Silver-Arrows UMG500 by M181 for SnowRunner

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If you like my trucks, any support is highly appreciated. Every bit helps me buy tools and models to make more FREE SnowRunner mods for you! I plan to grow my mod catalog and skills as time goes on. Check out my ko-fi page:

Inspired by a Doug DeMuro video, I really wanted to add a U500 series Unimog to SnowRunner. This truck is the ultimate overlander. A bruiser of a farm truck. An off-road icon. And now another generation of a popular truck is in SnowRunner for you to enjoy. Please read all the sections below for details.

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Some features the UMG500 has:

  • Selectable AWD
  • Locked differentials
  • Vehicle customization
  • Realistic winch and crane points
  • Multiple tire options
  • No region or level lock

Please note that some pictures on the right include development pictures, and the final version of the truck may differ.


- This mod was made using a model by Pukamakara on CGTrader

Due to Saber's new mod upload policy, I will only be supporting my mods on PC and last-gen consoles.

This mod contains custom assets used with permission. Any sort of editing or usage of the meshes or textures for your projects are prohibited, unless I give explicit permission to do so. Unauthorized use will be documented and reported.

If you see this mod on any site other than mod(dot)io, it is an unauthorized rip. DO NOT SUPPORT THOSE WEBSITES.














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CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Hello brother, this is definitely a nice bit of kit. Would make a very good scout for those more difícil maps if you would add the possibility to pull scout-trailers.

Overall nice job bro👍🏼

Armoredp @armoredp

Hi Maxmike, if you ever update this truck, could you make it possible to make other rims selectable on the TH537 tires? Because this tire looks a lot like what a lot of farmland Unimogs are eqquiped with in Germany, but the orange rims ruin the look. Being able to change the color of the truck would also be nice.

Love it though, I like that it is very balanced.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Hey. I'll see if any other base game rims fit those tires, maybe the ANK ones. Also. colour customization was added in the last patch, make sure you have version X.1.2.0 and it should be there. Cheers.

Armoredp @armoredp

The rims work perfectly, and you were right, the ank rims go very well with the TH tire, thanks!

maxmike181 @maxmike181

It worked out nicely for me too, now I use that updated pack on everything

richyvee07 @richyvee07

Just downloaded this on console last night, and it works really well.

It's a great scout, not overpowered by any means. Feels as vanilla as a standard in-game truck. Definitely worth the download for sure!

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Use the Tatarin tires and this bastard is ridiculous OP. No complaints, just was damn surprised when I was using with it the the TO 1’s WOW lol. But great work man, I just need to change up my tire choice to get that better balance, interested to know what you have in the works for the future.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Glad to hear it!

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Nice, welcome to Console 🤘

cars3 @cars3

dninja87 @dninja87

I have the strongest engine installed, with crawler gear box. After some driving, whenever I stop and start. either to go in reverse or to pull off from a stop. The vehicle wants to start going in the opposite direction than intended, for a few feet. It then corrects itself. If I start out in High/Low, and then shift to Auto. It doesn't happen. I believe you have a ratio problem with first gear. I run into this similar problem with most mods who created a customer gearbox.

dninja87 @dninja87

it does it with the IX gearbox as well. Especially after the first instance of putting it reverse. The special offroad is doing the same as the crawler, all though not nearly as long of travel.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

That gearbox is the same ratio set I use in many of my trucks. That is actually a known grip coefficient bug in the game engine. When too much torque is applied the game freaks out a bit. It is more related to tires than anything else believe it or not. I recommend either downsizing the engine one, or picking a different tire.

eclipse538 @eclipse538

you could try to increase body friction of your tires a bit and asphalt. 100+ for asphalt and 7-9 for body friction, keep the substance friction at 2.0-3.0 max and maybe raise the mass a bit of the vehicle to like 6000-7000ish, stiffen the suspension a tiny bit, only .05 max from what it is, increase the damping to .5+, and raise the height to compensate for the increased mass. I tune nearly all of the mods I d/l like this and the trucks feel so much more realistic imo and with the right transmission/engine combination, no weird traction glitches. try it before you knock it.

Eversman @na2052238

maxmike181 Will you add portal axles?

maxmike181 @maxmike181

No. These are collision free axles so aside from the visuals, there would be no affect on in game performance.

Stazco @stazco

snowrunner axles are not collision free, its lazy modders who make them so..


maxmike181 @maxmike181

Ah you're right I must be lazy. Let me see your mods so I can learn from a true master. Oh wait...

Armoredp @armoredp

Lazy? I'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with that. It's more of a choice.

andgames @andgames