[TNB] Trails Map - Public WIP for SnowRunner

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TnB Trails Map - Work in Progress - Updated Jan 11, 2021

Features: 2 Vehicle Recovery Objectives, New SxS Offroad area, Extreme Rock Crawling, Mud Bogging, High Altitude cutbacks, Casual Trails, Scenic Views, Custom Rocks, and obstacles not found anywhere else.

Updates: My goal is to provide the community early access to the TnB Crew's internal test map. This is a DLC style map with monthly updates being published at the end of every month, so you'll want to check in on a regular basis to see what's changed. This is where InvalidRedneck, Xofroggy, BigDubz420, RORO Customs, KAS, Frank The Tank, PullOutPrince69, and TerminatorX58 go to make sure their vehicles are tweaked and tuned to be ready for some of the most challenging terrains snow runner has to offer.

Current Objectives (to be updated): Take a crawl over the rock bridge, navigate the rushing waters, don't get stuck in the swamp. Explore the map and have fun.

Details: Massive 84x84 base map, over 2500+ custom objects placed to date, 1 garage, 3 watchpoints, 2 vehicle recoveries, and miles of fun to be had.

Notes: This is a work in progress. So set expectations appropriately. I will probably be working on this map for over a year before it is done, so there is still a lot to do. I opened it up to the public so you all wouldn't have to wait until it was done to enjoy some of the best trails available in snow runner today. I have enabled the dev tools to allow for refuel, repair, and truck spawns. This map is intended for modded trucks. As of now, I feel this map is BEST Experienced in InvalidRednecks 1969 Bronco -

Feedback: Let me know what you like and don't like about this map. I love using feedback to make my maps better. Stop by our discord and give me a shout. - Top Notch Builds Official Discord Server

CREDITS: Huge shout out to the TNB Crew for all their support and feedback on this project. I'd also like to call out the amazing work YeahBuddy did on the trailer. Be sure to stop by his YT page to give him some love. - YeahBuddy's YT








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(risky) @risky10


pix3lmonkey @pix3lmonkey


blue_s5 @blue-s5

I’ve tried all of the options to try and make this work and still can’t play coop on PS4 , i can start it but my friend gets the memory error and vice versa even without mods (unsubscribed). Any suggestions? Absolutely my favorite map for the game btw 👍🏻

pix3lmonkey @pix3lmonkey

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about ps4.

Tacodrew @tacodrew

By far my favourite map to drive around on for console and it’s not even done yet ✌️

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT @soooooooooooooooooot

who made the buggy lookin thang in the first photo?

pix3lmonkey @pix3lmonkey

It’s a mod one of my friends is working on

BoostedGT @boostedgt

I absolutely love this map,for me its the best map for consoles at the moment,the challenges are awesome,and I can't wait for the finished product,just one question,will you be releasing Badlands onto console also ? I certainly hope so.

TrignoJDM @trignojdm

I love the changes! But still have the issue in coop and in high places you can't see your friends like they are ghost's. Congrats and keep going great job!

pix3lmonkey @pix3lmonkey

TrignoJDM I've let the devs know about the issue. It only happens in multiplayer but is fine in single player. For some reason their multiplayer code freaks out once your friend's driver goes above 255 units on the Y axis (elevation). I'm going to be adding new areas to the lower elevations for now until they fix the game code.

Crobbins420 @crobbins420

Absolutely love the changes you have made to this map! Only issue I’ve come across so far is when using frogs cdt axle crawler both axles glitched threw the log bridge near the first light watch tower. Other than that so far you did an amazing job with the remodel of this map & I can’t wait to see how far you continue to go with it! Keep up the great work! I hope reds custom bronco makes it to console soon. Mods like this map are the reason I’m still playing this game.

pix3lmonkey @pix3lmonkey

Log model should be fixed in the next release

Karlgommier @karlgommier

Im trying to download the map for ps4 and they always said failed to download mod tnb map public will. Not enough space. I have 4 gig free and the map is 786meg. Can someone explains it to me. Thanks

Crobbins420 @crobbins420

Karlgommier uninstall your snow runner app and then reinstall it. I know it seems like a hassle but I’ve had to do this multiple times in order to get some of the new mods that they’ve tealeased for console. Only way I’ve found to get that not enough space message to go away.

pix3lmonkey @pix3lmonkey

I believe PS4 has a 1 gig limit for mods, so you may have to delete a couple other mods to get this to work on PS4.

Fordtrucks90 @fordtrucks90

Awesome map just wish the garage you find by the swamp you could use

natedogg1983 @natedogg1983

Amazing map, a game changer for me on console.
Thank you very much for your efforts.

1 thing missing for me.... a winch point dead centre of the rock bridge to allow some crazy rope swings with trucks.
Love it either way and looking forward to next update.

pix3lmonkey @pix3lmonkey

Hmm.. might consider. I'm just trying to figure out how a stump or something might get up there. :)

SRFatBoy @srfatboy

I remember seeing something in Mudrunner where someone made a rock shackle model with no function and then scaled a stump small enough that you could hide it behind the shackle model as the function part.

RobsGotAGun @robsgotagun

Looks like I'll be Deleting all my Other Mod Maps to make room for this one! Seen Videos on the Map, It's Awesome, I'll Post any issues i might have if any at all