Rng3r's Trailer Pack for SnowRunner

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Rng3r's Trailer Pack

This has been a small project of mine, not as big as the MTVR and Zetros. My goal like always is to create a ultra/realistic replica of all these trailers. Every single part of the model (like tires and much more) and texture was created from scratch, with meticulous detail and lots and lots of love.


-Rng3r's Trailer Pack contains two different two axle tandem sideboard and flatbed trailers for the first release. More coming.. :)

-Compatible with Base Game and DLC vehicles.

-T40 Tandem Sideboard (2 Slot) & T41 Tandem Military Sideboard

sideboard cover

-T40 Tandem Utility Trailer & T41 Tandem Military Utility Trailer

maintainer trailer cover

-T35 Tandem Flatbed (2 Slot) & T36 Tandem Military Flatbed

flatbed cover


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OverLand1028 @overland1028


Nyshi @nyshi

Rng3r i love this trailer pack man! Do you plan on giving it a little update in the future? I would love to see a 3 or/and 4 slot trailer in the style of the T40 (central axle trailer). Something like a T60 and a T80. Keep up the amazing work with all your mods bro! The Zetros is my favorite Truck for the whole game and i've spent countless hours driving it around the wilderness in snowrunner while completing tasks and chosing silly routes to test the capability of the truck. The Zetros always arrived at the destination since it's first use in 2020.

Lightning9060 @lightning9060

Is there any news on updates for this trailer pack?

Godzilla1098 @godzilla1098

Where is the nintendo switch version

axelteflon @axelteflon

Love this trailer pack and use it religiously on every map, it was a game-changer for me in Amur. Would be wonderful to have a 4 slot variant for longer hauls!

Eckee @eckee

My only complaint is there aren't more of these. I need moar. I need all kinds of trailers with your style.
Please add short, medium and long log carrying trailers and a smaller, ~one slot sized, utility/maintenance one to carry with scouts or MPV of yours.
Also, idk if possible but maybe reversing light for night ops?

XC3758 @na6774035

New Military trailer pack dropped today (May 7 2022), along with the new HMV 4x4 (the HMV Classic 6x6 is still patreon exclusive)

RoseofPurple @roseofpurple

Love the trailers. Are you working on more trailers for the pack? Would love to see a covered maintenance trailer to match the LMV along with an M969 fuel tanker and M872 40ft flatbed.

Scorp88 @scorp881

You make best mods!

xiGeox @xigeox

In the description it says more coming? How is that coming along? Lol

SRJgame @srj-game

The best trucks from RNG

XboxCharles @mononclecharles

Please fix the front winch points on your trailers.

Z0913T @z0913t

Again, just a lovely piece of work, thanks. Nice to run trailer that match the look and feel of the trucks. Plus they also work better lol.

Legend_splitpin @legend-splitpin

Hello Rng3r i love the trailers mod best trailers in the game now (i can actually reverse them lol) would it be possible to add a 4 or 5 slot trailer maybe tri-axle

HrSob @hrsob

Missing textures on wheels and damaged textures on model base. PC.

UPD: Problem solved. Download previous release of this mod, using WinRAR open pack files, drag and drop all textures from previous release to current release. Enjoy.

UPD1: Apparently problem with inability to attach maintainer trailers is in a 3D model itself. I spent a day in config files of this 2 trailers and didn't come to best solution, like raise suspension and set negative suspension strength. But there is a huge visual problem like insanely falling axles.

Vladsadowyy @vladsadowyy

Utility trailers do not work by me.They were fine a week ago or so. Im currently playing on PS4.

HeyRelaxBrah @heyrelaxbrah

I love all your mods. Especially the MTVRs. I love these trucks, I had license for them back when I was in service, they are bad *** machines. Is it possible to have the military green trailers in the future, that would be a great match for my green trucks. Thanks for the effort brother.

4waymedia @4waymedia

The T40 started giving this attachment error in the last week or so... I had it working fine last month...

Z0913T @z0913t

I noticed this problem too. It seems to happen when the trailer store is on uneven ground and the supporting leg on the front of the trailer under the tow bar meshes with the ground. You can often solve the problem by moving slightly or realigning so there is no collision with this front support.