RNG MPV Multi Purpose Vehicle for SnowRunner

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Published by Rng3r (mod ID: 1097827)


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RNG MPV Multi Purpose Vehicle:
The RNG MPV is almost a 1:1 replica of a completely real vehicle. A vehicle that can transport cargo with the help of a trailer or can be used as a Scout. After nearly seven months of hard work, the MPV was finally completed. Modeling military vehicles from scratch always takes more time. Because it is very difficult to reach the reference pictures about the vehicle. Fortunately, we were able to reach the references towards the end of the project and the project was completed in short time. It was a great process for me. I had the opportunity to gain new experiences. So the next vehicle will be even better. Stay tuned for more! :)

- Unique Frame Addons
- Custom Tire Tracks
- Radar Addon
- Unique Customizations
- Variety of Unique Tire Types and Configurations
- Colors, Camo, Much More..


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Kartarein @kartarein

А не подскажите где трехосную версию данного скаута попробовать можно)))

paolodb2000 @paolodb2000

qualcuno sa dirmi perchè mi da errore -7? e non mi fa scaricare nessuna mod?

Stazco @stazco

So again - why spend so much time and efforts to bring your masterpiece as closer as possible TO REALITY, but each time to forget about physics and common sence?!
Im talking about transparent axles, transmission and suspension!
Dear our Hero, please add collisions to it, stop flying carpers fest!)

SchirovS90 @schirovs90

это лучший скаут в игре!

Stazco @stazco


но тогда ему нужна опция цеплять скаут прицепы

SRJgame @srj-game

My test

RyanDunn0554 @ryandunn0554

latch form radar is stayin open. Anybody with this issue ?

Kroket_1 @kroket1

Great mod as always! You never seem to stop suprise us. Great Job Rng3r

divinemgn @divinemgn

Lovely mod, though I would love the option to change the spare wheel on the back. Also the chained wheels are only for one grip profile and not for the other. Can you add the other wheel types in the future???

k0dr3 @k0dr3

Love the mod, great attention to details. Though, could you publish wheels as a separate mod? I want to install them onto Azov 5319, I tried to attach them myself, but can't seem to figure out how – listing them as compatible in azov_5319.xml didn't work.

wegnerlathe @wegnerlathe

Should it not have a trailer hitch? If so it didn´t work properly. Buying a scout trailer worked but hitching a " free" trailer to it does not if it isn´t the preveausly bought.

4SPOOKS @trevorandmaggylee

Nice to see someone taking the time to detail every part, totally incredible, well done and thank you. (No broken gauges and non see through glass with this guy) I just love it. However, the drone sometimes has difficulty relocating and the hatch stays open, this gives the opportunity to see the amazing detail inside the drone bay, especially in the dark.

XboxCharles @mononclecharles

Nice truck but it needs a better snorkel and also some backup lights would be nice. And maybe a scout hitch since it is mostly used as a scout...

Z0913T @z0913t

Yet another stupidly beautiful piece of work. Shame on you!

And thanks! ;-)

Rob000 @na8169186

This is a nice truck. If I may recommend an idea.
A roleplaying style campaign with one or more maps and using these military trucks of yours (the others as well, not just the JLTV)
For example in the bog map i am using these military trucks as a campaign to develop an area, and make a beachhead of sorts into a new land.
In this way you could collaborate with various other modders to make maps like afganistan (and other areas) and construction of forward bases, transporting military equipment (modelling semitrailers with tanks on them (like that huge disassembled caterpillar semitrailer from the yukon mission) , helicopters and cargo planes (already asset in the game), containers small and big, pipes, concrete, etc..
Another campaign type with a few maps would be like the movie "monster hunter" continuing after that movie. The soldiers got back and now the military is full on to develop the area around a portal (not that one in the desert) in some wilderness, and create an FOB, and entering the portal to the other world making all sort of scouting missions and tasks.
I am sure a lot of people would die for such adventure using the military trucks in a military dedicated environment.

Nonasing @nonasing

Nice work sir! The included radar is gold... no more blind watchtowers searching. awd works proper - I mean with awd you can handle difficult situations too, as in real for such vehicles...not only using diff lock and low gear. The only minus I'd say is about steering... I'm on PC using keyboard and I realize the steering turning speed is slower than other vehicles in the game... it took longer for the steering to get back to central position after steering left/right, resulting in chaotic steering behavior if you not hit left (A) and right (D) constantly to correct it... is it somehow optimized for using a wheel?

4SPOOKS @trevorandmaggylee

I had this problem steering with the keyboard. A game controller fixed it totally. No real need for a wheel.

XC3758 @na6774035

Nice looking Oshkosh MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) M-ATV.
I was just thinking that if this was an "official" (that is; done by Saber) in game vehicle, it would be under the Derry Longhorn brand seeing as the Oshkosh M1070 (DL 4520) and the M911 (DL 3194) are already in game.
This has actually got me thinking if there is the Sand Cat (originally built by Plasan and licensed by Oshkosh) and M977 HEMTT mods out there.
(yes I'm a fan of Oshkosh vehicles, including the "smaller" and more maneuverable version of this M-ATV , the JLTV ( Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) L-ATV)).

wasper87 @wasper87

Unfortunately this mod, like any other variant of this truck never downloads through ingame (error #10001, steam edition) :( Also can't get it installed manually. Looks awesome though.

wasper87 @wasper87

Got it finally fixed with a little workaround. In case someone has the same problem:
1. Subcribe to the mod.
2. Download the mod from here.
3. Go to %userprofile%\Documents\my games\SnowRunner\base\Mods\.modio\mods
4. Add a folder with the mod ID (listed here on top) - for this one it's 1097827.
5. Copy the pc.pak and the modname.pak from the downloaded .zip into the new folder.
6. Copy a modio.json file from any other mod you have and also put it into your new 1097827 folder.
7. Copy the mod ID from the folder you got it from, let's say it is 123456.
8. Open the modio.json file in your 1097827 folder with notepad, hit CTRL+H (find and replace) and replace all the IDs. For example here: find 123456 and replace them all with 1097827 and save the file.
9. Now the mod will show up ingame in the mod browser and can be activated. Worked for me for all mods that refused to download through the ingame mod browser.

Zefflin @ocecream123456789

Doesn't work for me, I've done everything you said to do word for word but the game just deletes the whole folder and I'm left with an empty feeling. If you can tell me which mod modio.json file you used to change the numbers I would love to know to see if that's what's wrong.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Something's wrong at your end. Try logging out from both on the website and in game and then logging back in. You could also try to delete all the files in the \Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\Mods.

snowstalkergamer @snowstalkergamer

i can confirm this works because i had the same thing happen and it works now :)