[TdT] Rolga Tahr for SnowRunner

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Published by Trance`dent.Tinkers - learn more (mod ID: 1822694)


This unit, a 6x6 tactical 1 and 1/4 ton articulated military off-roader, was found decaying in a barn by a client and we were approached wondering if it could be restored. We gleefully agreed, this being the shop's first restoration job. However, we had no idea about the level of mechanical complexity that we were getting ourselves into.

For nearly 4 months, the truck was under relelentless restoration work involving sifting through official blue prints and manuals, scouring for parts on auction sites, fabricating them were necessary using some creative liberty, where neither parts nor reference designs cou|d be found. All the hardships were forgotten the moment 3-53 aluminium block sprung to life and we were able to get the truck pitch and roll merrily.

The client was kind enough to allow the truck to be driven and enjoyed by fellow truck enthusiasts like you and here we are throwing it open for public use.


  • 4 different engine options (Stock, Cruiser, Climber, Sprinter)
    • These engines are known to be extremely noisy and needed ear protection devices in the field. Would advise to reduce the in-game Engine Sounds volume to reduce the annoyance.
  • 2 gearbox options (Offroad, HighRange)
  • 9 Single Tone and Camo Paint Jobs
    • Default and First 9 Paints are Mint Versions (highlighted in red) and Next 9 are worn/dusty variants of the mint versions (highlighted in green)
    • mintvswornpaints
  • Colored Rims to match these paint jobs
  • Simultaneous Front and Rear Steering (The steering by design can be difficult to handle, but you will learn to tame it with practice)
  • Carrier Articulation
    • Upto 40 degrees Pitch Movement
    • Pitch 1
    • Pitch 2
    • Pitch 3
    • Upto 30 degrees Roll Movement
    • Roll 1
    • Roll 2
  • Dashboard
    • Speed, Fuel, Temperature, Battery Generator, Oil Pressure Gauges
    • Dash 1
    • Dash 2
    • Animated Controls
      • Handbrake
      • Headlamp Off/Service Drive/Park/Dim/Unlock Controls
      • Master Switch & Throttle Controls
  • Trailers Compatibility - Vanilla Scout
  • Addons
    • Tractor Addons
      • The Roof, WindShield and Engine Bay Lid are all designed to be removable addons
      • The Engine Bay Lid can be opened, but beware - the Detroit Diesel's already notorious decibel levels would only become worse
      • 20L Jerry Cans (upto 4 cans)
      • US Army Stickers
    • Carrier Addons
      • Canopy Frame
      • Canopy Cloth
      • Spare Wheels (upto 4)
      • 20L Jerry Cans (upto 24 cans)
      • Pioneer Tools (with Repair Supplies)
      • US Army Stickers

Supported Platforms:

  • PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, Switch
  • (Once Approved by Saber) PS5

Modding Stats:

  • Every single part of the truck and the wheel were completely modeled from scratch and rigged using Blender
  • Texturing using Blender and Substance Painter
  • Xml Authoring using VS Code

Thanks To:

  • "The Modders Forum" & CTFT Discord Servers for the extensive knowledge and the help & appreciation accorded

Inspired by the M561 Gama Goat.

Please leave your feedback with a like or dislike after trying it out. If you dislike, please leave a comment as well as to what you would like to be improved. If you like it you can show your appreciation by buying me a coffee

Please do not rip or reupload this mod in part or whole either for public or private use. If you think you are especially good at modeling or rigging or texturing, consider joining hands with another modd*r, and let the entire community benefit from your skills.









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Khannn96 @khannn96

I love this mod, but it uses lots of Ram memory, is there something you could change so it uses less ram? Fewer paint colors, just new/old green and tan and white camo?
No spinning engine fan? Again great mod!

Trance`dent.Tinkers @trancedtornado

Thank you. The color choices and animation do not contribute to ram usage. It is strictly dependent on how detailed the model itself is and its poly count. I did one round of optimization before the first release - will see if there's further scope for poly count reduction for the next update.

Khannn96 @khannn96

Ok, thank you! I honestly have no idea how the ram system works, what makes a mod use lots of it or a little

kostin328 @kostin328

i play on pc ..with last update ..i can only install one jerry can or one spare wheel..on the carrier..thats what i have availeble on customization...the rest 4 jerry cans on the tractor ..4 wheels and the rest of jerry cans on carrier cant install them ..any ideea why....GREAT MOD by the way...and when i installed the mod with installs only the nx64 version..wich i cant see the mod in game , then i install the pc version manualy and i can see the mod...but not all addons.

