Sparky's Unlocked Vanilla Addons & Trailers for SnowRunner

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Published by Sparky66 (mod ID: 2034668)


Unlocks a number of addons and trailers that are in the base game but for various reasons not availiable to the player either at all or only in certain scenarios. I have attempted to balance purchase cost, fuel and supply points to base game values so they are not too overpowered. After much trial and error all addons should fit all suitiable trucks as well as possible, no need to re-buy any trucks and no excessive clipping or floating addon issues. Adds the following:

- Heavy fuel tanker semi trailer for high saddle. This is usually only availiable in one mission in Michigan, now freely purchasable. Includes some maintenance points to increase it's usefulness over the low saddle variant.

- Curtainside trailer. This is the covered flatbed trailer often used in various missions. Now available for purchase, including some fuel and maintenance points making it an alternative to the service trailer.

- Curtainside Scout Trailer. This is an off road covered scout flatbed, only used in a mission in Maine but now availiable to buy. Contains some fuel and maintenance points, making this a useful scout trailer since the base game lacks a scout service trailer.

- Utility mount addon for all trucks with a minicrane socket. This is the F750 utility mount, now availiable to be fitted to any truck that can have a minicrane, in the place of the minicrane. Contains some fuel, repair points and tyres so useful for trucks which cannot otherwise carry their own supplies.

- Military sideboard bed - This is the ANK sideboard bed with camo colour scheme. Now availiable to be fitted to any truck that can have a regular sideboard fitted. Changes colour to match the truck.

- Modern sideboard bed - This is an unused sideboard bed designed originally for the Azov Antarctic. Now availiable to be fitted to any truck that can have a regular sideboard fitted. Will always be blue.

- Heavy duty sideboard bed - This is the Tatra Phoenix sideboard bed, personally one of the most attractive addon options in my opinion. Now availiable to be fitted to any truck that can have a regular sideboard fitted. Changes colour to suit the truck.

- Single slot sideboard bed option for the International Loadstar 1700. Fits perfectly and allows you to haul cargo with this useful scout.

- Utility van body addon - This is the kung van addon, but now with less maintenance points and some fuel instead. Useful if you don't want to use the yellow and red service addon that blocks trailer attachment, but still balanced as it has less fuel overall.




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FoX1610245756 @fox1610245756


-ConKeR- @conker12

Approved for console, congrats. Will try it out tonight on Xbox.

Rob000 @na8169186

It is a nice quality of life mod, with all these little but appealing changes.
It's sad the official devs haven't done this in the first place

fincoo77 @fincoo77

it is not sad, it is dev's tactics / gameplay / etc... one would say "whats the point to have all trucks with the same addons or tires?" .... but nice mod anyway, nice job

4ernoff @4ernoff

This actually looks very promising, will check it out later, hope u will expand addon variation even more in future.

Brianbmn @brianbmn

I love your mod!

(TOPGUN)Maverick @topgun-maverick

this is so cool!

Hawk600usa @hawk600usa

Looks good! Will try that.
Thank you Op for sharing!