Off Road Trailers for SnowRunner

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Most of the trailers in this game are like trying to drag your skateboard behind you through the rocks.

There is no copy/pasting here... Each of the 28 trailers have been individually tuned by me. Each trailer has different characteristics. You can't just add wheels because the suspension still sucks! They don't all have the same suspension type, load carrying capability or weight.

There will be some clipping with mud flaps.

The main thing is that they drive much better! Keep in mind there is no automatic load leveling like on real air suspension equipped trailers so some trailers sit high unloaded and suspension on the stiff side. Load it up and they ride like butter! No active suspension possible. Connecting trailers to trailers is also not possible without winching.

PC Players: There is a seperate download called "" with the vanilla names so you can drag and drop them into the initial.pak to use them (at your own risk) natively. That's up to you. This will require you to update your vanilla trailers manually as I update them here. Direction for doing this at the bottom. Updates via Subscribe are automatic.

Key things I have done:

  • Additional suspension height for use with vanilla and mod trucks.
  • Larger, more suitable tires per application.
  • Additional tire traction in all situations.
  • Raised landing gear to highest position.
  • Added wheel damping.
  • Trailer DOLLY PIVOT LOCK: Trailer dolly locks in any position via the functions menu. Pivot angle increased from 50 to 150 degrees with less spring force... Allows trailer to turn a tighter radius and will not try to flip so easy.
  • Flexible suspension.
  • Corrected track widths.
  • Corrected wheel widths (The tire track you see on the ground).
  • Additional Fuel and repair quantities.
  • Additional cargo on some where applicable.
  • Re-enabled lighting.

Specific changes:

  • Scout Trailer Oil Tank: Fuel capacity from 900L to 1250L
  • Prototype Exploration Unit: Fuel capacity from 120L (6 scans) to 240L (12 scans)
  • Heavy Oil Tank: Fuel capacity from 5000L to 7500L
  • Off Road Heavy Duty Lowboy Trailer: Now carries 4 cargo slots that have been re-positioned so there is virtually no clipping
  • Semi-Trailer Oil Tank: Fuel capacity from 3700L to 7500L
  • Addon Maintainer: Working service lights. Added 2000L Fuel, Repair points from 350 to 725 and wheels from 6 to 8
  • 2 Slot cargo trailers: Centered cargo
  • Flatbed_special_2 added: 600 Fuel, 1000 Repair Points, 8 Wheels
  • Oil Tank: Fuel capacity from 2000L to 4000L
  • Generator Trailer: Fuel capacity from 1500L to 2000L
  • Added repair points to some trailers with boxes from RafaTGG
    -Scout Flatbed 1 : 50 repair
    -Scout Flatbed 2: 100 repair
    -Semitrailer Flatbed 5: 175 repair
    -Semitrailer Sideboard 5: 175 repair
    -Trailer Flatbed 2: 125 repair
    -Semitrailer Gooseneck 8: 300 repair and 50 fuel

TRAILER JACKS (STILL) CANNOT BE MADE TALLER I hope that someday devs will fix this! Check out my other tweaks as most of them have active suspension to get under short legged semi trailers.

Big thanks to PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 for the initial help!

Check out our map where I test everything: CTFT Proving Ground Region

usemytrailers3Use my trailers

How to use these trailers natively:

- - This is a do-it-at-your-own-risk type of thing. Back up your initial.pak first if you are unsure of what you are doing. I have yet to break my game and this download will not break yours if installed correctly. - -

1. Download the "ort_vanilla_overwrite_v12_1_2". (ort stands for Off Road Trailers)
2. Open your initial.pak with WINRAR

Your initial.pak should be here:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client

3. Drag and drop the "[media]" folder from the ORT download into your initial.pak.
4. Turn off Off Road Trailers in mod menu/browser to prevent duplicates in your trailer store!



Check out my other tweaks as most of them have active suspension to get under short legged semi trailers.

Join us on discord at


Free The Logs - Auto Load Logs on Mod/Tweak Trucks





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youxwontxsurviv3 @youxwontxsurviv3

I am unable to use this in multiplayer. Friends are not able to join with this mod activated.

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

I am not sure why. I've got to figure that out.

LordSinclair84 @lordsinclair84

Love this set. I only have a problem with the medium log trailer. I can't autoload it at the log station. Loading by hand works but that's a lot of work.

croniat @croniat

Hi. That seems to be a very good work. For your information, your Koolaid Map mod for SnowRunner link is brocken.

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Good call, thanks!

Kriver25 @veroygames

I think there is a bug with the latest update. After a friend tries to jone my game, all the trailers and trucks disepears from the map. Thay are still there, but i cant see them on the map. Also i cant switch to the trucks.
My friends culd also not jone the game. The same happend vice versa.
Everything works fine when i backed up my save game, and removed the mod.
Ill be waiting for the next update and try then.
Keep up the good work, and i hope this somhow helps you to narrow down anny problems with the mod.

RachelTGG @racheltgg

It might be because he removed the free logs lines.

RedBeardofRivia1 @redbeardofrivia1

I’m having problems with this mod on Xbox, on here it is saying I’m subscribed. But when I try to enable on Xbox it says it isn’t subscribed and won’t let me enable. Any help is appreciated.

Brian02242003 @brian02242003

Im on ps4. Do i need to unsuscribe and resubscribe to get the 12.2 recent update once its out of reapproval? Thanks.

winterfury @winterfury

What is the p16 mod we see near the bottom.

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

That is JTbrt's P16

DarkRiderKun @darkriderkun

FOXCRF450RIDER Question, I currently have the mod installed through by subscribing to the mod. Do I need to unsibscribe before I install it natively?

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

No. You can have both at once as I do. That way you get the benefit of native off road trailers for your campaign and the subscribe trailers because they have better tire stats and other things that would break native trailers.

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Thanks for being patient everyone. Update coming this weekend!

Knight3124 @knight3124

No worries. Your trailers are awesome. I just use a separate loader truck for the long log trailer and it works fine.

klaus_leitzke @klaus-leitzke

The long log carrier doesn’t carry the cargo. I think probably because it’s 1 less cargo spot than the original one. Please fix it! Your trailers made the game so much easier. The vanilla trailers with slip wheels suck

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Updating this weekend, Thanks for being patient!

klaus_leitzke @klaus-leitzke

Thanks, but tested yesterday and still have the same problem. The off road long log trailer shows x4, while the standard one shows x5 (cargo spot)

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Pushing it today

klaus_leitzke @klaus-leitzke

I tested again today with other trucks beside the one I’m using (Tayga and iX3880), and it still shows 4x cargo slot for the off road version and 5x cargo slot for the vanilla version

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Not sure what kind of other mod you have going on... Log trailers don't have cargo slots they have a load area.

klaus_leitzke @klaus-leitzke

When I go to the trailer shop, and select the off road long log trailer, it shows x4, and the standard one, shows x5. Even the medium log trailer, shows x1, for both models. I don’t know if it’s a space, slot or cargo, but the fact is that this less one for the off road version, says when I try to load that I can’t. I’m playing at a PS5 btw

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

Oh wow that's a new one I never noticed. For me, when I scroll down the menu, it first shows x8 then if I go past it and scroll back up to it, shows 2000L of fuel! I have no idea what is going on there but there is literally no difference in code other than suspension adjustments and wheels.

Halifax77 @halifax77

Same problem her...please fix ist.