Royal Blueline M-X19 for SnowRunner

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- moved low saddle a bit more to the front again

1.0.1 & 1.0.2

- swapped low & high saddle to a different model and moved them a little further back

I finally managed to make a worthy tweak for one of my all time favorite trucks in Snowrunner. The Royal BM17.

The tweak is quite extensive and comes with lots of additional cosmetic options, snorkels, a new engine, always-on diff-lock, tons of new tires, active suspension, a max wheel size of 57" and new gearboxes while maintaining all base-game options.

It's also much more flexible now in regards to frame addons. The new exhaust and the bandit crane allow for shorter builds and all addon shifts were optimized. Everything is now very compact and fits together neatly, making the crane + sideboard + trailer combo much easier to use. There are also 3 custom trailers for use with longer builds like crane + cabin protector + frame addon.

There are also a couple new paint jobs and new brake and handbrake sounds. All in all the truck is now much more adaptable & heavy-duty capable.

*** When using the 57" wheels, best use FOXCRF450RIDERs offroad trailer pack ***

*** The truck works best with the medium-duty 9-speed gearbox and only needs the heavy-duty one when pulling the heaviest trailers. The 12-speed gearboxes have a slower average speed but make gear tapping (RB or Shift) in very muddy patches easier. So if you expect driving through a swamp, try it. Generally the custom gearboxes work best when gears are tapped in manually (RB or Shift) ***

*** The standard ride hide of the active suspension should be sufficiant for all operations. It's raised mode is only really necessary when getting stuck in very deep mud or on fallen trees and such ***


- 4 fenders -3 snorkels -3 horns -2 bumpers -1 aircon -1 exhaust -1 spotlight

- 2 each 9- and 12-Speed gearbox options (medium- and heavy-duty)

- always-on diff-lock

- optional Blueline-V16-M2300X heavy-duty engine

- increased fuel capacity to 340 liter

- optional P16- and P512-, Cat770 and TH357, Tayga and MSH tires

- more rim options for all wheels (check for clipping, not all of them fit a 100% perfectly on the P512 & and P16 wheels. Sadly, I couldn't avoid that)

- switched us mincrane to bandit crane

- optimized frame addon shifts (=shorter builds in combination with the new exhaust and bandit crane)

- new paint jobs

- new sound mix for engine, brakes and handbrake (feedback required)

- increased truck price by 30k

- all wheels, addons and cosmetics are available at lvl 1 and the truck is available in RU and US regions

There are lot's of addon shifts going on here. Everything should work as intended but if you find that an addon does not shift properly, please let me know.







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