The Island for SnowRunner

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Published by Balad0r (mod ID: 989694)


Welcome to the island.

It was abandoned many years ago after a series of natural disasters and has been left to the elements ever since. It has now been purchased by someone who has some grand plans but there is a lot to clear and the company has been contracted to clear it.

Help the company out by getting some things setup while they wait for their crews to arrive on the island.


Small map, sequential contracts, a contest and a couple of tasks (these become available after completing the bridge contract).

This is a map about working with what you have available so not everything you need is marked on the map. So some searching is needed.

There are rocky areas, a swamp, a river to cross. Both muddy and dry terrain. Basically a bit of everything.

** This is my first attempt at creating a map so let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions and constructive comments to help with future map projects.

** Map updated to fix a few issues. Lack of cargo models now means a few contracts needed to change.





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sve4ka214 @sve4ka214

Спасибо за карту, покатался с удовольствием.

Balad0r @balad0r

New update uploaded with fixes to the issues

mastergoa @mastergoa

Cannot load scenario :(

leesylv.t21 @leesylvt21

Taks not working for me either. I also get the error "your scenario is not valid and cannot be uploaded". I have checked the error log and it points to an issue with the Pacific P512 and says the following: Don't destroy of DLC truck in objective of not same DLC region. Objective: Bogged Down, TTruck: logging_truck type Pacific P512".
Please takem a look and see if this is fixable as i would love to have a go at playing this map, but cannot do anything on it currently. Cheers.

Balad0r @balad0r

Thanks for the interest. I'm currently trying to fix this and a few other issues that have occured after a recent game update.

raimux55 @raimux55

tasks not working

Bando909 @bando909

I second this also. Map gets an error message after loading

Headfull-Eyeballs @headfulleyeballs

I recently checked out this mod, feel free to check out my video here:

Dinojumper @dinojumper

Where is the logging truck on the Bogged Down mission?

Balad0r @balad0r

In the swamp in the middle of the map

Dinojumper @dinojumper

Nope still can't find it. I can see the trailer, but not the truck...

Balad0r @balad0r

Strange it should be just in front of the trailer. If you watch the video someone posted at the top of the comments you'll see it around 14:10

Dinojumper @dinojumper

I had to connect to the service trailer and then restart the mission and then the truck turned up in the swamp...

henrywing2004 @henrywing2004

Where are the medium logs? It says in the old playground but i cant figure out where that is.

Balad0r @balad0r

Playground is in the center of the town and the logs are in the corner closest to the kiosk.

pol555 @pol555

Where to get medium logs for "playing with logs mission ? Nothing i can see on the map ;[

Balad0r @balad0r

Check the mission description for a hint. Thought I'd try something different with that one.

SkyMarble9 @skymarble9

I thought this was going to be the original map from the original spintires 😂 still looking forward to it on console if possible

Balad0r @balad0r

Ha sorry for the confusion, I haven't played the original so I didn't know there was one similarly named.