Snowrunner: Hardcore for SnowRunner

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Published by Digital_X (mod ID: 118522)


Welcome to Snowrunner: Hardcore. It has been 6 days in the making and I am very happy to present this to you. This will not be an easy Sunday drive.

Images included are proof of the mod working in the regular game.

So, what does this mod entail?

Update 2: I have uploaded a fix for the ZIKZ 5368 to reflect the intended price, as well as the original winch length if you prefer that.

To install the correct ZIKZ 5368 price: Replace the ZIKZ.xml in media/classes/trucks. Choose "Store" for the compression method when prompted.

To install the Original Winch length: Replace the Winch files in media/classes/winches. Choose "Store" for the compression method when prompted.

Update 1: Due to popular request I have uploaded a .ZIP which contains files for the trucks, they now have 70% of their original fuel capacity up from 50%. To install, extract the contents and replace the original truck xmls in classes/media/trucks. When you replace them, please remember to set the compression to "Store".


1. All truck component damage has been reduced to 10. One hard crash could mean your delivery is over. So be even more careful how you traverse the terrain.

This includes (Engine, Suspension, Gearbox, Wheels and Tank)

2. Greatly reduced Winch length. I have reduced the length of all Winches by 50%. This will make planning your route ever more important.

3. Reduced fuel capacity for all trucks. Every truck has had its fuel tank limit reduced by 50%. Bringing a fuel trailer for those long journeys will be almost essential. Go easy on the Diff Lock and AWD!

4. Truck prices have doubled, which means making your next purchase should be thought about carefully. (Addons and Upgrades have not been affected.)

5. Weathers have been slightly altered. Heavy Rain is now much more dense and falls faster to provide a bit more realism. Light Rain has been changed also but only the droplet size. This should provide a little extra challenge when driving. Snow has been affected too but I will be altering this further.

6. Exhaust smoke has been slightly increased, however I will be tweaking this further.

That about wraps up the changes, have fun!

Installation Instructions:

Simply replace the original initial.pak file with my modified initial.pak file.

You can find this initial.pak at: "SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client"

Important: Please remember to backup your "initial.pak" file so you can revert to to an unmodified game.

I have not tested this in co-op. Please install this manually. I do not think subscribing works for modifications of this type.

This has been tested extensively and you should not have any issues, as me and a tester on Discord had no issues with my initial.pak.

If you do encounter any issues please let me know, in English, and I will try to resolve them. Some users say reinstalling the game sometimes works, so if push comes to shove backup your savegames!

I have been modding games since DOOM back in trhe 90's and have modified all sorts of games, I thoroughly enjoy it and this has been my favourite so far. A fairly big project but one I hope you will enjoy.

Good luck!






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manuld4 @manuld4

Comment je fais pour l installer?

La_kapra @la-kapra

Hi boss

I will see this super mod on ps4?

You idea of making snowrunner more realistic is fantastic, and i think that with few little adjustment you can make it perfect.
Can i suggest you some ideas?

*10 hp to each part is perfect but probably is need to lower a bit all the repair kit value (or increase dramatically all damage taken)

*is possible to lock the truck recovery option? (In mudrunner you can't recovery stuck trucks, you can only try to rescue them)

*probably the winch 50% reduction and the reduced fuel capacity are a bit too punitive, but, a disabed "fast winch" Button (in reality "winch-ninjas" doesn't exist) , and increasing the awd and diff. Lock fuel consumption, will be fair.

* It will be good if, switchable awd and diff. Lock, will damage the gearbox at hight speed.

Sorry for my bad english, and again, i hope your beautiful idea will be on ps4 soon!

TexasDrifter @txdrifter

Hey guy, is there a way to increase the damage output so this type of mod could affect all vehicles? even mod vehicles?

say instead of lowering the damage capacity to 10 what if trees dished out 10x damage and so on?

mora145 @mora145

Is compatible with 9.0v?

blackdrizzt @blackdrizzt

Never touch the [Your drive]:\[Game folder]\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\initial.pak , that can destroy your mod option!!! That can also happen with other mods!!!
If you load 10 mods and overwrite the initial.pak 10 times. Then how much work?

myblock203 @myblock203

how do you increase exhaust smoke ?

Digital_X @digitalx1

Update: I will be uploading a file containing the original winch length, instead of half length. As well as the correct ZIKZ 5368 price.

fost3er @fost3er

ZIKZ 5368 price 390,100. Bug?

Digital_X @digitalx1

I will look into that, apologies. That seems way too high.

ryankary12 @ryankary12

lowering the winch range really?

Digital_X @digitalx1

I can make an optional file to revert it, I will do this tomorrow. It was just to provide more of a challenge.

Digital_X @digitalx1

Update: Fuel capacity will be addressed ASAP. I am going through feedback now. Once fuel capacity changes are made I will release an update. Please keep critisicm constructive, if it is purly negative I cannot figure out what changes you would like.

mbdrake7 @mbdrake7

This sounds great. 2 things and I am not sure you can do it but I would love to see is fuel actually cost money and to recover a vehicle should be very costly because let's face it recovering a vehicle other than to save at the end of the day is just cheating.

maximustrajan23 @maximustrajan23

there is a no recovery mod , i also agree that fuel should cost something as well as repairs.. it sucks the devs didnt give us more hardcore options to begin with ... :( it sucks how people are always trying to dumb things down for profit...

Digital_X @digitalx1

I can look into it, but at the moment I am not sure that would be possible.

Cosm1c_Gam3r @cosm1c-gam3r

It would be great to be able to find value in files to change recall to be disabled for all vehicles. That way "hardcore" would match its name at least in 1/10

But what I really feel is descried by Sashaw101 in comments here.
I agree with him 100% and I wuld love to have in "hardcore" mode what he described.

The best would be to have customizable difficulty so anybody could tweak their experience with this game.

Go to official forum and read about community ideas about what community would want to see as more demmanding and challenging gameplay.

trashtalkmute @trashtalkmute

imho, must have feature is a no evacuation, or high price evacuation without repair/refuel. And i think that reducing winch length more than 25% is a bad idea.

Cosm1c_Gam3r @cosm1c-gam3r

What ruins this game is dumb recall feature for ALL vehicles! This is idiotic design!
Also fuel is for free :(
This recall would be ok if it would cost money to recall and would not repair for free and recalled vehicle would take time to be returned to garage.

WolFRocK @wolfrock

I agree, I would also like for petrol not to be free.

stevebodie1 @stevebodie1

thanks for the mod. would it be possible to separate the the files? so we can pick and choose. Mostly after the brake component. Also what file would you adjust, to make day/night cycle longer?

edit; Just a suggestion, rather then adjusting fuel, would it be possible to limit fuel containers on map, except fuel stations

Digital_X @digitalx1

Hi yes, I will upload the folders I have changed into seperate folders so you can pick and chose. Thanks for the feedback.

stevebodie1 @stevebodie1

thanks mate ;)