Tatra T813 SE for SnowRunner

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Published by DocBugsy (mod ID: 2042362)


Tatra Dual Pack-DLC or Year 2 Pass REQUIRED!

Adds more: Engine & Gearbox choices, Frame add-ons, Colors etc. While to keeping the T813 close to stock when possible.

- Difflock always on.

- Added both stock and custom gearboxes.

- Added more powerfull engines.

- Reworked the suspension and added Tuned- and Heavy-versions. (Active suspension is design to help leveling the truck when carrying heavy cargo or addons).

- Better tire and rim selection including custom grip versions.

- Enabled side- & rear-lights for the roof rack.

- Custom winches.

- Added more color options.

- More addons including: Saddle Low, Loading Cranes, Customised Tow-addon, Long- and Short-logging addons.

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Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Another brilliant tweak of another brilliant truck! I have nearly all of your tweaks enabled, there are very few tweaks that have such a feel good performance as yours do! Whatever you did to the suspension of this truck and your others is insane and is how the articulation of all in game trucks should be! Any hints as to what you may release in the future? I’d like to suggest the Freightliner 114 but, I’m sure whatever you might have in the works would be great also 👍🏻 thanks.
-PS4 player-

DocBugsy @docbugsy

You are not the the first to ask for a Freightliner 114 mod. So now i'm curious, what is missing from these mods:
"The Freightshaker" by MrBusses:
Freightliner 114SD TT by Thieme

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Thank you for the update, sir.

Mortaled682 @mortaled682

See now I have a we dilemma Tatra 813 or Royal BM17... Thank you for this dilemma...

DocBugsy @docbugsy

You're welcome 😉

Armoredp @armoredp

Glad to see you tackled the Tatra 813. Your 605R mod is my favorite tweak, just the right add-ons without making the truck boring OP, and that faded grey/green military color option you added is perfect as well.

Rob000 @na8169186

Mini crane has some control problems when you rotate it and it goes above the cab, the controls are not working, the arm starts wobbling and well something needs fixing.

DocBugsy @docbugsy

Thanks for letting me know 👍‍ I'll look in to it ASAP.

edit: I can confirm that there is a bug in the mini crane, that i missed. Unfortunately, I don’t think there's a quick fix for that, but i'm trying to come up with a solution.

Rob000 @na8169186

No problemo.
If no fix, maybe best to remove it from the addons
PS: Is a good mod for the tatra truck.
I am disappointed basic game t813 has so few addons available, so this tweak you made, helps it out.
PS2: if I may suggest an idea i saw in another mod. For the heavy duty bumpers give them a 0.1 damage coefficient (or whatever is called) so that they really do what is supposed, to protect engine from severe damage)

DocBugsy @docbugsy

I already have reduced the damage multiplier to bumpers from 1.0 to 0.5.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Thanks for the mod! I like how the truck looks but the vanilla version is too limited and DarthVerna's version ( ) has some wheel mass / suspension issues that makes it not that fun to drive. Your Azov 64 is also my favorite Azov mod so your take on this truck is very much appreciated.

This has lots of potential but I haven't had the time to test it properly yet. The active rear suspension seems like it will do great. I'll chime in later after I've gotten some experience with your mod.

There's a couple of things from DarthVerna's mod that I'd like to see here:
1) The US loading crane as I think it would look the nicest. I think I also prefer the position over the fuel tanks but I can't remember if that causes any issues with trailers.
2) The two-tone red/pink color just looks sweet on this truck. :)

DocBugsy @docbugsy

Thanks for the feedback. 👍‍

The US loading crane requires the saddle to be moved farther back also. (Basically on top of the axle 4) I need to do testing if the suspension can handle the weight sift.

If you have any wishes about colors, please let me know the color codes.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Cheers, mate.

Thank you for looking into the US mini crane. I trust you'll have a good reason if you decide against it.

Here are the color codes I like from the other mod:
TintColor1 = "g(145; 33; 33)"
TintColor2 = "g(237; 100; 100)"
TintColor3 = "g(117; 18; 38)"
MaterialOverrideName = "skin_00"

I also did a little bit more of testing and I must say you chose a very nice balance for wheel mass and grip. Suspension seems to be working well, too, so far. The rear wheels lift off the ground under heavy braking with only a loading crane and a saddle, though, which looks a bit weird.

It would be nice to have some extra fuel and repair parts without the humongous external roll cage. I think there's plenty of space in the cabin, even if the supplies would be invisible. ;)

qazserNOS @qazsernos

One more suggestion: a six speed (offroad) gearbox going from 1.5 to 7.5 at 1.2 increments. I've found that to work nicely on most trucks. The small steps reduce stalling when the gearbox upshifts and the top speed is good enough without having an overwhelming amount of gears.

As for you current gearbox selection, I'm not sure why you have so many options. Do all of them really offer meaningfully different experiences? I guess having extra options is a nice thing but one would be hard pressed to make a choice according to the names and descriptions alone.

vedroooo @snowtime

great job doc ma bro some test is here

DocBugsy @docbugsy

Nice video! 👍‍

vedroooo @snowtime

Thx mate also nice moder make it

OguHokuu_BoJIk @oguhokuubojik

Спасибо за видос.

vedroooo @snowtime

Thx mate

qazserNOS @qazsernos