Transfercases for SnowRunner

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Published by Sergy (mod ID: 1975924)


Added transfercases to most of the stock trucks so that you can switch from RWD/AWD on trucks that should have it but are locked to AWD by default. Improves fuel economy when on better roads, etc. Also locked the diffs on the 2 RWD american trucks. I borrowed the smoke particles from the R-Physics mod because I was a big fan of the ridiculous amounts of smoke, lol. The mod should work online as well(if you change tire sizes then online breaks). Also, the DAN received a slight lift kit cause I was having some fun with it(it honestly should have bigger tires stock but whatever, good enough). If you dont like the smoke particles I recommend to replace the modified files in the particles folder with the stock ones(or just copy the truck configs to the stock initial.pak).

Note I only changed the stock trucks, none of the DLC ones as I only have a couple of the DLCs. If you want to change any missed trucks you gotta change this line on the front axle. Torque="full"




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Kingsleywlleung @kingsleywlleung

Is this on consoles?

Rufus_Johns @rufus-johns

hi, what exactly did you do? I checked several 'stock' trucks for changes, and are yet to find any changes. So??
PM me if you prefer.