Stoney Creek for SnowRunner

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Published by Remoh667 (mod ID: 166237)


Dev Tools are enabled

If you want a no dev tools experience this map is part of my region "The Kawarthas Region"

This map has localization for French and Russian

Welcome to Stoney Creek. The landscape here is made up of rocky cliffs and tight roads on one side of the county. On the other side it opens up into a large desert that looks easy but proves difficult to get loads across since there are no roads on the sand.

  • 20 different missions to complete with most having 2 or 3 different stages involved.
  • Difficult vehicle rescues
  • 6 Watchpoints to find
  • 2 high saddle hauls
  • Lots of route choices, some will be very tough to haul loads on
  • Good Mudding and Trailing all over the world

I have made a spot for anyone who would like to support my work. I love making maps. Thanks for everything players👍








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p.jourdain @pjourdain

Pas de petits tuyaux dans la carte, donc impossible de remplir la requête.
Par ailleurs existe un bug au niveau du garage car à la sortie de certains longs véhicules..
ceux ci explosent et s'enfoncent dans le sol !!!... il faut les treuiller très longtemps avec énormément d'insistance pour les faire ressortir !!!

Oldpapa68 @oldpapa68

Need Pipe Factory or a trailer with two small pipes Pallets on it. Also Trucks like twinsteer with mini crane on rear along with Azov 73310 10x10 get stuck in garage when leaving! Map is OK! Will Be mutch nicer as you FIX these Items. Thank You look forward to more Maps.😁05-07-2021

Ryan9707 @ryan9707

The task Dry Up The Yard is not complete there are no small pipes on this map and I hate to not finished a map when I start one can we get some pipes please

M6matt @m6matt

Ummmm i cant find the small pipes it my last mission to do. Where are them?

SgtCoffee @sgtcoffee

Is there an easy way to get to the garage? Since the only 2 vehicles I can find are beyond useless, want to get into this map as it looks fun, but can't even make it to the garage

morgan.dreux @morgandreux

C'est plutôt une bonne map mais les missions sont assez répétitives et il n'y a pas de magasins de remorques...ou je suis aveugle...l'idée de mettre les ressources au quatre coins de la map est moyen aussi..bon dans l'ensemble malgré tous

Bourbspirit @bourbspirit

Stupid map. 2 of the most uncapable vehilces and only 1 way across to get to the garage

Destinycollie @destiny27

Stupid comment. The game is supposed to be challenging, if you don't want a challenge then sell the game you idiot!

alex6581025 @alex6581025

Где маленькие трубки?

Franky0815 @franky0815

Where can I get small pipes?

Remoh667 @na2088304

I will have to look at the map. I honestly dont remember off hand. There is a possibility I forgot to add them to the single map. If so i will update it soon.

Awesome2Sauce17 @awesome2sauce17

My TV exploded when i entered this map. Probably an issue on my end

Remoh667 @na2088304

Thats not good. Im hoping they get the console fix out this week. Hope you have better luck in the future

TSteve902 @tsteve902

Donate and support your work? I’ll donate just to never get another map like this again. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Remoh667 @na2088304

What didnt you like about it? Just for future reference. Thanks for checking it out anyways

TSteve902 @tsteve902

Nah ignore how aggressive my last comment was. Maybe just a bit more direction at the beginning of the map would be nice

Awesome2Sauce17 @awesome2sauce17

I need a dune buggy

GirlyGamerGazell @girlygamergazell

So, to be fair, i’ve driven around quite a bit to see if i can find it. But where is the mission to find the garage?😂 Am currently playing on PS4 if that changes anything. The only missions i see on the Task Giver are the bridge tasks and the dry up the yard task. I’ve gotten the Watchtower to the left and right of the start area as well as the one due north. And i also see the Tayga Oil Loading and Fuel Station 2. Sorry if i’m just being blind or something!

Remoh667 @na2088304

There is a task box just infront of your starting point that will lead you there. I suggest getting the task and then turn around and follow the road back past the house

GirlyGamerGazell @girlygamergazell

The video that’s posted as one of the comments here, I see they found a task called “The Journey Begins” right next to the house, has that moved? If it hasn’t, then it’s not there for me on my end. lol ik it probably sounds like i’m doing something wrong and it is probably just something on the PS4 end, but that task isn’t there for me. I see it as one of the possible tasks when in the “Region Explored” panel so i know it’s a thing, however it’s not here for me. And btw this map is freaking amazing, most detailed map i’ve played, not to mention the terrain is actually fun.

GirlyGamerGazell @girlygamergazell

is okay tho, i found it luckily by following the path lol

Remoh667 @na2088304

Haha. Good stuff. Hope you enjoy the rest pf the map