Tuz 420 Tatarin JBE for SnowRunner

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This was suggested to me by a few people and one person said "do something that is almost impossible to stop" and I said sure why not. I actually had fun tweaking this tuz 420. This tuz 420 is not for everyone. Like my other tweaked vehicles, I will be adjusting this truck if needed.

Should work with Subscribe only.

Any custom assets contained in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the artist. They are used in this package with explicit license extension for this use. DO NOT attempt to utilize them in any way in your own mods. Violation of this can and has led to account bans, and further actions will be taken as necessary.

tweak list:

- JBE 9 gears transmission added to gearbox options

- Added a level tow hitch for scout and regular trailers (no semitrailers)

- Adjusted engine specs. Stock engine was weak. 5 engine options now (Engine 5 is possibly OP)

- Replaced the Tuz 420 sounds with Kolob 74760 sounds and the horn with the P16 horn.

- Increased fuel capacity to 150 gallons (Increased fuel capacity on the roof racks and Addons)

- Added a few more paint colors

- Added more wheel/tire options (I did adjust some tires to handle better, JBE wheels)

- Converted the front to accept dual tires.

- Added Quasimiyao wheel/tire option

- Adjusted stock suspension + added a few JBE suspensions setups. Included Active suspension to this build

- More Miscellaneous items (In cab supplies, side lights, roof lights, spare tires)

- Added 2 Loadstar Flashers. (1 basic flasher, 1 red and blue flasher)

- Added an Autonomous Winch. (Longer and Stronger)

- Added 2 additional winch spots near the back

- HID headlights.

- Added side backup lights. Light up when backing up

- All LEDS are addons

- Handbrake is connected to front and rear

- Adjusted brake delay, so you stop quicker

Nice Addon color mod:

FOXCRF450RIDER Off road Trailers mod:

Thanks for the assistants LoB1325

Also Gumides on some LED tweaking

Again, let me know if anything is bugging or not working. Let me know if something needs adjusting. Thank you ; )

12.23.20 Updates 1.1

- Updated UiNames
- Removed LED taillights (Buggy with game)
- Removed biggest tire size
- Removed highest flex suspension (Control arms bugged out a lot)
- Removed some tire options

12.7.20 Updates 1.0

- Removed JBE Trailers to fix duplication problem in store (You can still equip JBE trailers, if you are subbed to BM17
- Added cat th357 and cat 770g wheels
- Fixed tire size selection. (All of the same size should be together now)

11.16.20 Update 0.9

- Removed a wheel option
- File clean up
- 2 JBE trailers added (Only added because I added them to another build coming)
- Increased fuel capacity

Updates to come:










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Modedps @modedps

Very reliable vehicle just 2 recommendations 1 i dont know if im the only one having problems with the turning radious when im not on sum sort of road but yeah 2 you may wanna put the suspension health up a little more cuz if you hit a little rock going a little to fast half of you suspension is gone but other than those 2 things very well done on making a great truck that dosent have ridiculously unnatural health and have ridiculous parts fule and tires for roof racks great job.

Modedps @modedps

Just one more thing can if float and use the tires as paddles plz that would be awsome!

Drifting1999 @drifting1999

How come this isn't on console no more

JDGILL95 @jdgill95

Love your mods of this store version. Would be awsome if you can make it float. Using wheels as paddles. And have the front panel move forward when floating. I can not access the floating one. PS4 Subscriber.

Ozzspeed @ozzspeed

Definently will go anywhere and practically unstoppable im really enjoying this 1! The only thing im having trouble with is the steering. Im trying to figure it out but its really hard to steer a straight path. Great mod tho its a beast!

Alexandr)) @alexandr7

Мод хороший, у меня стоит, но управление хромает.

St3vo @st3vo

Needs sharper steering and I think it needs to be heavier because I've tried to recover multiple trucks that were on a slightly lower part of the terrain and this just got pulled toward the stuck truck and just flipped over which is really annoying because this thing has lots of torque but cant put it to use. (PS4 btw)

BeniStingray @benistingray

Awesome mod, my go to "truck" if i need to recover a flipped truck, it can go everywhere and has enough power and weight to get even the heaviest trucks back on its wheels.
Only thing i dont like that much is the steering, its understeering and it takes ages to go from left to right, some more steering speed would be greatly appreciated.
Keep up the great work, you have by far the best mods on xbox!

AssassinX001 @assassinx001

Honestly one of my favorite mods, but you take way too much damage in suspension. Me and 2 other friends have this mod and can’t seem to get from point A to B without constantly seeing the suspension damage icon fly all over the screen after running over what could be classified as pebbles... seems like we use up all of our repair parts on the suspension before we even get to our first objective. I’m not sure if anyone else agrees, but it would be nice to see a stronger suspension, or compensate with more points to consume before damaging the suspension completely. **NOTE** we are using this mod on console, and have tested every suspension option.

Modedps @modedps

I very much agree the suspension damage is outrageous

vanja640 @vanja640

не могли бы вы сделать второй такой же но чтоб поворачивались только два передних колеса(на передних мостах)

Timothy. @timothy20

slightly to much rear steer and the horn is to loud other than that its perfect

danailacatalin @danailacatalin

hi! I use this mod on ps4. (awesome. best mod for me) I have done a few missions today and I feel like this truck in not so powerfull like before. even if I use the most expensive engine and transmission (like before)... am I the only one who feel this?
also... by any change can you remove some tyres options? it's taking a loong time to get to "chained" on ps4.

BlueDually @bluedually

Now this is a fun tweak.

1prostak1 @prostakov-777


Scubasteve92878 @scubasteve92878

But, does it float? Lol

redzebracross @redzebracross

hi anyone can help my with this mod? I already subs and turn it on but it didn't appear at store

Pipi67 @pipi67

I have it in the store. (on PC)

typherian1 @typherian1

was there a change in this mod recently? I used the truck today after a long time and it understeers as f**** the wheels are in full lock and it keeps going straight no matter the terrain.

zwocv @zwocv

Nicest Tatarin mod I run into so far! Love the LED position lights!