Killofdev, and all the others back at The Modder's Forum for their help, ideas, and encouragement!

All assets are not to be used elsewhere without permission (Just ask me, I'll 99% say it's ok to use them)!
















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Is their any chance of adding some fuel to just a thought

TheWanderingMerc @thewanderingmerc

It's possible, I'm working on a different mod at the moment but a Fuel Transfer Tank addon I could probably do after I finish it!

RachelTGG @racheltgg

Can you move them to the Miscellaneous or a custom category? The frame addon category is already very full even with no mods, when you use mods that add universal addons and stuff it gets even more full, and the racks do "fill" a lot of slots.

TheWanderingMerc @thewanderingmerc

Potentially, I'll look into it but no promises

RachelTGG @racheltgg

Thanks. That would make the mod much better imo

xiGeox @xigeox

Anyway to get this to work with the metal detector so the utility mount mod will work with these? The utility mount uses the metal detector mount. If not it’s okay.

TheWanderingMerc @thewanderingmerc

If a truck can support the minicrane US/RU slots and a metal detector it should work, if not then it won't and that's outside of my control. Sorry!

xiGeox @xigeox

Damn! Thanks for the reply.

mucha89bdg @mucha89bdg

Great accessories. They completely change the look and purpose of trucks. Thank you!

TheWanderingMerc @thewanderingmerc

Looks great! Glad to see them in use in the wild!


Tested all new racks and especially the sleeper and I'm blown away really good stuff it looks good and even has some repair parts truly thank you from my side :D I equipped it to all old American trucks and some Russian ones. I like the sleeper a lot it looks just like my model and is very well made the winch and welding racks as well they can be very useful. Also I would suggest putting "sleeper" into the mod title to draw more people in I'm probably not the only one who wanted one for a very long time. Thumbs up from me 10/10 πŸ‘πŸ‘

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

I read UPDATE and Mercury Sleeper and Winching Rack. Instantly jumped on to look and can't find them anywhere..... ?


Some trucks can't have it I believe all medium sized american trucks do. The ones that can have a minicrane. If it won't work try uninstalling and downloading it again helped me out a few times

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

I tried that, didn't work. I'm on PS4, when I logged into the mod browser today it DID update this mod but I think it only updated the description. They have been doing that lately and it just clicked in my brain. Hopefully in a day or two the mod itself will get updated.

TheWanderingMerc @thewanderingmerc

I'm not super familiar with the console mod process but I'm pretty sure the Devs have to approve the updated files before the update will release on consoles! Sorry!

louisdisser827 @louisdisser827

Did this make it to Playstation 4 yet

TheWanderingMerc @thewanderingmerc

I believe so!

xiGeox @xigeox

Are the devs on holiday again?

Rocketblast4713 @rocketblast4713

yes they are

nobism @nobism

Logging rack fits perfectly with Sleeper cab on Peterman 3790, just like it was made for it :D

TheWanderingMerc @thewanderingmerc

It was specifically tweaked for it!