Better Adjustments & Improvements Mod for SnowRunner

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Published by kasjer12 (mod ID: 140900)


I heard that only 80% of this mod works in PTS. I will try to figure out something, because I don't know much about PTS (never using) For now mod is only SINGLEPLAYER... sorry :(

If you find any bug, want to improve/change something or have some ideas please write in the comment.

Corrected and added a few things (a little based on the already existing mods). I wanted more realism but at the same time get more from the game without limitations and to fix shortcomings that were annoying

Relase also on my YouTube - more info and download options:

Mod was created on 5.1 game version

Nothing yet, just relase.

Full Changelog version 1.0.0 :
- All price set to 1
- No rank restrictions
- No regional restrictions
- No need exploration to buy vehicles and parts
- More choice of tires for all vehicles
- Slightly balanced grip of tire types (e.g. the original mud tires in scouts were worse on snow than allterain)
- Visually reduced pressure in off-road tires and a little bit in others
- Added missing raised suspension for some vehicles (can be mounted stock or raised in the garage for more vehicles)
- Twinster has all steering axles and all-wheel drive
- Semi-trailer ramp has 16 wheels instead of 8 for improved patency.
- More slots for cargo:
Low loader – 3
High goose neck – 4
- Increased and balanced cargo weight - can feel the difference between empty and loaded trailer and between cargo types
- Better balance of fuel and service trailers' and addons' capacity:
eg: Repair trailer 1000points, Fuel trailer 1000points but Maintainer Service 500repair and 500oil.
- Medium-sized trees are easier to knock down.
- More smoke for bigger and older vehicles (modern and smaller ones don't emit much more smoke)
- Life time and quantity of the particles increased
- Slightly increased strength of rain and snow


First of all, for safety, back up your game saves - %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\storage\
oryginal initial.pak - ..\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client (somewhere in game instalation path)

Lazy installation - if you want only my mod:

1. Go to game instalation path for eg.: ..\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
2. Here you have "initial.pak"
3. Replace with my "initial.pak" file
That's all, enjoy !

• Advanced instalation - useful when you want to install more and other modifications:

1. You need newest WinRAR
2. Go to game instalation path for eg.: ..\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
3. Here you have "initial.pak", open this in WinRAR
4. I only changed files in [media] folder/subfolders
5. Now open also my downloaded [media] folder in WinRAR
6. Drag & Drop whole moded [media] into oryginal [media] - like replace - only newer files will replace automatically
choose only files you want but be careful because wrong replace may cause bugs and crashes

• How to install other mods now ?
So look at my files into [media] - I have only changed these files where modify date is "2020", the "1980" dated files are untouched.
When you have downloaded new other mod see to it's files and look if you can change new mods files without corruption (see by modify dates)
If there is corruption because some new mod file and my file is dated to 2020 then open both files in notepad and see differences - then manually adjust both versions
Bay the way, you can also compare my moded files with oryginal ones and see exactly what I have changed
To compare I recommend Notepad++ with "Compare plugin" or WinMerge because they highlight the changes (but you can use even stock Windows notepad)




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_SuChY_ @na2224555

how to install this without unlocked all and price value?

kasjer12 @kasjer12

unfortunately, the first thing I changed was the price and unlocking, and after that I changed many other things in the same files, so it will be difficult to reverse automatically... You would have to make a change to each vehicle and part file and manually change it, for example:
Country = "US"
Price = "4800"
UnlockByExploration = "true"
UnlockByRank = "12"

ilyaganster019 @ilyaganster019

Hey. Does not work on version 6.0.

kasjer12 @kasjer12

yes, maybe, unfortunately I don't have how to check it at the moment :(

Mandragola72 @mandragola72

Scusate tanto ragazzi, sono nuovo e non capisco come installare la mod, nel file che ho scaricato non c'è il file "initial.pak", come lo procuro? So che sarà una domanda stupida ma abbiate pazienza, grazie.

