RNG Zentos for SnowRunner

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RNG Zentos
I prepared the Zentos Console version after about a month of work and demand. At the same time, Remastered branded PC version was updated.
My goal like always is to create a realistic replica of the real vehicles.
Every single part of the model (interior, exterior, addons, tires and many more) and texture was created from scratch, with meticulous detail and lot's of love.
The Truck has custom addons and tires to start, but will be updated with tons of new features and customization over time, like new bumpers etc.

- Custom cargo beds and Tent-Maintainer addon.
- Radar Addon
- Rear Crane
- Unique Customizations
- Spare tire rack, supply boxes etc
- Variety of unique tire types and configurations
- Includes two original game cranes with increased power and capability.
- Much More..


Special Thanks:
Heartfelt thank you to every single Patreon and Rng3r Workshop Team, to have your support means a lot to me and motivates me to continue working on my projects.

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birseysoylicem @birseysoylicem

you are legend. Adamın dibisin.

Kovalski84 @kovalski84

А что за полигон, где его можно найти?

OpaFritz @opafritz

Is this already available on Xbox ? Cause I sure a hell can’t see it maybe I’m just dumb idk help

Rng3r @rngr1

OpaFritz Not available yet :)

OpaFritz @opafritz

Ya just joined the discord and saw your post there. Man can’t wait for your mod! Are you planning to bring your other mods to console too? I don’t know how time intensive it is to remove the trade mark batches or in general how much effort has to go in when changing a mod for consoles. Maybe you can give mesons insights on that?

One more thing when pushing the throttle in snowrunner the character starts bumping on his seat. This can be seen best when putting the truck in Neutral gear and just floor the throttle. In third person this isn’t a problem but in first person the camerashaking is very annoying. However it seems the amount of bumping can be adjusted. I obviously don’t know how but another modder changed it on his mod and ever since the character doesn’t jump on its seat up and down anymore. I hope I cloud describe the problem to you in a proper way (English is not my first language) if not just say the word and I try again 😅

all-ride @all-ride

Outstanding mod..thx!

Rng3r @rngr1

all-ride Thank you very much, Have fun 🙂

Sicaire88 @sicaire88

Ravi de le voir arrivé sur xbox ce camtar
je suis ton travail et tes mods très réaliste beaucoup d'amour comme tu dit et surtout du temps passé continue comme sa 👍🤘

Rng3r @rngr1

Sicaire88 Merci 🙂

dealwithit1234 @dealwithit1234

Love your work dude! Curious, what map is that testing ground looking pool place?

Rng3r @rngr1

dealwithit1234 Thank you very much, It's my own experimental map. yet work-in-progress. Have fun 🙂

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Finally😁🥳......... I really love your work bro. The Z-4266 is really a great truck in terms of how it drives and handles but sadly after seeing the Zetros on pc i was really disappointed and almost hated the Chinese facelifted version😂😭! Finally this truck will get te attention that it deserves bro. This new version looks amazing! Thanks for taking the time and effort building this one for console. Definitely this one will have a spot in my garage and I'm almost certain that this will be my favorite truck for a while👌🏼. Great work (this go's for all of your mods as well).

Thanks again, i can't wait to see this badboy on console. Keep up the good work mate👍🏼.

PS4 player

Rng3r @rngr1

CrazzzyReaper Thank you very much brother, Have fun 🙂

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Looks great! Amazing work, as always 🤘

Rng3r @rngr1

Maine_MudRunner Thank you very much, Have fun 🙂

vedroooo @miewqw

tested on new phase 4 map amazing

Rng3r @rngr1

vedroooo Thank you very much for your review, Have fun 🙂

vedroooo @miewqw

np mate

DA @dazfish

Excellent work! another astounding model by you :)

Rng3r @rngr1 Thank you very much, Have fun 🙂