somerset, VT (western mass wheeling- map2) for SnowRunner

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Published by Fredswayne (mod ID: 146015)


MUST USE PUBLIC TEST SERVER!. I Dont know why but it crashes to main menu on the normal game, it does load great on the public test server though. so do me a favor and before you thumbs down my mod without leaving any comment or anything as a reason why you feel it deserves a thumbs down(1. i wouldn't do that to you, i know how much work goes into these mods,and 2. it says right on the profile open to comments and suggestions, i'm not making these levels just for my entertainment its for the sake of the community i want them to be good, and without any input other than a thumbs down it doesn't help) just try it on the (PTS) first. (it might be smaller, but i like it more than my first map)

small trailing map made from the height map of somerset vermont.

this is map2 for my scenario "western mass wheeling" released as a standalone map for now with no objectives or fog of war active. when we are granted the ability to link maps with the editor i may or may not make this version private. (although with all the negative feedback without explanation i'm leaning more towards the private side)

as with all maps load as new scenario, save game, back out to main menu, then press the continue button and from that point on the dev tools will be active.

also once again if anyone wants credit as a tester or has any thoughts/ suggestions on improvements that can be made or things you may find that look strange, please feel free to snag a screenshot and send it to me in a message every suggestion will be considered for future releases





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bdarling997 @bdarling997

Does this still only work on PTS? Would love to see this for console considering I live in VT and visit Somerset every summer 🤘🏼

boggin350 @boggin350

Got it to work on the pts and love it was a fun map.

boggin350 @boggin350

installed map but it won't load keeps sending me back to the main menu to bad it looks like a fun map.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

boggin350 and i just tried it on the normal version, it crashes to main menu. thank you again letting me know. you must use the public test server to run this map. im guessing the oak trees i didnt put on my first map werent on it because they didnt exist yet. and they are what is making it crash on the normal side

Fredswayne @fredswayne

oh and hey thank you for leaving a comment on letting me know instead of just hitting thumbs down leaving it. you're the man, i wouldn't have had any idea why it was getting thumbs down otherwise

Fredswayne @fredswayne

boggin350 did you try on the public test server? i hadn't tried the map through here yet i was just loading my file directly so i thought maybe there was a glitch i wasnt catching, but it just loaded on the (pts) for me no issues. i changed the start location so theres more room to spawn a truck but otherwise im going to check function on the normal version of the game

Fredswayne @fredswayne

Damn it. It is a fun but small map. I'll check it out in the a.m.