Tumbler Ridge for SnowRunner

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Published by Remoh667 (mod ID: 707330)


Welcome to Tumbler Ridge. It sure looks nice on a postcard. The real truth is it's a pretty harsh spot. If you spend some time up in those hills you'll know what I mean. Don't get me wrong...there are plenty of beauty spots to shut the truck off and take it all in, smash your way up some seriously steep trails, or bury yourself windows deep in a swamp. But the bottom line is, there's jobs that need done and you look like you need a challenge...

See ya out there...

This is designed as map 3 for the Smokey River Region. I am releasing this single map first and am currently working on adding this to the region with new tasks added to all 3 maps . I look forward to hearing feedback and comments👍

I have made a spot for anyone who would like to support my work. I love making maps for people to enjoy. Thanks for everything players👍






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miglou @miglou

Bravo pour cette création , je vous félicite ...beaucoup de plaisirs

Pipi67 @pipi67

Beautiful map.

Franky0815 @franky0815

Big problem! Parked a truck with 5 cellulose on the bridge/dam, when I switched back the truck has fallen down the street and stuck now inside the bridge. Because only 8 cellulose available I can’t finish this.

TristanBlake. @tristanblake1

THIS MAP IS INSANE ! It is damn good, please do more !! and these views ! the mountains are so beautiful, and the map limits are not visible,which is really great compared to other maps. Also, the exploring scout missions are so cool man ! more more more !!! please !

Franky0815 @franky0815

I have so much fun with PAK_LYNX trucks on this map, I played the whole night! Love the beautiful views and enormous challenging steep hills! ❤️

luiggi51ar @luiggi51ar does not update the mod, it gives "unknown error 10001" and also wreks the installed version.
Mess-up any progress in the game that this mod is involved in.
Does anyone know how to install the mod manually? не обновляет мод, выдает «неизвестную ошибку 10001», а также разрушает установленную версию.
Запутайте любой прогресс в игре, в которой участвует этот мод.
Кто-нибудь знает, как установить мод вручную?

Franky0815 @franky0815

I got same error on PS4 Pro, tried downloading over and over and sometime it was complete. Perhaps because the file size is very big.

Rim59 @rim59

Не работает.

R_A_M @rickstewart19792007

were the trailer shop

M6matt @m6matt

I really love ur maps my good sir. The only issue i have is where do u get the concrete slabs to fix the main Bridge on this map. Am i missing it i cant find them plz send help lol

Remoh667 @na2088304

The slabs are up at the trailer store. They should psawn when you activate the task👍

M6matt @m6matt

Thank u my good sir will look for them after work this afternoon

Ryan9707 @ryan9707

Damn I love your maps I've only found one of your maps not complete and that was because it was a part of a multiple map pack but we didn't get but the one map so I couldn't finish it got to see if you're on YouTube so I can find your channel support your work cause it's on a level above the rest would love to see another multiple map pack in the future hopefully them are my favorite especially when you have four maps together oh man that's awesome

Remoh667 @na2088304

Thanks. I really appreciate that. Tumbler Ridge is part of Smokey River Region that has another new map only available in the region and Northbrook. Lots of new tasks on all maps for the region. Should be out soon I hope👍

Ryan9707 @ryan9707

I got a question for you buddy can you get concrete slaps on this map to finish the bridge and
when I'm playing co-op and my friend and I get to a high elevation all of a sudden their truck disappears under the map on this map and a few other of your maps is this something you aware of and can it be fixed

Remoh667 @na2088304

As far as I can tell it seems to be a Snowrunner issue. Im hoping that phase 4 fixes it. I have not found a way to make it stop happening myself unfortunately. Sorry about that

CoolCA55 @coolca55

Nice map, just starting it today. Finished Aftershock so excited to try this one now. So far, I loved the wood observation post as I always wondered why we couldn't look around more from watch towers in Snowrunner, and you nailed it, great views on your map. Will be working on missions in a little bit after getting some trailing completed and open. Thank you so much for such great maps!

Ryan9707 @ryan9707

Agreed this guy's maps are freaking amazing that observation post is on point love the views hell I might make the photo I took from it my Facebook group cover photo so thousands of people will see this maps view

Remoh667 @na2088304

No problem at all. Glad you are having fun on it👍

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Consoles, another badass map 🤘

Remoh667 @na2088304

Just gotta open the window for the fresh breeze and your're there 😂 Thanks buddy!!