Trance`dent.Tinkers @trancedtornado

The mod files have not been updated since the first release. Can you try unsubscribing, deleting this folder completely "C:\Users\<YourUserName>\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\Mods\.modio\mods\1822694" and resubscribe again? I'll see if I can reproduce the problem from my end.

kostin328 @kostin328

i did just that now..after resubscribe and reinstall...still got the nx64 version with sbowrunnermodio ..wich crash my game...i downloaded the and replaced the files ..the games works ..but still with 1 spare wheel and 1 jc

Trance`dent.Tinkers @trancedtornado

I just tried reproducing the issue on both Steam and Xbox GamePass versions on PC. Both times, the PC files were downloaded. The wheel and jerrycan addons are installable as well in the Garage. Which platform are you on (EGS/Steam/XboxPC)? If you are on Discord, DM me at this handle 'trancedtornado' and we'll see what the problem is at your end.

kostin328 @kostin328

nope on discord...maybe is something from my version on my pc, thx for trying, i tried on the test map summer...i can see all the addons there..but only one sparewheel and 1jc are visual for the carrier...the rest of addons when i select nothings appears...thx for reply...i will play it like this. thx again

kostin328 @kostin328

solve it.. i copy the contents of jc11 in all jc ( including tractor jc) and changed just the nr...same on sparewheel1 content to the rest ...this was an issue with my pc version...i think ..thx for reply..i hope didnt make u lose your time with my problem.

Trance`dent.Tinkers @trancedtornado

Good to know. For some reason, the parentfile call isn't working for you and replicating the content seemed to have solved it. Not sure if you are on an earlier version of SnowRunner and this parentfile call was not supported then. Anyway, as long as its working for you, good.

chestl1 @chestl1

Hello this is my review🎥of [TdT] Rolga Tahr.
I use an automatic translator in my videos. I hope it is correct.

|dirtynouveau| @na3196269

looks like some great work - I love new and unique game-useable mods, especially military ones. will def check it out once it’s on PS5.

Dooglecs427 @dooglecs427

How long till console use

Trance`dent.Tinkers @trancedtornado

It is already out on most consoles except PS5 & Switch, awaiting Saber's approval. Have updated the mod description to mention the same.

eskatonia @eskatonia

it's a proper goat at rock crawling as you'd expect. Well done, was hoping someone would make this

Trance`dent.Tinkers @trancedtornado

Thank you, the suggestions for the Goat in the official Discord including yours is what motivated me to take this up and kept me going when hurdles were faced. Glad that the final product is to your liking!

Eridyne @eridyne

Looks great, articulated vehicles are always fun - if seemingly very hard to get working right. The Gama Goat reminds me of the XM808, which I hope eventually also ends up as a working mod. No such thing as too many weird vehicles.

The stock tires match very well, it's just a pity that they're middling in performance, though that's probably accurate.

Engine noise sounds realistically annoying, but that's what zooming out and turning in-game sound down is for. I'd still take an engine volume cut if permissible and practical.

It seems to have somewhat less steering authority and a tendency to slip sideways with AWD on, compared to the real thing, at least as much as I can guess from youtube videos.

Impressive addon flexibility and a good selection, but maybe a little too granular? That's a lot of jerrycan addons to load up even halfway.

Trance`dent.Tinkers @trancedtornado

Thank you, I have seen your comments for the XM808 and had them in mind when working on this mod. Wrt the engine sounds, is it the idling sound or the running sounds that you would like toned down? The jerry can granularity will be cut down in the next update with the carrier getting a them in blocks of six (max 4 blocks). The steering angle is calculated to be accurate to a few decimal places to match the real life steering radius. Lifting off the gas while feathering the steering is what I have found effective in my testing. Will still see if I can tune the other parameters impacting the steering to make the handling better.

Eridyne @eridyne

I haven't seen any of the issues that the XM808 mod has, so far! The articulation seems to work pretty much right, so congratulations for sure on that. I don't think SR was really meant for these sorts of vehicles, so minor quirks are probably inevitable - as far as I can tell, this is basically setting things up realistically and hoping the physics engine takes the hint and behaves.

I find the idle a bit louder, but the running sound is more unpleasant. Most of the time will be spent underway when in a scout vehicle like this, not idling, so it'd probably make more sense to tweak the engine running sound.

Blocks of six jerrycans for the carrier sounds like a good idea, that way you can just pick wheel, fuel, or nothing for each quadrant of the bed. I don't have any issue with keeping full granularity for the front cans, they're much more visually prominent and there are only four.

Definitely keep the steering angles if they're accurate. I'll give your suggestion a try and see how feathering the steering and going easy on the gas in turns works. I was mostly surprised at how relatively easy it is to get sideways movement in turns, when on modest slopes with no mud present.

It does behave more predictably with a light touch on the gas and a lighter hand on the wheel. It'll still slip sideways sometimes, but nowhere near as badly. As currently configured, gas+AWD+hard over in turns is not your friend.

Have noticed that the rear half seems to have no collision mesh, but that may be intentional.

There are some lighting issues around some inside corners, such as some spots under the wheel wells and the recess the pioneer tools slot into. I'm not sure if that's even fixable, or if the engine just messes up the lighting sometimes.

The visible engine fan doesn't seem to be linked to the green holographic engine and fan that appears when starting or stopping the truck. The holographic version never spins. This might also be intentional, as the engine start/stop is more of a process as compared to most trucks.

When refueling, you have to do so per individual fuel source, so as of now, you'd have to select and refuel from nine individual cans, to go from E to F. Consolidating most of them will help a lot.

Trance`dent.Tinkers @trancedtornado

Thank you.

The rear half is where the entire articulation rigging is set up, with two bones one each for pitching and rolling and hence there are two collision meshes :)

There's no official support for using our own engine meshes for the hologram shown on start/shut off. Poghrim helped us with a mechanism to use our own meshes, unfortunately animating them is something proprietary and not known to any of the modders yet.