2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro for SnowRunner

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Published by Iceberg101 (mod ID: 745654)


2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro created by: Iceberg - DnD modding - in partnership with AltCanadian(BA2017).


Designed by the gurus at Toyota Racing Development (TRD), the 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is outfitted with specially engineered parts and accessories so you can take on the world's gnarliest terrain. It's time to get out there and tackle your next big adventure.

2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Highlights:

- Crawler Suspension / Transmission available to help you get through some of the most brutal off road journeys ensuring no obstacle is where your journey ends.
- Unique Front Camera to help you tackle the road right in front of you, displayed conveniently in the head unit of your Multi Media Centre so you can make a "game plan" as you trek through the swamps, or hills.
- FOX Suspension sets for a little lift, or a more tolerant suspension set for the occasional towing.
- 3 Engine Options geared to ensure you can get the job done, or make it further than you ever imagined before with realisticly tuned fuel consumption thoroughly tested by the engineers of this mod.
- Multiple Tire & Wheel Options for any adventure
- Side Steps, a tool box... whatever you need, you can get it along with many other upgrades to allow you to remain full in control of your new Tacoma.

Thanks to:

  • AltCanadian (BA2017) for the model and a little XML work.
  • NitroScot & TnB_BigDubz for rims/tires.
  • RafaTGG for the brilliant tuning of the Crawler Suspension & Transmission
  • The MANY TESTERS... too numerous to mention. You guys are all legends. Thank you


  • Engine: TRD Certified (Stock, Upgraded, TRD PRO)
  • Gearbox: TRD Pro Crawler w/ Manual Gear, TRD Highway, TRD Pro Fine Tuned Off Road, TRD Pro Off Road Non Tuned, TRD Stock
  • Suspension: RCLT HD for Crawling, TRD FOX Balanced, TRD Pro Suspension, TRD PRO LIFTED Fox Sport
  • Winch: Stock Scout, Autonomous Scout, Autonomous Scout Extended
  • Tires: Selection of authentic off-road and mud tires.
  • Diff. Lock: Installed
  • Frame Addons: Fuel & Spare Wheel, Fuel, Trunk Supplies, TRD Pro Roll Bar, Roll Bar, Pick n Shovel, Toolbox, Trunk Supplies


  • Roof Top: N/A
  • Bumpers: TRD Front Off Road Bumper.
  • Misc: TRD Pro Side Steps, Side Steps, Scout Trailer Hitch.
  • Exhaust: N/A
  • Rims: Selection of authentic rims.
  • Dashboard Full working gauges will high attention to details as should be expected from my mods.


  • Full selection of colour options texturized to provide an authentic truck that's not just fresh out of the "dealer".

Interior Customization

  • Bubbleheads. Custom cards

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If I find ANY trace of my mods stolen and/or tweaked, and re-uploaded without my permission, I WILL HAVE IT TAKEN DOWN. Thank you for understanding.

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LoBoogie @loboogie

How to install? sorry I am fairly new to modding in Snowrunner, I only have one other mod and it was fairly easy to install and also it came with instructions. Thanks

Shiftehh @shiftehh

Mister Iceberg: hats off to you, sir! This is by far the best and most detailed mod vehicle in this game. Well done! Is this a finished product, though, or are you willing to upgrade this masterpiece and keep working on it? If so, I might have a suggestion. On YT there is a guy named TacomaBeast, he has a wonderful Tacoma Overland build, maybe this would be something you are interested in adding to this model? Anyway, thanks for all the effort putting into this, I am enjoying your hard work. Thank you!

JOjeda3993 @jojeda3993

Go to his discord and drop your suggestions. I would love to hear them. I watch TacomaBeast a lot

Leet1614046440 @leet1614046440

how much of the truck is made by ba2017

JOjeda3993 @jojeda3993

He just got the model for Ice. Ice did all the work

Iceberg101 @iceberg1602000299

BA2017 also did the detailed write ups for the garage addons info.

Leet1614046440 @leet1614046440

what's your opinion on frog

Iceberg101 @iceberg1602000299

I think he is a talented developer who has certainly contributed to a particular player base in Snowrunner. I know his views and opinions may sometimes be "colourful" at most but I remain neutral. I am only here to create mods and have fun.

sttlssct @sttlssct

Great work! THANKS.

xRaViCx @xravicx

I have to tell you, Iceberg, after a couple of hours testing, this Toyota is just amazing. I mean, I don't find it OP, it's just has very good off-road capabilties but if you don't know what you are doing, you can still mess up with it. Also I admire the work on the suspensions and the transmissions. Very well done! I hope you'll keep the quality in your upcoming mods and don't go over to the quantity side please! :)

Iceberg101 @iceberg1602000299

I am very pleased with your feedback. Thank you and yes I do agree quality over quality. This is why I currently have 6 more unreleased mods that may seem ready for release but I am not happy with them yet.

alex6581025 @alex6581025

Iceberg101 @iceberg1602000299

The feedback from this mod has been outstanding. Thanks to everyone's whos tried the mod and given feedback. Without giving away too much, the 2021 Tacoma is not the only 2021 Toyota in the workshop. Watch this space....

Iceberg101 @iceberg1602000299

Removed collision from some addons
increased crate fuel capacity 120 > 240
increased wheel frame fuel capacity 80 > 100
fixed interior roof texture

xRaViCx @xravicx

Hm, maybe we've lost one of the trunk upgrades after the update? :)
I can't find that repair supplies pack, which I could put on with the fuel crate.
Now it's either the fuel crate or the trunk supplies. (the same names are a bit confusing :P)

Iceberg101 @iceberg1602000299


cars3 @cars3

ba2017gg @ba2017gg

Cool video!

XdraingodX @xdraingodx

Is this for console mods or just pc

ba2017gg @ba2017gg

It is coming to console really soon. This one is just for PC right now.