Sockets for cranes (scout edition) for SnowRunner

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Published by LactobasilusOG (mod ID: 133859)


If you want a socket for a scout from the mod community then I may be able to provide you with the numbers to do so but it will be up to the creator of the original mod to add or not.

Dropbox link with the sockets. use it freely and leave a like.

Credits to u/NealG42 for the initial idea (at least for me)

This mos let you lift any vanilla scout by the roof. simple as that. Included realistic Fuel capacity Because already have that mod installed.

Enjoy it!

Installation and backup guide:

Make sure, you have WinRAR installed! No installation with subscribing as with all mods around here, that change base game files.

Manual installation:

  1. Download the file
  2. Navigate to the path you have SnowRunner installed to
  3. Follow the folders: SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
  4. Create a folder called 'Backup' to save your original file.
  5. Copy the file 'initial.pak' into that Backup folder. Now you are ready to install the mod!
  6. Open the original file 'initial.pak' with WinRAR.
  7. Open the mod-file '(mod file)' with WinRAR, as well.
  8. Now drag and drop the [media]-folder from the mod-zip-file into 'initial.pak'.
  9. The files in 'initial.pak' will be overwritten.
  10. Close everything and you can start playing.
  11. If you don't like it and want to revert: Navigate back to your installation folder and delete the edited 'initial.pak'. Then copy the original file from your 'Backup'-folder, and everything is vanilla again.

(Instructions copied from Fuel capacities based on real data mod page)




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billbo12001 @billbo12001

any chance u can make the us mini crane powerfull enough to pick them up on full extention

LactobasilusOG @lactobaciluog

it can be done.

Edit: i tried to do the crane stuff. but it required a lot of power. you may aswell just use the big crane since it got more counter weight or i need to add so much more mass and power that will render big cranes useless.

Alighierian @alighierian

Well, you sure work fast :D

Hadn't decided whether or not to do it myself, after seeing that post yesterday. Do you mind if I collect the new winch point code lines in a text file for you to add here, so people can manually add it to the vehicles they have already modded?

LactobasilusOG @lactobaciluog

Sure, use it. hope you enjoy, just leave a like.