Tatra T813 "KOLOS" for SnowRunner

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Published by DarthVerna (mod ID: 1008752)



This mod updates the Tatra T813. The aim is to enhance the truck capabilities, without changing too much nor making it game-breaking.

This mod features:

More addon options:
- Minicrane (US and Tatra NEW! )
- Log crane
- Crane
- Repair
- Maintenance
Seismic vibrator
Small log
Big log
Spare wheels
Low saddle
Flatbed (1 and 2)
- Tow Platform NEW!

Updated winches:
Added a custom autonomous winch, kept the power and range lower for consistency.

Updated wheels:
Added P12 wheels (with rims)
Added all single truck wheels (with rims)
Added Zikz wheels (with rims)
Added Tatarin wheels NEW!

Updated gerboxes:
Added standard truck gearboxes (faster than special gearboxes, but thirstier, expecially with AWD)

Updated suspensions:
Added new "Stiff" suspension with stiffer rear suspension NEW! - in Beta, requires further Testing

Other tweaks:
Added new color customizations (currently 25).
Fixed roofrack lights, many thanks to DocBugsy for the tweak.

More features on the way!

Subscribe install instuctions:
Just click "Subscribe to install!"

This mod has been made for my own personal use, I never tested co-op usage. If you do, let me know!
Due to game restrictions I don't think this mod is elegible for consoles. If you find the mod available on a console, or you have a better understanding of how to make this mod available for consoles please send me a message!

Suggestions are very welcome!










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PainBjorn @kirillovav86

Hello, can you add a module for medium logs to the settings? It seems to be already in the game and, in my opinion, is more suitable than the Poghrims module.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

How's it going DarthVerna? Still busy?

thehombree @thehombree

Hi, how can i manually install this mod?

Karlcroll @karlcroll

DarthVerna Loving this mod on console! Any plans to add one or both of the new towing frame addons to this truck?

DarthVerna @darthverna

Found a bit of time to spare, added the tow platform and a couple of other things. It's already available on PC, not sure how the update process works on console, hopefully you can enjoy it soon!

Karlcroll @karlcroll

DarthVerna it's already down on console for update! It should be back up tomorrow at the rate updates on console have been going for the last week or so! Thanks for getting this in, really been wanting to use it with the towing addon!

DarthVerna @darthverna

Glad you like it!
I want to add all the new stuff that came out in the last update, plus a couple of other tweaks, but sadly I'm not sure when I'll be able to do so (busy IRL), hopefully soon!

SgtCoffee @sgtcoffee

No (apparent) improvents on the vanilla version.

DarthVerna @darthverna

The whole point of this mod is to add more options (addons, wheels, gearboxes, color schemes) without altering the truck too much. If you have any specific suggestion please let me know!

xell2 @xell2

Jak se to prosím instaluje manualně? děkuji

ArisInSpace @arisinspace

I love the Tatra T813 so I love this mod!
I have honestly one request, though.. I would honestly love if we could get Tatarin tires on this bad boy! Yours is the only good mod for this truck! A must-have for Season Pass 2 owners!

DarthVerna @darthverna

Added the Tatarin wheels, enjoy!

ArisInSpace @arisinspace

Thank you so very much! Much love! ♥

Mdavis73188 @mdavis73188

Awesome mod, so happy it made it to console. Would like to see the roof rack show back up and maybe a few extra tire options, but other than that
, extremely happy. Love the off-road gearbox option as well.

Edit: I found the roof rack. I’m just retarded.

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Huh??? I thought Tatra tweaks were not allowed on console? Hopefully this will stay on here so I can try it out later 👍🏻

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Only trucks which are not released officially are not allowed aka the other 2 tatras (because they are on PTS only).

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Thanks for the response. Did you have any plans to work your magic on this beast of a truck? I love your tweaks and would be curious to see your take on this truck.

Mazinkaizar @mazinkaizar

i was waiting for this to come, thanks man appreciate your work

IillmotionI @iillmotioni

Would be great if the truck would come to the console. I am very dissatisfied with the original so far.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

I had some thoughts after using this truck more. When compared to other trucks this (and the vanilla version) is actually closer to the 8-wheeled Azovs than say the KOLOBs or the ZiKZ 605R. Though the 605R has the same wheel grip values as the Tatra, it also has a much higher wheel weight which is what really makes it so good in mud.

I feel that the Tatra would be better balanced with higher wheel weight and thus capability in mud. I tried simply changing the wheel preset from Heavy to Superheavy and that did the trick as far as functionality goes. However, as changing wheel weight also changes how suspension behaves it stiffened the truck too much. The default wheel weight Tatra has a very lively and nice looking suspension.

Optimally the wheel weight could be increased to maybe somewhere under the Superheavy preset and the suspension adjusted accordingly. This is, of course, only my preference that stems from all my other regularly used trucks being more capable than the Tatra.

DarthVerna @darthverna

I wanted a to play with the weight of the wheels as well but as you said the superheavy template just messes too much with the suspensions and I had no time to tweak things manually. It's something I have in my list of things to do, hopefully I find the time to look into it for the next version but no promises.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

When you get back to tweaking you might want to look into having two suspension options with different stiffness for at least the rear wheels. The US loading crane is really heavy, about 5 tons if I remember correctly, and in conjunction with a fully loaded semi-trailer the rear drags stupidly low with the rear wheels having a big negative camber.

I think the devs balanced the suspension only with the 2-slot bed in mind. I have no idea why they thought the truck would be a good platform for a high saddle as those trailers are the heavies in the game and the saddle already sit lower than on most trucks. Weird.

DarthVerna @darthverna

I didn't get the time to have a look at the wheels, but I quickly added a stiffer suspension option. It's still a work in progress, I still have to do some out-of-sandbox tests to see how this suspensions behave. Let me know if you test it and have any suggestion!

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Thanks! I did a little driving in vanilla and mod maps with a couple of different semi-trailers with and without load.

The new stiff suspension is definitely better than the default when pulling a loaded trailer with the loading crane installed but it goes a bit too far in the other direction. Where the default suspension made the truck drag its ***, the stiff one makes it have positive camber even with a fully loaded 6-slot semi-trailer! Unloaded, the stiff suspension makes the truck tilt forwards enough to cause trouble backing up under a semi-trailer. The rear suspension should probably be level or sag just a little bit with max realistic load.

Lately, I've been really enjoying Bartelbi's Tatra Force and I think it has just excellent options available. I noticed it uses the same (heavy preset) wheel weight but has more grip in general with loads of choices. I've been happily using the 3.6 mud grip value wheels and decided to try the same for this truck. So I increased the mud grip for the KOLOS default wheels by 20% from 3.0 to 3.6 and I think it feels good. This makes the truck more enjoyable to use but won't make it unstoppable and still leaves room for even stronger trucks to go faster in the same conditions.

A couple other things on Bartelbi's mod that I'd like to see are having the absolute values of wheel grip, engine power and winch length in the upgrade names/descriptions and an invisible fuel/repair points add-on. I just hate that vanilla roof rack for the T813 as it comes with a thicc frame(/rollcage?).

The Tatra crane blocks the fuel tank fill caps, BTW. ;) The folded legs might also interfere with semi-trailers. So I didn't like it but others might and having options is always nice. The vanilla loading crane you already had there is still good where it is and doesn't cause problems with my favorite OlSom's trailers.