The Offender 90 for SnowRunner

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Published by Iceberg101 (mod ID: 1983799)


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This is a commissioned mod. I was approached by a prominent member of this community with the sole purpose of integrating this iconic and highly customisable British Rig into SnowRunner.

As mentioned before, this is a vehicle that I am familiar with in real life so modding it into SnowRunner was a pleasure.

Enjoy my work, and massive thank you to the individual who commissioned it. If you are interested in commissioning a mod and you want it done above average, then feel free to contact me through any of the provided avenues.

Happy Scouting!


The console version has no affiliated branding elements nor are there any official branding in the user interface.

All assets are shared across all platform versions EXCEPT some branded stickers.

Avoid having CB Radio equipped by more than one player in multiplayer mode.


Thanks to:

  • BigDubz420 : GoodYear Attitude M/T tire model
  • Patrons / Discord Server members : Support


  • Engine: 2.5L 200TDi TurboDiesel / 2.5L 300TDi TurboDiesel / 2.5L TD5 TurboDiesel
  • Gearbox: 5-speed LT77 / 6-speed GFT MT-82 / 4-speed ZF 4HP22 / 4-speed Crawler Kit
  • Suspension: Balanced Suspension Set / Raised / Crawler Tuned Lift Kit
  • Winch: Stock Scout / Autonomous Scout / Autonomous Scout Extended
  • Tires: Seasonal / mud / off-road
  • Diff. Lock: Installed
  • Frame Addons: exo-frame


  • Roof Top: supplies, light bars, roofrack
  • Bumpers: several options both front and rear
  • Misc: Full range of customisation options
  • Exhaust: n/a
  • Rims: optional choices
  • Dashboard Full working gauges with high attention to detail.


  • Full selection of colour options

Interior Customization

  • Bubbleheads. Custom Air freshener, CB Radio (Radar Unit)

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If you dislike please leave a comment. All critique is welcomed.

If you find any issue please let me know in the comment section.

Feel free to join the teams discord if you want to have a chat @

Please DO NOT RE-UPLOAD any of my mods without my permission whether for public or private use. If you have a suggestion for my work feel free to direct message me through the available means.

-Product of Delta Modding-









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cozymoose @cozymoose

yo i installed it, and when i bought it in game its a black silhouette of the car, same with offender 110. ( help )

cozymoose @cozymoose

figure it out, had to download the pc version and replace the ps4 pak with the pc pak.
ps: took me 3 days to fix it xD

SRJgame @srj-game

Big test!

zuhayrmoyeen @zuhayrmoyeen

Iceberg do you think a soft top with rollbar/without rollbar option will come?

GrievingSage @grievingsage

Mod: Offender 90
System: Xbox one X
Gametype: Single-player / Hardmode
Issue/bug: Radar (activate radar) option.
Notes: After installing said option then activating radar from menu (like Offender 110) radar does NOT do anything (it has 100% fuel). If this works differently or I have made a mistake please, let me know!

Thanks Iceberg!

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

I think I may have figured out why the CB causes this mod to crash in multiplayer mode. Update will be rolled out once I verify the fix.

lenoard7 @lenoard7

idk how to install any help

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

Same way you do for any other mod. Subscribe here, go to in-game mod browser, wait for mod to be downloaded, then click on the 'On' tab to turn the mod on.

clyde351 @clyde351

Sorry 8f this has already been addressed but I'm having an issue with the "window bar" attachment. I can't get them to go up manually under the menu option. Is there a way to fix this or is it user error on my part?

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

No this has not been mentioned before. This mod was in testing for almost 1 month before release and this was not flagged as an issue. Once you select the menu option, the bars should retract one at a time.

clyde351 @clyde351

Absolutely beautiful mod sir. Love this rig cabt wait to see what eles you're working on!! We really need a late 80's square nose Bronco, well I do lol

clyde351 @clyde351

It's working now it may have just been a glitch on my game or something

clyde351 @clyde351

No sir, I'll try to post a video today

Trubaduri @trubaduri

Trubaduri @trubaduri

I love this Mod, it is really amazing and so Detailed. I decided to make a Video and Test this Beauty, because it's really amazing. Enjoy and all the Best friends.

ugood8136 @ugood8136

We need a 80 series or 4 door hilux

VigorousCash603 @vigorouscash603

this is a suggestion for a future mod: when the kaizan h106 came out it was like top of the list for 3 days. i think a more powerful and differnt era of toyota for example the 84-87 toyota hilux with a surf ssr-x 3.0l turbo diesel swap(ik im very biesed but toyotas are my fav to geek out on) would be a great adition to your line up of usdm and edm suvs and trucks, plus it would blow up thanks to the amazing comunity we have, ik you only take take commisions and prop have a lot on your plate but even any toyota suv/pickup tuned by you would be a really nice overlander. i will say the best combo for me at the moment is the hulk, dubs trailer pack with the h106 on it, if could replace that with a "Yota Heluxer" by iceberg i might not go to another set of mods

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

I have been searching for a decent hikux model ever since i started modding. Im an 80s kids and grew up on a farm with 2 80s series Hilux. First truck i ever drove in my life was a hilux and I did that before I could even ride a bicycle. So yea i would be more than happy to mod one. I dont only do commsions. Im more open to suggestions by my patrons since its mostly them paying for the models i use to create mods.

GaudiestEagle @gaudiesteagle

Hi man awesome mod as always. I love the long gr 60 but... The gr y 61 will be the beast 4x4 . I leave it here 😃

connormckinlay @connormckinlay

Hello iceberg. Mod looks brilliant. I have been using 110 all the time, I have a 90 that I use off roading for real lol, any idea why I can’t find this mod on ps4? Keep looking everyday but it’s not there… many thanks

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

The devs reached out to me to edit some changes regarding branding. I have just made the edits as of replying to your comment. The mod has been updated for all platforms. You guys should have it on console next week if the devs are happy with the changes.

connormckinlay @connormckinlay

Thank you very much!! Can’t wait!! Any more plans on landy mods?

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

No problem. Yes of course. I am currently working on something special which I consider to be a "low budget DIY Land Rover crawler/racer. (Inspiration came from this video -> After that I have plans for the LRD 110 Pickup and The Bowler Wildcat. Overall I will be delivering 5 land rovers. I have not been able to get my hands on the series models so I wont be doing those, and the modern LRD has already been modded nicely so I wont be touching that either.

connormckinlay @connormckinlay

Brilliant mate! The mods you’ve done already are fantastic and I really look forward to seeing more landys thank you!!

Bullettooth_Baz @bullettooth-baz

I too have been trying to find it but sadly no sign of it on ps4 yet though..

connormckinlay @connormckinlay

Bugger! I really want it!