TATRA Truck Phoenix for SnowRunner

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Published by Rng3r (mod ID: 141328)


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The creative genius and mastery of the best designers – this is TATRA. Its clear and literally visionary ideas along with a devoted heart have been written into vehicle design history in golden letters as the TATRA VEHICLE CONCEPT. Where is its secret? TATRA offers unique chassis concept, which was born in the second decade of the last century and has not yet been surpassed. Read more about vehicle design.

This truck mod offers 6X4 chassis(half-axles), high-quality interior, functional mirrors and gauges, addons, colors and 2(two) special camo.

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  • 3D Model & Texture: Giants Software (Farming Simulator 17)
  • Convert, 3D Edit & Texture Edit: Rng3r

Special Thanks:

  • DeathCoreBoy1
  • zidon155

Thank you for subscribe. Have fun! Don't forget report bugs.. :)


En iyi tasarımcıların yaratıcı dehası ve ustalığı - bu TATRA. Net ve tam anlamıyla vizyoner fikirleri ve özverili bir kalp, TATRA ARAÇ KAVRAMI olarak araç tasarım tarihine altın harflerle yazılmıştır. Sırrı nerede? TATRA, geçen yüzyılın ikinci on yılında doğan ve henüz aşılmayan benzersiz şasi konsepti sunuyor. Araç tasarımı hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinin.

Bu araç modu 6X4 şase (yarım aks), yüksek kaliteli iç mekan, işlevsel aynalar ve ibreler, eklentiler, renkler ve 2(iki) özel kamuflaj içerir.

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Emeği Geçenler:

  • 3D Model & Kaplama: Giants Software (Farming Simulator 17)
  • Oyuna Uyarlama & Kaplama Düzenlemesi: Rang3r

Özel Teşekkür:

  • DeathCoreBoy1
  • zidon155

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simonhy @simonhy

Zdravím modely jsou opravdu super jen jestli by si na 6x6 bude i standartní nastavba např valník cisterna a podobně

PH75 @ph75

Ahoj, Vaše Tatry jsou super. Přidáte pls na tyto auta návěsy na klády? Popřípadě korbu na klády na 8 kolo? Dekuji za odpoveď.

wowan @wowan

Пожалуйста!!! Обновите уже наконец мод!!!!!!! За эти месяцы игра сильно шагнула вперед, а моды как были на стоковых колесах и со стоковыми модулями кузовов и прицепов - так и остались.....

Spectre186 @spectre186

Rng3r what are the chances of getting these on console? Loving your mods so far

GerEgoGamer @geregogamer

Can we get the mod on console pls?

JuicyFruits @juicyfruits


N.E.V @nev12

обновите мод и зеркала нухно подделать харошая модэль спс

Fernandotp1987 @fernandotp1987

Love this mod

zewel_von_lelek @zewel-von-lelek

Rng3r Awesome mod, I have been using it for some time, and the truck is really good (and not OP). Thank you :)

I have a few pet peeves with it though (and with its 8x8 counterpart too...), something that I noticed only now...

Something weird going on with the suspension's animation (and maybe the issue could be with how the suspension is set up in contrast to both the real thing and three Tatra mods for Snowrunner from zidonCZ). Those swing half-axles aren't really swinging the way they should... Ingame, they move up and down, even when they should be pivoting around the central tube. Also, Tatras wheels are known to have pretty crazy camber when unloaded, which is partially modelled, but it should have been a lot more from what I saw...

This is how the motion of those swing arms should look:
2) (motion of those axles)

And this is how it IRL cambers:
4) (how the camber changes with load)
Most of those newer Tatras, including Phoenix model, can actually mitigate that camber with pneumatic suspension, which might be a base for replacing the raised suspension option with active one (or giving it active from the start, because it is already modelled on the vehicle). There is also missing connection between engine and the transfer case (though on 6x6, this detail is mostly hidden behind a plate on the top of the frame)...

Also, could there be more wheel options for the truck? The model seems to be set to have a double tire on its only non-steering axle (the third from front on the 8x8, the second on 6x6) and there is currently a gap between the model of a drum brake and the single wheel...

Marsupialsx @marsupialsx

A very detailed truck but is there any way to turn off the rear steering

Kooler561597678345 @kooler561597678345

Are you planning to do Tatra 815?

PathologCZ @pathologcz

I need help how to easily adjust the mirrors, according to the ClipDir parameter, etc.
I have goulash in it, thank you

cars3 @cars3


Rng3r @rngr1

cars3 Have fun! :)

Renault_75-34_MX @renault7534mxr3142

This is my main semi trailer truck, so glad it's back, i even maneged to get that coild tubing heavy trailer from Pedro Bay to Mountain River.

I generaly like these mods because they add eu truck to the game, which are so well balanced that they could be bais game truck, and you even get sings like irl for gas, wide loads and radioactiv material so that pepole know that you transporting dangerus materal, there Tatras could use some beacons and that lightbar on top as a working light options but this is realy nice when you overlook the small things.

Thank you for converting these to snowrunner.

Rng3r @rngr1

Renault_75-34_MX Thank you for your great comment. I added new addons,lights on the next update. Stay tuned :)

wenca89CZ @wenca89

Ahoj, chci se zeptat. Jestli tam budeš dávat ještě nějaké tatry? Třeba 148,815,815-7?

ProjectofBlairWitch @projectofblairwitch

Very very great truck, detailed look and realistic behaviour, not too overdone. I love it, like all of your mods, especially the MAN ones. Thanks for your work, looking forward for more. Greetings from germany. (c:

Rng3r @rngr1

Projectofblairwitch Thank you for your great comment. Enjoy! :)

john47 @john47

mod it's in queue resolve thi's problem ?

jardahodza @jardahodza

delete the mod folder in the snowrunner documents and then it will work