TireSelection + TractionAdjustments for SnowRunner

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Do not subscribe to install. Manual Install only. This mod will overwrite any other mods that install to the same files/folders.

The purpose of this mod was to allow more of the tire styles to be available on most of the vehicles in game. In addition I tweaked some of the suspension heights and levels slightly primarily for looks (some trucks were very nose-high, even without a load on) If you're like me, there's probably one or two styles that you enjoy more than others aesthetically (I hate the scout tractor mud tires...) and would like to use them on other trucks as well. I also wanted to add mud tires as an option to more vehicles, since most vehicles IRL aren't artificially limited in the type of tire they can mount, only by size. This isn't an "add every tire to every truck" mod, only the tires that might be practical on a given truck (I'm not going to add the Tayga tire to everything or add 70" tires to everything, things like that). One of the things I wanted was a nice looking mud tire for the Russian trucks and was able to use the Tatarin tire for that, I think it looks good and it's nice to have both West and East style mud tire options in game.

With all that in mind, I made a reasonable attempt to maintain most of the game balance, but this will still definitely change the overall balance. I would consider this mod to be a good choice for people like me who still want a challenge, this mod should not make the game overly easy in the early game as level requirements are kept for the high-end tires (lvl11 and lvl13 for offroad and mudtires respectively) and all the normal level/exploration unlocks are kept. I did not and will not dramatically change tire friction values, increase lift, add a lift option to trucks that don't have one by default (other than for leveling purposes), or add tires bigger than what comes by default in the game (with some exceptions, within reason). Things like adding mud tires to trucks that did not have them to start with are offset by the large single mud tires having a noticeably narrower wheelbase than the dual offroads, this will result in a vehicle more likely to tip over on uneven terrain, and is consistent with the trucks in game that have both dual offroads and single muds by default. (Paystar for example). I wanted there to be trade offs and compromises to be made.

There are two versions in the .zip file: one with just the tire selection mod, and one that incorporates the realistic fuel tank sizes in ElfVierzehn 's mod, since they modify the same files. A big shout-out to him for compiling that and allowing others to use it! Thanks man!

After seeing all the awesome TwinSteer posts on reddit, I added an optional modded TwinSteer file which gives it switchable AWD and the ability to attach dolly trailers in addition to additional tires. Install the main mod version first, then install the twinsteer file and let it overwrite.

What Changes:

-MHS I (Mud Tire, Western style) mud friction increased slightly from 2.0 to 2.2
-MHS IV (Mud Tire, Eastern style based on the Tatarin tire mesh) added and mud friction set to 2.2 to match the MHS I
-Scout mud tire mud friction to 2.4, stock was 1.5 which is silly for a pure offroad tractor style tire like this
-Mud Tires with chains: mud friction increased from 1.3 to 1.9 I still want a trade off of chains vs mud tires, but on Alaska there's currently no point to chains because they're just too terrible in the mud. With the adjustments at least you can use chains with this mod and still get through most of the mud, putting on mud tires for the worst of the mud. IRL Chains aren't dramatically worse in mud, and they would improve most tires traction in mud.
-All other tires with chains: mud friction increased from 1.3 to 1.7
-Added Hummer H2 tires (BFG KOs) in several sizes to most scouts, since this is a commercially available tire around the world, added 31/33/35/37s sized according to what the scouts had by default
-Added Yar Mud tires to most scouts, sized according to what the scouts had by default
-Added 41" tires for H2/Chevy/Scout800
-Added 43" tires for loadstar
-Added Heavy Double and Heavy Single class Offroad/Mudtires to all of the Highway/Heavy/HeavyDuty/Offroad class trucks that didn't already have them
-Adjusted some of the scout suspensions (K1500 and Scout800) to level them a little better, no increase in overall height
-Some trucks that normally use "medium_double" class tires were quite front high with the OHD/MHS tires on, added an additional raised suspension upgrade to level the vehicle properly with the "heavy_double" and "heavy_single" class tires, this upgrade is locked behind a level requirement equal to the offroad class tires (lvl11) for balance reasons. For OHD/MHS class tires, use the "OHD/MHS Raised Leveled" suspension upgrade for best looking results. Unfortunately I don't know a good way to add these to the upgrade location exploration unlocks, so the level requirements will have to do.
-A couple trucks have default raised suspension upgrades but not an option for a bigger tire to put on (Paystar and M916A1 for example) I added a reasonably sized bigger tire option for these trucks, trade-off being a higher CG on trucks that are already very unstable (looking at you Paystar)
-Adjusted the M916A1 steering responsiveness
-Adjusted 114SD suspension, slightly lowered stock, slightly lowered the raised (both were much higher than they needed to be to fit the tires) gave it a set of 49 singles to fit only under raised, added an ohd/mhs leveled suspension
-Freightliner M916A1, slightly lowered the stock suspension, giving the raised suspension upgrade more reason to be used
-Adjusted the Cat CT680 suspension to be a little more level, not raised, just leveled (it's front high by default).
-The Version with the fuel tanks increase mod, also increases the fuel and repair capacity of maintenance and fuel trailers/frame addons by roughly 2x.
-Added SuperHeavyMudtires to Twinsteer


-Some trucks that did not normally have the big single mud tires have slight gaps between the wheel and rear axles, Not noticeable with any addon to the frame.
-Cat CT680 axles slightly mis-aligned with the wheels, also virtually unnoticeable with any frame addon.

