Scout ZikZ 5368 for SnowRunner

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***NOTICE*** As of this writing, this mod will no longer be getting support. What's here is it. I have not been able to find any "proof" but it seems that Saber had managed to break many of the things for which I created this mod to over come. Primarily I learned the XML for Snowrunner so I could make trucks which allowed me to forgo the many hours grinding through mud just to complete one mission. Since better tires were the means to accomplish this, I made "super" tires that drove through mud and snow with little issue. Somewhere in the last two updates from Saber, they changed how the tires interact with the surfaces. The truck began to sink when it was stopped, it refused to roll from a stop, and the brakes fade when used (both E-brake and main brakes). From my testing, it seems that the mass of the trucks have a bigger impact on brakes and the mass of the cargo has also changed (for the worse). All in all, in order for my modded truck to work as designed (and did when released), I have to turn down the specs of the tries to a level that is no better than standard game values. This makes this mod mostly worthless to me as do my other mods. I'm not going to spend more time just to figure out how to work in a new universe with different laws.

I wish you all good health and good luck, both with the game and with other mods. I don't think I'm alone but I'm surely not going to continue in this environment.

New Years Patch: 1/5/2021

Updated suspension to have a more firm version. Found that the soft suspension just did not allow the truck to be fun to drive. Also made the diff-lock full time.

Version 2.4.0 - FINAL UPDATE but issues will be taken care of. The following list is everything I can remember doing to make this a unique offering

- Updated base truck to better suit the scout role. Lighter frame, different balance, motor changes, and many other small details

- Narrowed the wheel track with Single Tires to allow the truck to reach those really tight places.

- All tires are now in my format. They show the different specs for the tire in the description. I went through all tires in this release to tune them. All are closer to stock game specs with a few outstanding tires available for this truck. All are good tires but some are better than others. This follows what the game does.

- Updated all tires and options with prices to reflect the performance of the tire set. The higher the cost, the better the specs. Some tires are locked at low user levels but those unlock pretty early so everything should be unlocked by level 8 (I think)

- Changed the two addon modules I set up for this truck. They are now weighted, based on what they are (they have actual mass on the truck). The mass and balance of the addons have been modified to reflect a more true use. I could make it "god like" but that does not seem necessary. To each his own, this is my take.

- A offline Scout Winch has been added to the truck. It is long and strong.

- Custom raised suspension is provided. This is NOT good with hauling with a flatbed so don't. Use the normal or raised versions.

- There are a few minor issues with some of the customization options. None of which affect the truck, just cosmetic. THERE IS NO EXHAUST OPTION (by design)













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astrosnow512 @astrosnow512

Its coming along, wasnt sure what you were going for at first but man you update so fast its starting to come together.

rfzl7007 @rfzl7007

Thanks for keeping up. I tend to do things by trial and error. Messing in the test areas is no fun so need to use the truck in the game maps. I hope to limit the changes from this point on and see how it goes.

[CHN]BlueberryJuice @chnblueberryjuice

Hello, can the winch be used when turning off the engine? Self-help after a car rollover is very important

rfzl7007 @rfzl7007

Sorry for the delay in responding. Depending on when you picked up on this mod, it may not have had the scout winch available. It is there now as are many other changes. This mod will change often as the test maps don't really provide good feedback while developing. I need to play with the truck for an hour or so in the game and then make changes. Rinse and repeat. Thank you for the thumbs up.