Off Road Trailers for SnowRunner

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Published by FOXCRF450RIDER (mod ID: 126080)


Most of the trailers in this game are like trying to drag your skateboard behind you through the rocks.

There is no copy/pasting here... Each of the 26 trailers have been individually tuned by me. Each trailer has different characteristics. You can't just add wheels because the suspension still sucks! They don't all have the same suspension type, load carrying capability or weight.

There will be some clipping with mud flaps.

The main thing is that they drive much better! Keep in mind there is no automatic load leveling like on real air suspension equipped trailers so some trailers sit high unloaded and suspension on the stiff side. Load it up and they ride like butter! No active suspension possible. Connecting trailers to trailers is also not possible without winching.

PC Players: There is a separate download called "" with the vanilla names so you can drag and drop them into the initial.pak to use them (at your own risk) natively. That's up to you. This will require you to update your vanilla trailers manually as I update them here. Direction for doing this at the bottom. Updates via Subscribe are automatic.

Check out the separated Quest trailers here: Off Road Quest Trailers

Key things I have done:
  • Additional suspension height for use with vanilla and mod trucks.
  • Added FTD Log Carrier Front to enable auto log loading with Off Road Log Pole Trailer.
  • Larger, more suitable tires per application.
  • Additional tire traction in all situations.
  • Raised landing gear to highest position.
  • Added wheel damping.
  • Trailer DOLLY PIVOT LOCK: Trailer dolly locks in any position via the functions menu. Pivot angle increased from 50 to 150 degrees with less spring force... Allows trailer to turn a tighter radius and will not try to flip so easy.
  • Flexible suspension.
  • Fixed hitch and cargo locations for better weight distribution.
  • Corrected track widths.
  • Corrected wheel widths (The tire track you see on the ground).
  • Additional Fuel and repair quantities.
  • Additional cargo on some where applicable.
  • Re-enabled lighting.
Specific changes:
  • Scout Trailer Oil Tank: Fuel capacity from 900L to 1250L
  • Prototype Exploration Unit: Fuel capacity from 120L (6 scans) to 240L (12 scans)
  • Heavy Oil Tank: Fuel capacity from 5000L to 7500L
  • Off Road Heavy Duty Lowboy Trailer: Now carries 4 cargo slots that have been re-positioned so there is virtually no clipping
  • Semi-Trailer Oil Tank: Fuel capacity from 3700L to 7500L
  • Addon Maintainer: Working service lights. Added 2000L Fuel, Repair points from 350 to 725 and wheels from 6 to 8
  • 2 Slot cargo trailers: Centered cargo
  • Flatbed_special_2 added: 600 Fuel, 1000 Repair Points, 8 Wheels
  • Oil Tank: Fuel capacity from 2000L to 4000L
  • Generator Trailer: Fuel capacity from 1500L to 2000L
  • Added repair points to some trailers with boxes from RafaTGG
    -Scout Flatbed 1 : 50 repair
    -Scout Flatbed 2: 100 repair
    -Semitrailer Flatbed 5: 175 repair
    -Semitrailer Sideboard 5: 175 repair
    -Trailer Flatbed 2: 125 repair
    -Semitrailer Gooseneck 8: 300 repair and 50 fuel

TRAILER JACKS CANNOT BE MADE TALLER. Check out my other tweaks as most of them have active suspension to get under short legged semi trailers.

Big thanks to PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 for the initial help!

Check out our map where I test everything: CTFT Proving Ground Region

usemytrailers3Use my trailers

How to use these trailers natively:

- - This is a do-it-at-your-own-risk type of thing. Back up your initial.pak first if you are unsure of what you are doing. I have yet to break my game and this download will not break yours if installed correctly. - -

1. Download the "ort_vanilla_overwrite_v17_2". (ort stands for Off Road Trailers) here: (ort_vanilla_overwrite_v17_2)
2. Open your initial.pak with WINRAR

Your initial.pak should be here:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client

3. Drag and drop the "[media]" folder from the ORT download into your initial.pak.
4. Turn off Off Road Trailers in mod menu/browser to prevent duplicates in your trailer store!



Check out my other tweaks as most of them have active suspension to get under short legged semi trailers.