V1.1 changelog:

-Slightly adjusted some tire offsets
-Added 41" tires for H2/Chevy/Scout800
-Added 43" tires for loadstar
-Scout mud tire mud friction to 2.4, stock was 1.5 which is silly for a pure offroad tractor style tire like this
-Scout chains mud friction to 1.7 (match the larger truck tire values)
-Scout offroad mud friction to 1.5 (match the larger truck tire values)
-Adjusted all chains mud friction to 1.7,
-Adjusted mud tire chains mud friction to 1.9
-Slightly lowered Paystar raised suspension (it was overkill and just made it even more unstable)
-Adjusted 114sd suspension, slightly lowered stock, slightly lowered the raised, made 49s to fit only under raised, added an ohd/mhs leveled suspension
-114SD reduced 51s to 49s
-Added SuperHeavyMudtires to Twinsteer


I'm going to shamelessly copy Elf's install instructions because they are perfect:

Make sure, you have WinRAR installed! No installation with subscribing as with all mods around here, that change base game files.

Manual installation:

  1. Download the mod file
  2. Navigate to the path you have SnowRunner installed to
  3. Follow the folders: SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
  4. Create a folder called 'Backup' to save your original file.
  5. Copy the file 'initial.pak' into that Backup folder. Now you are ready to install the mod!
  6. Open the original file 'initial.pak' with WinRAR.
  7. Open the mod-file '' with WinRAR, as well.
  8. Chose WithFuelTanks or NoFuelTanks version, go into that folder, Now drag and drop the [media]-folder from the mod-zip-file into 'initial.pak'.
  9. The files in 'initial.pak' will be overwritten.
  10. Close everything and you can start playing.
  11. If you don't like it and want to revert: Navigate back to your installation folder and delete the edited 'initial.pak'. Then copy the original file from your 'Backup'-folder, and everything is vanilla again.





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MeTaLWreC @metalwrec

Is this mod also coming for console, please? I also like the idea of non-OP mods.
But the US trucks really need some mudtires

nikthefly @nikthefly

tragic. application stop working

DerpDaDuck3751 @derpdaduck3751

Does it work in the new update?

DolphinPotatoes @dolphinpotatoes

In my game at least, I cannot do coop. I'm guessing because this mod must not be matching the current "build" number. Also, the trucks that got the log carrier add ons (trucks pre DLC3) dont have them available. The DLC3 trucks DO have the log carriers available.

xares802x @xares802x

Not really sure what you mean by opening the initial.pak in WinRAR. When I'm in my WinRAR nothing in the client folder shows up for me to open. So I need clarification on what youre talking about there.

Staam_AP @staam-ap


Windsjorn @windsjorn

Will this mod only work on the default trucks or will it do anything to modded trucks?

Au7isticB1rd @au7isticb1rd

Hey, I cant install 41" tires on Scout 800 even got raised suspension

SBN2 @sbn2

Love this mod. Do you think you can add the tayga mudtires to some of the haulers though?

Maltanoro @maltanoro

Hey, gekoiq. Love this mod! Are you going to keep it updated as time and patches goes on?

DarkRiderKun @darkriderkun

Is this compatible with Tuned Suspension from ?

Nighthawk71 @knighthawk1993

Being that both mods modify the "suspensions" folder inside "classes", they might conflict with each other due to differences.

sprgoat400 @sprgoat400

do these work in multiplayer?

eladin2005 @eladin2005

Hi, I can’t install 41 'wheels on the Scout 800 because there is no suspension for them.

gekoiq @gekoiq

Oops, I'll fix that in the next version, sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know-

eladin2005 @eladin2005

No, problem. I fix this and update height suspension for normal, high, high2, yet)

tom_1812 @tom-1812

with manual install mods like this how do we update them?

gekoiq @gekoiq

Ideally you should restore your initial.pak back to original clean version (delete initial.pak then either use the backup initial.pak you made or "verify" the game in Epic launcher, that will create a new clean initial.pak) And then install the newer version of mod. Most of the time, just installing the new version into the initial.pak and letting it overwrite will work fine, but if you see weird things it's best to start clean.

mrshepherd366 @mrshepherd366

please fix it so in coop you can see your ruts

gekoiq @gekoiq

Nothing in this mod would effect that, that's a game bug. I would restore/"verify" your install and reapply mods, just in case there was a conflict or corrupted file somewhere.