RNG Zentos for SnowRunner

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RNG Zentos
I prepared the Zentos Console version after about a month of work and demand. At the same time, Remastered branded PC version was updated.
My goal like always is to create a realistic replica of the real vehicles.
Every single part of the model (interior, exterior, addons, tires and many more) and texture was created from scratch, with meticulous detail and lot's of love.
The Truck has custom addons and tires to start, but will be updated with tons of new features and customization over time, like new bumpers etc.

- Custom cargo beds and Tent-Maintainer addon.
- Radar Addon
- Rear Crane
- Unique Customizations
- Spare tire rack, supply boxes etc
- Variety of unique tire types and configurations
- Includes two original game cranes with increased power and capability.
- Much More..


Special Thanks:
Heartfelt thank you to every single Patreon and Rng3r Workshop Team, to have your support means a lot to me and motivates me to continue working on my projects.

If you enjoy it, please leave us a thumbs up.

#StaySafe and Have Fun!


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QTheGoat1@3 @qthegoat13

RNG is this mod coming to switch?

90danu @90danu не обновляет мод, выдает «неизвестную ошибку 10001», а также разрушает установленную версию.
Кто-нибудь знает, как установить мод вручную?

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Have been using quite a few of your trucks as of late, something about this one seems so under powered compared to all your other trucks. I feel like the truck would really benefit from either a slight more amount of torque or maybe an always on diff lock? I just always find myself having to put it in high gear on every dirt road as it seems it just doesn’t have the traction to drive on dirt in auto. Still a masterful work of art, and that certainly won’t stop me from using it, just a small suggestion I feel like would help the truck be just that little bit better while still keeping it balanced.

SRJgame @srj-game

The best trucks from RNG

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Hey bro💪🏼, what have been changed on the 24/12 update?

Mustang671637196490 @mustang671637196490

I really like your Zetros mod.
I saw that on PC there is a Mercedes Aroc, are you thinking of making one for consol?

Z0913T @z0913t

One of my all-time favourites. Thank you.

Sadly I have to switch between your mods due to the console memory limitation but I'd rather have to put up with that than not have them at all.

viktortoth5 @viktortoth5

I love this truck! The best of all so far. I can do almost anything with it and so far it has gone everywhere! Fantastic work, I am very grateful that you did it on a console too!

Franky0815 @franky0815

What about adding a low saddle for semi trailers? I saw pictures of Actros pulling semi trailer, it exists in the real world.

DemonNTT @demonntt

Добавь низкое и высокое седло )

Chazz87 @chazz87

Any chance of adding a regular offroad gear box? Absolutely love this truck as my daily driver. The fine tune gear boxes just take so long to shift through. Maybe it's just console but i really dislike using them. Only complaint, otherwise another great mod.

dninja87 @dninja87

*Cough*.... Just going to sit this right here...

Think it over. You already have a very good Mod. How about a Very Great Mod?

ws414339625 @ws414339625

The fifth screenshot of the car in the water. Which map is it?

BlueDually @bluedually

One of my favorite custom trucks hands down. It looks good and performs really well.

darkminun @darkminun

This looks excellent and drives very well too.

I'm puzzled as to why the long bed isn't a 3-slot option? Seems like a lot of wasted space. As of right now with a long frame, no saddle and only 2 load slots the truck is only really useful as a crane rig, although it does that very well.

SavageSanford @bigwood5

I dont know what you do different from almost everyone else but your trucks all come out so beautiful. They look they actually shouldve been included with the game. However please im beggin ya here buddy, can you add a plow mod to something so i can clear rocks off roads and not need to use someone elses wacky plow device haha either way keep up the good work eh and cant wait to see what you give us on console next :)

Руденчик @na1621100211

Почему пишет недостаточно места, хотя места навалом? Не удалось загрузить файл из-за ошибки 2 ? Подскажите пожалуйста ...

Hossinator16 @hossinator16

Love the truck it’s awesome as always. Have had the z-4266 offroad truck-Crewcab sine it came out. This has been my go to for everything truck and this new Zentos is by far better. Only one problem with it is why didn’t Rng3r add the saddle high and low option to it?

Franky0815 @franky0815

Awesome! Looks way better than your old Zetros for consoles! So many configurations addons! I love it ❤️ Please can you please add high and low saddle?
The point of the i were when you add support for the black mini cranes mod.

Scuderia_Paul @scuderia-paul

The Crew Cab version was my favourite SnowRunner mod up until I saw you released this. I love the Zetros trucks and having this done so realistically is perfect.