Splitridge Peaks for SnowRunner

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Published by Remoh667 (mod ID: 160028)


Dev Tools are enabled

If you want a no dev tools experience this map is part of my region "The Kawarthas Region"

This map has localization for French and Russian

"What a beautiful morning" you whisper, blocking the fresh early sunshine with the peak of your old ball cap. The hint of a grin spreads as the forest slowly wakes up around your new piece of the universe. "No turning back now" as if you knew the challenge that lies ahead. "Do I want the Hummer or Zikz today?"

Now it's time to start your adventure in Splitridge Peaks.

This trip will take you through dry eroded terrain, tight swampy trails, long climbs rewarded with some impressive views and a more than 1km long beach area for some high speed running all on a wide variety of road types and difficulty. There are 23 missions to be found around the world with most having multiple stages to complete.

I have made a spot for anyone who would like to support my work. I love making maps. Thanks for everything players👍

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HIRONLUKAS @hironlukas

Superbe carte en revanche impossible de finir la mission pour livrer les 4 barils de carburant à la scierie.

CoolCA55 @coolca55

Really fun map to play. Love the terrain and challenges. Working on the missions, and they have been fun. Only problem so far, is in mission "keep the mill going", task "find the 4 fuel barrel crates", there is no "pick up point arrow", only the "drop off arrow" site, and have scanned the entire map looking for the fuel barrels, nothing. Is this my problem only or is that task missing on this map? One of the few missions I have left to do.

syl_m @s-m4

Same here still not fixed after all this time. This map is great but impossible to finish it 100%, too bad :(

morgan.dreux @morgandreux

Très belle map . j'ai quasiment fini toutes les tâches mais pour 《 gardez le moulin en marche》je dois livrer 4 carburant mais aucun endroit ou les charger...est ce normal?

Headfull-Eyeballs @headfulleyeballs

Hey I checked out your mod and made a video about it:

Nonasing @nonasing

Great map too! The only problem is that we can't complete it 100% because we can find only 4 of 5 trucks. I guess its a bug like the other map, highrock county, where there is the same problem but with only 3 of 4 trucks there.
Other than that, great job!

Remoh667 @na2088304

Thanks for playing it. Im still trying to figure out whats wrong with that. Stunped at the moment but i will find it

ASAPSlide @asapslide

Problem still going on over 4 months later, now it is 5/6 trucks... I'm guessing the Ziks counts as a discovered vehicle and since it is so close to the Hummer it won't calculate it as discovered truck? This is not a major issue but it is still a bit annoying when you want to achieve 100% and you're stuck at 98% or 99% because of a tiny bug like that. Hope you can fix it.


kondekaz @kondekaz

great map, however, I start with 5K but when I exit and load it again, I have like 10B ?

Remoh667 @na2088304

If you play it in the pts server it will disable the mod tools. Its in the game programming so unfortunately i cant change that. The mod tools are the reason you get unlimited money

seeayesix @seeayesix

Probably the new version of PTS, but I can't load anything. (I haven't checked the focus forums.)

Remoh667 @na2088304

I will see if there is anything on my side wrong. I guess we are all still learning here.

motar150 @motar150

Gran trabajo, es un placer conducir por tu mapa, buen mod.

Remoh667 @na2088304

Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed the trip👍

MinimalTango @1588991775

thanks Remoh667 :-) as always from the finest your mods

Remoh667 @na2088304

Hope it kept you busy for a few hours! Thanks as always MinimalTango

MinimalTango @1588991775

werde wohl noch ein stück unterwegs sein ....hahaha :-)

kmalette @kmalette

I love this map! It's my favourite map at the moment including the vanilla game imo, well done! Love how you used elevation and uneven terrain to make this one challenging and less deep slogging mud/snow. Missions are good and tough great for experienced players wouldn't recommend it for someone new to the game. Thank you very much!

Remoh667 @na2088304

Thats what I like to hear. Haha. Thanks for that. Im glad you like it, I was certainly trying to make this more of a driving skill type map. I agree that the mud can get old after a while.

ChealonZeang @chealonzeang

The wooden bridge in the task "collateral damage" might suck your car while you change another car,and the contract "A needle in a haystack" cant finish 🙃😜

Remoh667 @na2088304

Thanks. It seems all bridges do that right now. I think it has something to do with the collision being active all the time in maps. I will fix the issue with the task. Thanks for the heads up