Tenno T-21 for SnowRunner

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Published by Poghrim (mod ID: 1067955)


Built primarily for the military, this heavy 8x8 logistics vehicle will complete pretty much any task you can throw at it, as long as you have the skill and resources for it. The truck is offered with a multitude of various frame addons to make sure that you have what you need to get the job done. Addons such as:

Utility module, capable of being outfitted for storage of repair supplies for maintenance operations or to allow for comfortable accommodation of working personnel.
Large fuel tanker to be used for transporting or refueling operations.
Cargo beds in two sizes, the smaller one allowing for installing an Atlas-1C minicrane* in two positions.
Jotun-5 Heavy Recovery Crane has been developed specifically for this vehicle, allowing it to perform extreme recovery operations or heavy cargo loading in the most unforgiving of conditions.

*Atlas-1C is a temporary feature, included to offer some form of single-truck cargo loading and transportation capability, whilst a new system is being developed.

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My mods will remain free, this is just a way for you to support my work and encourage me to keep pushing through the difficulties that this type of work can bring.

Terms of Use:

You may edit the xml files to suit your taste and upload for private use only. Any sort of editing or usage of the meshes or textures for your projects are prohibited, unless I give explicit permission to do so.

I spend countless hours working on these projects and don't charge for them, so please respect the integrity my work.

Plans for future updates:

  • Hooklift-style addon for vehicle transportation.
  • New minicrane. One that don't have the issues of the original Atlas-1.










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Stuka_CTRN @stuka-ctrn

A great mod, the only bug is semi-trailers and maintainer will crash a little bit when turning, move maintainer forward a little bit may solve that.
BTW, is there a chance to have 6*6 and 10*10 tenno in the future? Which means I can do all the things with Tennos and that's awesome.

Eckee @eckee

Perfection. My go to military heavy crane. But I might start to use it on other jobs too. Very quality modelling and animations. I like the way it drives and how its chassis flexes on uneven terrain. Custom add ons are beautifully match the vehicle. Not OP, realistic performance, it's just right. It's vanilla vehicle quality if not more.

Now I'm just hoping for rear axle steering and more customisation options.

morkrost @morkrost

Good work, great mod!
Would it be possible to move the high saddle back a bit? Currently it´s to tight with the Maintainer while trying to connect and drive with the Heavy Fuel Tanker semi-trailer.

Jo_l @jo-l

Could you please add an offline winch to this beast? Its the only thing thats keeping it from being perfect imo. Only just downloaded it a couple hours ago but i already feel like its gonna be in my collection for a long long time. Please and thank you

hooliooo @hooliooo

another excellent mod, dunno what u done with the cranes for this trucks cause they feel really nice. nice weight too em, and good too operate.

But why make it so OP?? I have the basic engine and it just pulls and pulls, getting through thick mud, up hills etc with little or no effort. Awd and diff lock feels kinda redundant cause it mostly just keeps going in auto. Silly question could you nerf it a bit, maybe another engine choice that's weaker??

your other mods feel a lot more balanced than this.

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Does it mainly/only feel OP when you do not use the crane? It might feel OP with crane as well but that is mostly how this game handles weight. Sadly to make the crane work as well as it does he had to make it very heavy, almost 24 tons when the truck itself weighs about 25 tons.
Personally I think the engines are a good selection for when you are driving with the crane. Without crane they might feel a little OP as the weakest engine already has 20000 torque more than the Kolob engine (Weakest Tenno engine 280K, Kolob engine 260K Torque) but I admit I hardly use Tenno without the crane and even then I kinda like a bit OP vehicles :D

Speedy66666 @speedy66666

Ein nützlicher Mod, obwohl dieses Fahrzeug nicht das schönste ist 😉. Ich nutze es oft und fahre auch sehr gerne damit. Ein Problem gibt bei mir ,das die Räder im Boden verbugt sind . Sobald ich dem Fahrzeug näher komme, stellt sich das Fahrzeug normal wieder auf die Oberflächentextur. Hat von euch jemand das gleiche Problem ? Eins hätte ich mir noch gerne gewünscht. Das vielleicht. noch ein Paar orangene Rundumleuchten auf der Fahrerkabine montiert werden können . Eine Akkuwinde wäre zum bergen tatsächlich nicht schlecht . Danke für den Mod 👍

sysdump @sysdump

Quick fix:
*** File: classes/trucks/TennoT21.xml
'ColorMultAtDay' is a duplicate attribute name. Line 8, position 167.

Rob000 @na8169186

hello, a question. Could the crane be made to have longer reach?, like adding another segment to give it extra distance. Thank you
The legs extend quite far from the truck and reduce the useful loading reach for truck in in parallel to it

[CHN]BlueberryJuice @chnblueberryjuice

Hello, can you add an electric winch? It's annoying not to save yourself after a car rollover

gl2206 @gl2206

Amazing Mod!! Can you add an automatic winch to the mod?

MediumLogBoy @mediumlogboy

i dont get it if i install mod here or in game it stays on download for ever... can someone explain whats going on ??

HrSob @hrsob

Awesome mod. Very useful special vehicle. Great minicrane and recovery crane.

But I have a questions:

1. Did you ever thought to slightly increase amount of spare part/tires/fuel in that HUGE maintainer addon? 1200/800/6 for example?
2. Why sometimes Atlas joints are twitching? Is this a specific problem of 3D model or it's has to be attached to frame in config?

Poghrim @poghrim

I might bump the maintainer contents, but I've had the where they are because of the fact that it's a 2-slot addon that doesn't weigh all that much (so kind of like the vanilla msintainer).
For some reason, the IK on the joints is misbehaving... (That crane has a fairly complicated setup to make the hinge work as it's supposed to in the model)

HrSob @hrsob

Oh, btw, about some visuals. Can you add an front axle protection bumper/shield?

HrSob @hrsob

I see. Thanks for reply.

Randymang1 @randymang1

Amazing Mod!! Been having issues with it recently, but I’m sure it’s because of the Phase 5 drop.

smartbuydvd @smartbuydvd

I think this is without a doubt the BEST truck mod in the game, the best made, only its consumption could be slightly higher, but compared to all other extremely OP mod trucks, this mod is the best without a doubt.

vedroooo @snowtime

phase 5 map amazing truck mate

xRaViCx @xravicx

Just a quick question: Is there a reason why the Tenno goes through the thoughest mud like no tomorrow, when I put it in H?
I mean, is this intended?
I'm using the 15-22 engine, with Offroad gearbox and after I just nodge it forward a little in auto, then immediately put it in H, it pratically flies.

Poghrim @poghrim

The vehicle and wheels have a lot of mass, which is what allows the Tenno to drive through deep mud with ease. The mass is there so that the truck is capable of taking the crane, which is also extremely heavy, in order to have the strength that it has, and not be incapable of moving itself.