kasjer12 @kasjer12

Ammetto che potresti esserti perso... ;) Puoi scaricare il file initial.pak da questo link:
1. Vai al percorso di installazione del gioco, ad es.: .. \SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
2. Qui hai "initial.pak"
3. Sostituisci con il mio file "initial.pak"

mikethibeault35 @mikethibeault35

Mod work's great. I played through without the mods and now playing through with the mods after new update that we got today and the mod still work's fine. I just had to re-copy them. Great work!

kasjer12 @kasjer12

Thank you for the information that it's working on newest SnowRunner, and I'm glad you like it !

ktkakira1 @ktkakira1

Garbage files that don't work. delete

kasjer12 @kasjer12

Some changes may not work on PTS. Everything worked fine on version 5.1. Maybe in newer versions the creators have changed a lot and it doesn't work anymore. Try to copy the files again if you recently updated because the files may have been overwritten back to the original ones during the upgrade

Sashaw101 @sashaw101

Trash mod, delete.

kasjer12 @kasjer12

ok, your decision :) , in the video and in the description I showed what this mod changes. If you play PTS, some changes may be missing...

gbee @gbee

No noticeable effect.

kasjer12 @kasjer12

See the video on youtube that I prepared (link in description) - I showed a few changes there. If you play PTS then some are supposedly not working

Motoracer5150 @motoracer5150

Yar 87 and Khan Marshall and Tuz Tartian are amphibious vehicles! I wish for them to float and drive in water

kasjer12 @kasjer12

I do not know if the game mechanics predicted this but I will look if it can be done and maybe introduce that in a different mod

HellCorpse @hellcorpse
I take two!
(more powerful camera zoom._Tell me...pleese)

kasjer12 @kasjer12

I'm sorry but I think don't understand. Do you also want a mod that allows you to zoom more? I found this thread However, I will not change it in my mod because for me the camera works fine. I nothing changed in these camera files so you can try

402BuKiPyCo @402bukipyco

Hi fine work putting mods together :) Firstly is it compatible with PTS ? And secondly softer suspension by sicksixgamer ( Would it worked with combining with yours ? :)

kasjer12 @kasjer12

It was my goal to combine other mods, but I put my own values in to the .xml's which I think are even better.
I honestly don't know if it is PTS compatible. That's why I didn't tag "multiplayer". If someone tries, I would be grateful for the information.
As for the suspension mod, unfortunately you have to look for values manually and change because in each suspension I've lowered the price and for KOLOB 74760 and Azov 73210 the factory suspension is slightly raised so that it does not stuck on asphalt.
I will review this suspension mod and if I like it I will add it to the next version... if it comes out at all because I see that people don't like my mod :(

402BuKiPyCo @402bukipyco

I tried PTS its working on 80% some thing are not functioning that's why people don't like your mod. Otherwise well put together :) Keep working on it and it will be nice overhaul mod :)

lukcio36 @lukcio36

402BuKiPyCo Please write a list of working and not working mod function in PTS .
Autor please make this mod 100% working in PTS :)

kasjer12 @kasjer12

hmm... I don't think I can do any PTS repairs for a variety of reasons :( If someone were so kind and would like to take care of it and send me improved files, I would be grateful (the community probably too). I don't know what it means that 80% works ... how is this possible? some changes work and others are bugged or just don't appear?
In SnowRunner I have never use Public Test Servers because I barely started playing and for now I enjoy only current content. I think I'm ~2 months late with this mod 😅

lukcio36 @lukcio36

I play PTS and activated this mod.When I try to change engine in my truck I need to exploration Alaska or Tajmyr to buy new engine or buy other parts .Some trucks are blocked(need higher rank) and some truck have regional restrictions to use for exampe on Michigan map.Maybe this mod don't work on PTS and only works in SnowRuner :(
Autor please make this mod working in PTS

kasjer12 @kasjer12

so to be honest I don't know how to do it. In the files I removed from Region = "US" the US leaving empty, also set Exploration Required = "false", Rank="1" and it is working for not PTS SnowRunner, and this is the only option I know. If it doesn't work for PTS then I have no idea where else these restrictions are set up :(