RNG WL500 Wheel Loader for SnowRunner

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RNG WL500 Wheel Loader:
The RNG WL500 is almost a 1:1 replica of a real-life vehicle, a vehicle that can load cargo with different attachments. I've always wanted a wheel loader in the Snowrunner. It's a side project that I've just started about a month and had the opportunity to try new techniques for the next main project. It is now possible for me to achieve much better texture quality and smooth look. This means that future mods will be much better than before. Every new mod means a new experience for me.

Creating a wheel loader in Snowrunner is quite challenging. There is no suspension on axles. And the smooth ride is nearly impossible to achieve. However, of course, it is not possible to say that wheel loaders have a smooth ride in real life. We've tested it extensively in order to provide you all with the most realistic experience possible in Snowrunner. I hope you will like it.

- Attachments (Pallet Fork, Log Grapple, Bucket, Long Fork)
- Custom Tire Tracks
- Colors Options
- Variety of Unique Tire Types and Configurations
- Driver Seat Physic
- Much More..


Special Thanks:
Heartfelt thank you to every single Patreon and Rng3r Workshop Team to have your support means a lot to me and motivates me to continue working on my projects.

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JesseMartins7 @jessemartins7

One of the best mods in game, much better than original vehicles, amazing textures.

Godzilla1098 @godzilla1098

Where is the nintendo switch version

xiGeox @xigeox

Damn. I was hoping for next gen update. 😔

Rng3r @rngr1

xiGeox packed, will upload in a day or two :) stay tuned

LordDabo @lorddabo

Did you upload it? Cause I don’t see it.

xiGeox @xigeox

Can’t wait! Your guys mods are my all time favorites.

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Shame the chained tires never got added... Lack of chained tires does make KOT76RSK's K-700 very tight competition, despite the WL-500 having the better bucket for scooping up, lifting, and moving larger quantities of rock... Chained tires would make this one the absolute best, no more contest.

Still, it continues to be a great piece of work.

Rng3r @rngr1

RogerStryker I want to add chains for the both tire, but currently busy with my biggest project, MAN HX. :) It's in my list. Will be add in future.

ckenning52 @ckenning52

It seems like the traction in mud is not the greatest, could you make that better?

cristiano.veloso @cristianoveloso

I could not raise the bucket using the suggested commands. It got stucked! Only Tilt forward and backward ...
I'm playing in PC Edition (Epic Version). Using XBOX ONE controller

hendricksonisaac615 @hendricksonisaac615

This is a really good mod! Great work and keep on modding!

Gobar_68 @georghagnauer

Ab-so-lutely awesome. Best log loader, 'cause it takes three logs and if you take only one, it doesn't slip.
The epitome of Rng3r-masterpieces.

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Excellent piece of work. In my opinion, hands down, the absolute best 'beast with a bucket' currently available. It really does work better than anything else I've tested, for clearing rocks from roads.

"But they just respawn when you swap maps..." Yes, but that doesn't matter if you stay on that same single map for a long play session, and move a lot of cargo on that one map. When you do that, being able to clear the roads suddenly becomes useful, and this thing does the best job I've seen yet. Yeah, that means putting in a lot of time and effort to clear the roads in the first place, but then you get the satisfaction of driving less capable vehicles at higher speeds without shredding their tires and smashing their suspension on some pebbles.

Somebody else mentioned a crane-like attachment for the front end, which would be an awesome addition. The only thing I think it really 'needs', though, is chained tires...which might've been added in an update, already, and I might not have noticed yet, so I'll have to look again. Next time I go to Amur...

In any case, well done! Take care, and keep up the good work.

Niceguygamer @niceguygamer

Disregard my previous message, the mod somehow downloaded itself after a few tries few days ago. Forgot to respond in time. Awesome mod as well.

Niceguygamer @niceguygamer

Hello there I'm currently having issues downloading this automatically. I've been downloading some other of your mods because they have been very awesome and helpful to use. Though this mod in specific is being stubborn and keeps giving me an error about request timeout or can't download in general. I was just gonna ask if you have manual download instructions? I have watched a yt video about downloading mods manually so I got that covered but they say to check the description first for author manual download instructions. But I can't seem to find it, could you possibly give it to me here? Pls reply, advance thanks.

vedroooo @snowtime

amazing mate short test and review

TressTM @tresstm

Шикарный трактор, то что нужно для этой игры, спасибо 🙂👍

Belgae @belgae

looks like a volvo, are you going to add this ( ) 'crane' attachment as well?

ckenning52 @ckenning52

This is a great idea!

CiChiBamBosa @cichibambosa

Yooo, that would be cool AF