Scouts Max Pack Console for SnowRunner

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Published by XD00DX001-00 (mod ID: 579045)



lots of new changes

rezvani hercules MAX i will only add later on if its a allowed brand for console mods


new addons for

khan sentinel


scout 800

crocodile wheels added back i accidentally remove when i was editing a file from last update

force wheels added i did not know until recently tatra force has its own wheels now you can added them to any truck with many rim options


Small update odd issue with phase 7 tweaks seems to be fix mod update should be on console soon

For people that are asking were the console phase 7 update to this mod, there seems to be a odd issue, new phase 7 trucks, tires and rims are not working as a mod Tweaks on console?

Update added GOR BY4 Max

3 sport gear box options been added

Should be on Console once approved after Phase 7 update



international scout 800, khan lo4f , khan marshall max, updated suspension options

added support for new crocodile addons make sure you download Color sideboard for all trucks

to see crocodile sideboard and crocodile kung sideboard

updated files for ps5 and xbox series x, also switch files for when phase 7 allows switch mods

Update added custom Mud Snow Dually tires same ones from my XRH Diesel Truck mod

and are in highway so console players can get to them faster

First update for 2022 small changes to wheels options

Update for phase 6 everything still the same just a few small changes

Update added FrameAddonSideboard1 to load star so it can now use 1 slot box from truck box addon for all trucks

Phase 5 update lots of new changes and added new addons

added double wheel versions will allow 3 options

dully tires on the front -

dully rims option for tayga tires-

tayga rims on dully tires-

other trucks that dont have dully tires like don, tuz420 now have dully rims options on tayga tires

the smaller repair and fuel addons have been moved to a new category Repair Fuel Addons

if you don't see the addon you want look in Repair Fuel Addons

Updated truck store list mods now show next to the base game version

added phase 5 trucks


Phase 5 mod update will be added after Phase 5 release

Update part 2 for June added dlc checker mods and new addons

dlc checker mods will only show in the truck store if you have the dlc example

<Truck OriginalTruck="khan_317_sentinel">

<Truck OriginalTruck="khan_39_marshall">

bonus truck

cargo cabin truck


Update part 1 for June added under glow color options improved tires ,addons and suspensions options, should be back on console once reapproved

Part 2 will be added late june


Update Ready for phase 4 lots of new fixes and improve don and the lo4f max

Update fix small issues with loadstar and improved suspension options

Update Fix issues Scout 800 would not move on console and updated LED lighting Lights are more clear and bright , updated yar max suspension

Will be back on console once re approved

new changes had to be made to allow Max Pack Scouts to be on console. not every base game truck can be modded for console

if your on pc use the old Max Pack Scouts mod it has more trucks that cant be for console

this mod has many new things added lots of engines gearboxes, tire options and more

all trucks are LED upgraded and with LED bumpers and fog lights

truck list

tuz 420 tatarin MAX
tuz 166 MAX

international scout 800 MAX
international loadstar 1700 MAX

6x6 international loadstar 1700 MAX




Yar Max


DU MUD versions for extreme mud 2 or 4 extra tires added to the rear

DUinternational loadstar 1700 MAX
DU6x6 international loadstar 1700 MAX


special steering

6 wheel steer tuz 420 tatarin MAX
8 wheel steer tuz 420 tatarin MAX

4 wheel steer tuz 166 MAX
4 wheel steer international scout 800 MAX
4 wheel steer international loadstar 1700 MAX










scouts_max_pack_console_xbox_series.zip12.44mbUpdate 2 for Xbox Series X Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_xbox_one.zip12.44mbUpdate 2 for Xbox One Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_playstation_5.zip12.44mbUpdate 2 for PS5 Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_playstation_4.zip12.44mbUpdate 2 for PS4 Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_nx64.zip12.44mbUpdate 2 for Switch Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_pc.zip12.44mbUpdate 2 for PC Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_xbox_series.1.zip12.43mbUpdate for Xbox Series X Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_xbox_one.3.zip12.43mbUpdate for Xbox One Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_playstation_5.1.zip12.43mbUpdate for PS5 Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_playstation_4.4.zip12.43mbUpdate for PS4 Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_nx64.1.zip12.43mbUpdate for Switch Phase 7

