Trucks Max Pack Console for SnowRunner

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Published by XD00DX001-00 (mod ID: 579057)



western star 57x MAX

western star nf1424 MAX

western star nf1430 MAX

have been added you must have the DLC to use them

steering fix for some trucks

crocodile wheels added back i accidentally remove when i was editing a file from last update

force wheels added i did not know until recently tatra force has its own wheels now you can added them to any truck with many rim options


Small update odd issue with phase 7 tweaks seems to be fix mod update should be on console soon

For people that are asking were the console phase 7 update to this mod, there seems to be a odd issue, new phase 7 trucks, tires and rims are not working as a mod Tweaks on console?

Update added Sprinter MAX

3 sport gear box options been added

Should be on Console once approved after Phase 7 update




step 3364 crocodile MAX many new addons you can add to it

you must have the dlc or you wont be able to use the truck

added support for new crocodile addons make sure you download Color sideboard for all trucks

to see crocodile sideboard and crocodile kung sideboard

updated files for ps5 and xbox series x, also switch files for when phase 7 allows switch mods

Update added custom Mud Snow Dually tires same ones from my XRH Diesel Truck mod

and are in highway so console players can get to them faster

First update for 2022 small changes to wheels options

transtar Max suspension options have been updated

both kolob max added side lights

yar wheels added to tuz actaeon tuz warthog tatra 805

ARAMATSU FORESTER MAX now has 2 options to put log bunk for long logs

Phase 6 update

added new trucks with DU versions

small update cat rims had to be removed for console approval

Tayga 6455b MAX





(All wheel steer only)ARAMATSU FORESTER MAX

(Chassis all wheel steer) ARAMATSU FORESTER MAX

phase 6 addons have been added

fix p16 log bunk and lift now work together

Update added FrameAddonSideboard3 to WS 6900XD twin so it can use 4 slot box from Truck box addon for all trucks

Update fix tarta modded minicrane and p12 color options nothing else was change

Phase 5 update lots of new changes and added new addons

added double wheel versions will allow 3 options

dully tires on the front -

dully rims option for tayga tires-

tayga rims on dully tires-

other trucks that don't have dully tires like azov now have dully rims options on tayga tires

all 3 new tow addons have been added to every truck also i added Scout Roof Hauler to bigger tucks like azov 73210 that you add with the tow platform to haul more scouts

the smaller repair and fuel addons have been moved to a new category Repair Fuel Addons

if you don't see the addon you want look in Repair Fuel Addons

cranes now have been moved to Cranes category

mini crane Tatra for all the trucks is in Minicrane Tatra category

there is different Tatra Minicrane for certain trucks

Tatra crane for all trucks is only for trucks if you don't see the truck name

Updated truck store list mods now show next to the base game version

added phase 5 trucks


Phase 5 mod update will be added after Phase 5 release

Update for July

fix not able to buy DU 49x in USA and RU store

updated suspension for DU navistar better flex

Update part 2 for June added dlc checker mods and new addons

dlc checker mods will only show in the truck store if you have the dlc example

<Truck OriginalTruck="navistar_5000mv">

<Truck OriginalTruck="tuz_16_actaeon">

<Truck OriginalTruck="international_hx_520">

<Truck OriginalTruck="pacific_p512">

<Truck OriginalTruck="zikz_605r">

<Truck OriginalTruck="western_star_49x">

<Truck OriginalTruck="krs_58_bandit">

<Truck OriginalTruck="boar_45318">

<Truck OriginalTruck="paystar_5600ts">

<Truck OriginalTruck="tuz_108_warthog">

Update part 1 for June added under glow color options improved tires ,addons and suspensions options, should be back on console once reapproved

Part 2 will be added late june


Trucks Max Pack Console is now on Console

Update azov 73210 MAX suspension now has better flex

fix a few snorkel issues

Update Phase 4 Ready lots of new fixes and improved logging

Update added requested bunk log addon to both kolob max.

p12 ,16 MAX international transtar MAX , freightliner m916a1 MAX suspension more flex

new changes had to be made to allow Max Pack Trucks to be on console. not every base game truck can be modded for console

if your on pc use the old Max Pack Trucks it has more trucks that cant be for console

this mod has many new things added lots of engines gearboxes, tire options and more

all trucks are LED upgraded and with LED bumpers and fog lights

truck list

zikz 5368 MAX
ws 6900xd twin MAX
ws 4964 white MAX
voron grad MAX
voron d53233 MAX
voron ae4380 MAX
tayga 6436 MAX
step 310e MAX
royal bm17 MAX
Pacific P16 MAX
Pacific p12w MAX
kolob 74941 MAX
kolob 74760 MAX
international transtar 4070a MAX
international paystar 5070 MAX
international fleetstar f2070a MAX
freightliner m916a1 MAX
freightliner 114sd MAX
dan 96320 MAX
azov 73210 MAX
azov 64131 MAX
azov 5319 MAX
azov 4220 antarctic max
ank mk38 MAX

derry longhorn 3194 MAX
derry longhorn 4520 MAX
double wheels derry longhorn 4520 MAX


special steering

6 wheel steer ws 6900xd twin MAX
4wheelsteerzikz 5368 MAX

DU MUD WS 6 wheel steer 6900XD Twin MAX


DU MUD versions extreme mud 4 extra tires added to the rear

DUws 6900xd twin MAX
DUws 4964 white MAX
DUvoron grad MAX
DUvoron d53233 MAX
DUvoron ae4380 MAX
DUtayga 6436 MAX
DUstep 310e MAX
DUroyal bm17 MAX
DUPacific P16 MAX
DUPacific p12w MAX
DUinternational transtar 4070a MAX
DUinternational paystar 5070 MAX
DUinternational fleetstar f2070a MAX
DUfreightliner m916a1 MAX
DUfreightliner 114sd MAX
DUdan 96320 MAX
DUank mk38 MAX

