Suzuki Jimny for SnowRunner

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Published by gynganynja (mod ID: 482888)


Just a WIP for the moment, this is my first Snowrunner mod so go easy, I'm learning as I go.









jimny.2.zip219.34mbAlpha 0.2.5

jimny.1.zip221.13mbAlpha 0.2

jimny.zip219.98mbalpha 0.1


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RachelTGG @racheltgg

Love the mod, really do, but as Ba2017gg, its way too quick to turn/responsive, i dont know if thats the intended way you wanted it handle. From reading the discussion on discord, it seems related that mass, you have two Body categories, i might be wrong tough, i am no expert on it.
Also, you gearbox, suspension and winch xml files are using the default template names, might be worth changing them to avoid any potential conflict with any other mod that might not change these names.

Other than that and the roof rack looking a little empty, i really like the vehicle.

gynganynja @gynganynja

I've toned down the steering speed and lowered the point to which it rolls, let me know how it is now!

ba2017gg @ba2017gg
gynganynja @gynganynja

Thanks for the review! I've pinned it to the page

jortraxx7 @jortraxx7

its so cuteee

sigurjonarek @sigurjonarek

really liking the mod
as a jimny owner there are a few things that i´d like to see
stock bumper
dark red to be specific the one from 98-04
bfg a/t ko2 35" and 39"
and cut or other fenders and be able to have a lower cg and big tires so like a 2" lift

gynganynja @gynganynja

Thanks for your feedback, I added a stock bumper and will work on some ko2's as I think they'd compliment the km2's nicely!

RachelTGG @racheltgg

Your mod is coming along VERY well, i am really liking but, two small things that should be easy to fix:
-you have a good amount of UI names that are default from mod (UI_MOD_SOMETHING), i can renember atm both winches and gearboxes have that.
-Your winch points are no connected to the vehicle. They are in the air, under the vehicle.

A third slightly bigger thing that needs some tweaking (imo), the 6 inch lift is EXTREMELLY soft, soo soft that you can call it a jelly suspension and if you wiggle side to side at a some decent speed you can make it fall over. I think the only thing needed is a increase of the dampening.

gynganynja @gynganynja

Hey thanks, I really appreciate your feedback. I'll increase the damping once I finish work tonight, and fix up the names and winch point locations!

RachelTGG @racheltgg

Suspension is better, really liking how it is coming along. You still can flip it with the soft lifted suspension tough if you wiggle it. Maybe rename it to Jelly Suspension. I think moving the center of mass lower will help

gynganynja @gynganynja

I'll make a stiffer suspension profile for those who prefer that, but I personally enjoy driving it semi-rolly as that is a lot closer to how they are in real life with this amount of lift lol.

ale-bamban99 @alejandropcrespo

esta bastante bien este mod, algo grande y tosco los paragolpes tubulares, capaz algo mas delgado se verian mejor, pero en lineas generales excelente, ideal tener mas opciones de accesorios para personalizar.

buen trabajo. saludos

gynganynja @gynganynja

The front bars are based on actual bars available here in Australia. Though I'm more than happy to make accessories at request for this. Are you meaning more like this bar?

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Hello :)
You made quite a progress on this mod, congrats !

gynganynja @gynganynja

Thank you!

Katieambrose114 @katieambrose114

Do these mods work on PlayStation 4? I really want this jimny lol

gynganynja @gynganynja

Console mod have to be approved by the devs and moderators, so not yet. But I'd love to see it on console for sure

antonio88 @antonio88

Ciao, ho sottoscritto quest'auto ma aprendo il gioco non la vedo, ho sbagliato il passaggio?

gynganynja @gynganynja

Once you've subscribed to the mod, you'll have to go in game to the Mod Browser and make sure it is enabled. Then you should be able to find it in the store in game.

Kirill2005 @kirill2005

Можешь сделает ошибка подвеска обновление акуратно амортизаторов в подвеску😅