Tuz 16 Actaeon TT for SnowRunner

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Published by thieme1989 (mod ID: 1368932)


Requires Year 1 pass or Season 1 DLC to work!

So not sure if this really "deserves" my TT addition. I guess this is more of an experiment and joke mod then something else but maybe some folks will enjoy it. You may downvote this it won't hurt me ^^
The basegame long log addon on the Actaeon almost seems like a joke from the devs considering it has such soft suspension. I Felt I might as well add on to that by adding a saddle. Although after adding the saddle I actually started fixing up the thing a bit. I feel it could be a lot more useful now.

- Changed mass and CoG (added 400 mass to the truck)
- Added low saddle and scout trailer compatability
- Tweaked engines, gearboxes and winches. Kept everything civil and even nerfed the highrange gearbox a bit.
- Tweaked suspensions and added a "heavy" option for all 3, also added one Raised soft suspension upgrade for general offroading.
- Increased fuel capacity from 110L to 140L
- Increased frame flex, let me know your opinion on this!
- Added 2 weighted bumpers. (Bumper adds 350 to mass)
- Changed the wheel template to Heavy for the stock selection of wheels
- Added Ank wheels, Yar balloon wheels and Cat 770G F+R dually's with heavy template. Also added wheels. A lot of thanks to TnB_BigDubz420 for putting them online!! Keep in mind, wheels don't look great on this truck. Even the stock tires float in the air... Still want to give some more options.
- Added rear mini crane and a OP version of both the small tank and the roof rack
- Changed some addon offsets. Keep in mind everything is configured to use basegame 1 slot addon. Both Pog's and Olsoms replacement addons will clip either because they are a tad bigger and/or because the offsets in their modfiles are not precise enough!

I very much recommend only taking 2 or 3 slot semi-trailers, maybe a 4 slot if the cargo is very light (wooden planks for example) but keep in mind even with the work I put in it is not a do it all and do it easymode truck. Sure it may be a lot more capable then the stock version but I think most basegame 6x6's will still beat it.
Not recommended to drive around without weight on the back, especially with the weighted bumpers installed. Get a semitrailer asap.

For small semi-trailers look at:











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Timur95 @timur95

На плойке не работает (

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Не могли бы вы предоставить мне больше информации и/или скриншот?

Timur95 @timur95

Да как сказать, я его скачиваю включаю а в гараже его почему-то нет. Причём я скачивал разные моды и не одного не увидел у себя в гараже. Может я что-то не так делаю.

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Вы действительно владеете DLC, включающим этот автомобиль? Вы должны владеть полным пропуском 1-го года или, по крайней мере, DLC 1-го сезона. Иначе оно не появится.

thieme1989 @thieme1989 does not automatically send me an e-mail when someone sends something in here. If you have any issues or want my attention please send me a direct message or tag me using @thieme1989
Thank you!

Johnny77 @johnny77

I have it but dont see it in my garage or store

thieme1989 @thieme1989

It is a DLC vehicle and as such it has the DLC checker tag.
You need to have either the complete Year 1 pass or the seperate Season 1 DLC.
If you have those it should show up, if not be sure to check you enabled the mod.
If it still does not work after that then I can't help you.

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Great job! Finally made that thing useful in the game. Thumbs up from me.

thieme1989 @thieme1989

It is far from realistic I think but definitely more useful. Since it is a 4x4 I still don't really use it myself though but I hope people in general like it.

MinimalTango @1588991775


MrBusses @mrbusses

looks good bud

pietro2353 @pietro2353