DUderry longhorn 3194 MAX
DUderry longhorn 4520 MAX


TU Triple tires 8 extra tires added to the rear more mybe added soon

TUderry longhorn 3194 MAX
TUXderry longhorn 3194 MAX


72trucks_max_pack_console_xbox_series.zip31.74mbXbox Series X Phase 7 -2

72trucks_max_pack_console_xbox_one.zip31.74mbXbox One Phase 7 -2

72trucks_max_pack_console_playstation_4.zip31.74mbPS4 Phase 7 -2

72trucks_max_pack_console_playstation_5.zip31.74mbPS5 Phase 7 -2

72trucks_max_pack_console_nx64.zip31.74mbSwitch Phase 7 -2

72trucks_max_pack_console_pc.zip31.74mbPC Phase 7 -2

trucks_max_pack_console_xbox_series.zip29.98mbUpdate 2 for Xbox Series X Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_xbox_one.zip29.98mbUpdate 2 for Xbox One Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_playstation_5.zip29.98mbUpdate 2 for PS5 Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_playstation_4.zip29.98mbUpdate 2 for PS4 Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_nx64.zip29.97mbUpdate 2 for Switch Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_pc.zip29.98mbUpdate 2 for PC Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_xbox_series.1.zip29.98mbUpdate for Xbox Series X Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_xbox_one.3.zip29.98mbUpdate for Xbox One Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_playstation_5.1.zip29.98mbUpdate for PS5 Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_playstation_4.3.zip29.98mbUpdate for PS4 Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_nx64.1.zip29.97mbUpdate for Switch Phase 7

trucks_max_pack_console_pc.1.zip29.97mbUpdate for PC Phase 7




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antiqussususii @antiqussususii

I like this mod for the options, you basically put everything from every truck in a big pile and leave it up to us to decide what works, a few things I would like as options tho would be fuel tank size, damage points and steering speed, I appreciate why you made these changes but if they were options like adding weight, (great idea btw) and I could still build a vanilla ish truck I would appreciate this mod so much more.

Happytowel @happytowel

hello, i love your mod! just a quick question though, would you be able to add more colors to the vehicles? the pack is perfect, but i just wish the trucks had more paintjobs.

IAMAMILLS @iamamills

Yea i been checking an there not on ours as xbox x

FriskyPanda88 @friskypanda88

So the 3 westernstar trucks you did a mod for i didnt see em on there do you know if its a bug

ValiantRR5231 @valiantrr5231

I am having the same problem. Still no trucks there today. I also have the dlc.

FriskyPanda88 @friskypanda88

And before some asks yes i have the dlc for those 3 added trucks

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

You had to wait for that updated version of the Mod to be reapproved.

Looks like the reapproval may have happened 2 hours ago.

Johnny77 @johnny77

Oh yes check your max cranes pls i think it lacks power, unless u tweaked it recently

RiskiestOrpheus @riskiestorpheus

Please make to a more realistic version not many issues and less damage resist I Love your artic azov but isvery unreal

cwelsh350 @cwelsh350

can you add the crocodile rims back to trucks? or do you have a reason for leaving them out

XD00DX001-00 @xd00dx001-00

i be adding a update soon i think what happen back when the phase 7 issues was going on i used a older file and forgot to put back the newer one

Nsalcedo22 @nsalcedo22

I wouldn't be playing if it weren't for the max packs, thank you. On a side note, the max cranes seem weak. Am I doing something wrong?

ArtemInfocar @artem8882270

Спасибо за отличный пак модов.

Nsalcedo22 @nsalcedo22

It's finally updated on consoles. Thank you!!! The pics are all over the place, in the truck store. I thought for a sec I could grab the modded Chevy pickup. Edit: restarting the game fixed the pic issue

desolatemaster @desolatemaster

just wondered if you had considered doing a gas electric turbine engine they are incredibly stable and efficient once spooled up since the turbine is just a generator powering the electrical system it could get S or S+ for efficiency holding stable at 2-3gpm (or even lower if you wish) whilst the electrical system would supply several times the torque of a equivalent diesel powerplant.

ArtemInfocar @artem8882270

На xbox series после обновления будет доступен данный мод???

936farmerch @936farmerch

Thank you XD00 for the Fast Information !! Have a Nice Day ..

936farmerch @936farmerch

Hello .. Thanks a Lot for the Perfect Azov Sprinter Mod in PTS.7 Version , Please Update this Nice Mod for Phase 7 Standalone Version for the Normal Game Vesion of Snowrunner not for the PTS !! Thank you ..

XD00DX001-00 @xd00dx001-00

i already did devs are just being slow approving mod updates

FesterLee @festerlee

Same issue as yank, is the mod currently being updated for next gen console?