Join us on discord at


Free The Logs - Auto Load Logs on Mod/Tweak Trucks












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Hydeandgoseek @white78devil

Good mod, is it possible to adjust the step deck and wide trailers to carry 6 slots? There are other mods that do this but not with your suspension tweaks

pietro2353 @pietro2353

hi, what is new in last update? phase 8 trailers? i have unsubscribed, then subscribed and i cannot see any difference. There are files with v17_2 and date 22nd of june in mod directory. Thanks FOXCRF450RIDER

FOXCRF450RIDER @foxcrf450rider

I just update the description a little but I will update soon to fix the medium log trailer.

pietro2353 @pietro2353

thanks. FOXCRF450RIDER now i see, that trailer for wind turbine (phase8) uses files from rocket trailer, which is already modded by You

D4RKLe4D3Rz @d4rkle4d3rz

In multiplayer on xbox, with your mod my friend try to join my session but the game says: lack of RAM (Memory). I have XSX and my friend have: xone, XSS

DangerDave4G63 @dangerdave4g63

I just went through this as well. Doing a quick reddit search, it seems I had old mods that were taking down I was still subscribed too. Quit your game(Xbox button then quit) Unsubscribe to any outdated/unapproved mods here on Then load up Snowrunner, go to your mods list and hit the "Y" button, scroll down to where it says clean up. This will delete your mods folder and re-download your subscribed mods.

alucard-- @nsd2386

Thanks for the mod! It is a fun tweak without feeling overpowered.

Chikkenmcgwabbles @chikkenmcgwabbles

thank you for this amazing mod and in
cluding the how to instal

ProPilot04 @propilot04

1. I love this mod. Frankly it's not even possible for me to play the game without it.

2. I wanted to ask if you modified vehicle ramps in any way with these? For some reason, I find using the vehicle ramps on your off-road trailers to be much less reliable/more difficult vs their vanilla counterparts?

To me it almost seems like the off-road trailer ramps are more like pipes and the vanilla ones are more like platforms if that makes any sense...

The only other thing I could suggest/ask for would be a low boy/heavy truck transport trailer that uses 1 large ramp instead of individual ramps. Basically like the blue articulated evacuator ramp that's now in the game.

Raffaello1658083068 @raffaello1658083068

is there a way to make this mod work in multiplayer

raphaellauf @raphaellauf

it seems to give me the message, that the mod depended on the selected mod can not be enabled

Bridger4 @bridger41

Does this add new 'tweaked' trailers do the store? I subscribed (on PC) and activated the mod (shows yellow "ON!" text in the top corner of the mod) but I don't see any of the trailers in the store. Maybe it doesn't work on hard mode?

Bridger4 @bridger41

Nevermind, they are somehow all there now.

shuangqh @shuangqh

trailer for medium logs can't work,It can't load the logs

SlurmMacKenzie @slurmmackenzie

Yeah, the medium log trailer didnt load the logs atm ... trailer mod + free the logs but problem is still there.

szinesgeza42 @szinesgeza42

I solved the problem!!!
initial.pak\[media]\_dlc\dlc_3\classes\trucks\cargo - cargo_logs_medium_trailer_log.xml
Manually deleted this line in the file: RequiredAddon...

I know there is a mod for this and I USE it, but it is ineffective!

Both work properly.
It loads automatically!

4WD @4wd

Thank you for the next gen update, unfortunately it fails to download on Series X - Error 20001, Failed to load dependencies.

The_Unhing3d_One @the-unhing3d-one

apparently this happens because of it being paired with the Free the Logs mod so whenever that gets approved the trailer pack will be usable

Siannalfo322 @siannalfo322

The trailer pack is usable if you make it download from the web page that’s what I did and I’m able to use it on ps5

4WD @4wd

Can you please explain how to do it step by step?

Siannalfo322 @siannalfo322

It’s very easy log into mod.Io find this mod click subscribe and then it’ll auto install next time you log into the game turn it on and then it’ll give you a message about Something missing but it’ll still work

Nsalcedo22 @nsalcedo22

I wanted to add, it also works with PS4. Thank you!

4WD @4wd

Thanks a lot, mate - it worked! It shows errors like you said, but it's a great workaround before 'free the logs' is approved.