scouts_max_pack_console_pc.1.zip12.43mbUpdate for PC Phase 7




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Worgenes41 @worgenes41

Why hasn’t anyone ever done a Chevy Apache mod yet

Worgenes41 @worgenes41

I hope you can get the Rezvani Max in there buddy you make the best mods in game in snowrunner I play on PS4

TTVROCK @redmello

you can try to put the jeep's mods in console's

antiqussususii @antiqussususii

You take op to the next level and far from removing any challenge from the game, I believe you present an entirely new challenge, namely taming the power to avoid wrapping my new dragster of a scout around the nearest lamp post lol, not a fan of op trucks but scouts? YEP

SatanicMech @chromexhalo

Like the mod just wish that the Apache truck was in there.

nicouruz7 @nicouruz7

Hello friend; would it be possible for you to add a _damage control_ addon? JohnJohnHotRod managed to do this on his HD 250 and it's really nice to be able to do some nice jumps without having those red damage displays that ruin the immersion of the game, it won't bother those who like damage they won't install it all merely;
I find your mod great because it offers very wide possibilities to equip our cars; congratulations and thank you to you;

desolatemaster @desolatemaster

you can just add a mod that removes damage by reducing durability to 0 there are a couple available one that is used as a accessory but i won't advertise it here but it should be easy enough to find

Charliebrown8918 @charliebrown8918

I use both ur mod pack I enjoy them so much can't wait for them to be on next gen ps5 been waiting so I can switch over lol

DeLove @delove

I agree with @Gearhead77. I have this on PC and Console. I wish you would make the console version with less wheel options. Maybe there's away to make a separate mod to add the wheel options for PC? Its a deal breaker for many of us. Which is weird because Trucks pack isnt as bad.

XD00DX001-00 @xd00dx001-00

added a new update but not sure if console will be faster, i think what the problem is parts of the game like the garage the console cpu gets put in low instead of high

Gearhead77 @gearhead77

I love this mod, but I have one issue. On consoles, you can’t scroll through options like pc. With this mod, there are so many tire options that to get to the mud/off-road tires takes forever. I have no clue how to fix this, just wanted to share. Appreciate the mod nonetheless.

Destinycollie @destiny27

Easy fix, get a pc lol

dpkeric @dpkeric

Yeaaah baby.... now the fun begins ..i saw yur video... awesome job dude... thnx

moyejas18game @moyejas18game

Ya está de nuevo para instalar en Xbox probado

Td84 @td84

Damn devs suck a$$ jeep mods were awesome

Hampy55 @hampy55

F#ckin b#!! $hit man whoever decided to pull jeeps need to pull there head out of there @$$ they obviously dont realize the fan base of this game love them and your mods make all the vehicles more fun and this one you killed it on the jeeps they were way more stable than the vanilla and this is a serious disappointment to lose them i hope the devs or jeep figures out what a let down this is and allows you to bring them

Destinycollie @destiny27

What a ******* comment, do you even know why they got pulled? Try doing some research as to why it happened before opening your mouth and looking like an idiot, fair enough your a jeep fanboy but there were good reasons why the mods got pulled.

Black7s3v3n @black7s3v3n

Note to self. Continue to load up with no internet connection.

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

N it’s pulled down already again

XD00DX001-00 @xd00dx001-00

i was told to removed the jeep mods

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

Well it was fun for the ten minutes I used it lol, that does suck though thanks anyway!!

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian


TlNY87 @tlny87

Right! like WTH???

XD00DX001-00 @xd00dx001-00

i was told to removed the jeep mods

TlNY87 @tlny87

Well I did get to play what's the Jeeps for a few minutes at least! lol
ps love the mods