Red Canyon for SnowRunner

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Most important thing first, credits!

- Thanks to DPI for all the hours spent on discord, the great support and help when i ran myself into a dead end.

- Thanks to JTbrt for the 5 red rocks. As the rock wizard he is, he created these rocks in short order, it seemed to me without effort, but by doing so he gave me important tools to make the map look plausible!

Welcome to "Red Canyon"

Monsoon season is here and a few recent thunderstorms have battered the local road network badly, just in time as you return from a trip out of town to your newly established 1-man trucking company, with yourself as its only employee. You own a CK1500, a Kodiak and a 2070 Fleetstar, the 2 trucks do have a few upgrades to start with but still, it is a humble start.

While you where out of town, things kept moving and you will find 3 employers want you to do some hauling for them. If things keep up like that you could buy new trucks soon.

Before you run your trucks off the paved road you check the road condition on foot, you find the hard packed dirt roads are drying up quiet fast but in the low areas the sand is still wet and quiet soft. If you get hung up there it may spell trouble. The dirt roads are in such a condition that if you drive over them there will be no problem but if you hang somewhere and you start spinning wheels on the spot you may start to dig yourself a hole, need to watch out for that.

As you are about to pull into town you see an employee from the local township waiting by your garage, while you park your car he comes over to you, it seems to you he is in a hurry.

Gameplay Notes

  • 18 Contracts + a few Tasks, contracts start out easy with 2 point loads and get bigger later on. I think about a x3 cargo version for multiplayer, not sure if anyone would want that.
  • You start with lvl 30(for unlocks) and 5000 gold.
  • Balanced mostly with stock US 6x6 trucks but a few contracts may benefit from a larger truck
  • Be smart, help yourself with 2nd truck or crane or both, roads can be tricky, some contracts may be difficult.
  • No spiderman gameplay, you can hook your winch on a bush... you´ll see how that goes ;)
  • Map is more about precision driving, looking ahead and taking the right line, mud only at few places, so you do not have to winch yourself through boring mudpits.
  • Map is focused on hauling loads from A to B, scouting is not necessary.
  • I came up with the quest structure before there was coop mod maps, so the quest structure is made for singleplayer. It does work in multiplayer, at first it is more linear after that it opens up a bit.
  • This is my first SR map and i hope everything is perfect and as good as it can be, but i am sure something somewhere is off, a map like this is not easy ;)

Balancing a map is annoying and difficult, some people may think it is too easy, some think it is too hard or unfair, some enjoy weak trucks and some only take the best trucks or even bring crazy mod trucks on your map. It is impossible to account of all of that. When i play in an US region i only use US trucks, in a RU region only RU truck... so that is what i did here, you can play the full map with the stock US trucks and gameplay should be a challenge in places. That was what i aimed to achieve, i hope i came close to that goal. If anything i tryed to not go too easy and stay on the upper end of the difficulty spectrum.

If you have something to say about the map, positive or negative, feel free to leave a comment below.

I hope you enjoy! Happy trucking!





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Riddick85 @riddick85

kevins44 @dssk1

Very nice map, some more shortcuts maybe would be lovely next time or at least make the bridges task free, so that we can do them whenever we want, not in a specific order.

Max_Attack_321 @max-attack-321

Awesome map, and soundtrack! Brought back a lot of memories for this old desert rat/Ed Abbey fan. Just wish I'd checked here before spending hours looking for that "Nevermind" task.... ; ) Keep up the great work!

fugu72 @fugu72

I started working on my own custom map, from scratch, about a week ago....and after only 4-5 hours into it, I can now appreciate how much work must ve gotten into yours. If this is truly your first map, I hope you keep making them. I don't know if Ill have the energy to finish mine, but it's nice to have an example of what its like when you push through without cutting corners. :)

Jafa_nz @jafa1597970169

Awesome map, great fun battling around in a stock Fleetstar :), nice gnarly tracks suited to the vehicles on hand, well done, look forward to more maps from you.

ChrisFalcher @chrisfalcher

Beautiful map! Love driving through the Canyon!

Den_Balyasov @den-balyasov

Скучная карта.Езда по одной дороге.Тудым сюдым.Не интересно.

Mazinkaizar @mazinkaizar

i finished all contract and task but there is one task remained "nevermind" is a real task? any hint

Actionjackson@Modio @actionjacksonmodio

The task "Nevermind" is a task i used to get a build-able objective in already build state. It is no task you can finish.
I did not find another way to have the build-able building already build on the map, only with a task, so i had to do this one invisible one.

If you finished everything but only "Nevermind" is left, you won the map, very well done, i hope you enjoy your time on the map!

Mazinkaizar @mazinkaizar

yep man me and alot of people enjoyed the map, any youtuber that i follow at youtube is playing this map also insgtramer
the map done well, we love it

tanckist13 @tanckist13

карта сделана в угоду сложности прохождения,по логике вещей заводы делают как можно ближе к населенному пункту,а у автора по углам карты,да еще в такой жопе мира что хоть на вертушке туда добирайся.В самом начале задание перекрыть дороги бетонными блоками,зачем,ведь дальше по ним нужно ездить.Короче мне не понравилось не сама карта,а реализация пространства.ДИЗ ставить не буду в надежде на будущие работы с учетом критики игроков.И автор не забывай про перевод на русский и другие языки.

tadel99 @tadel99

If this is your first map, then hearty congratulations! 'Twas quite a challenge. Reminiscent of the country around the Grand Canyon and some of those tracks can be very deceptive to the point of trucks going to sleep and scattering load. A great recovery exercise. Good work!

SimMB @simmb

Very nicely, done :)! Definitely keep up, the good work. Thank you for all your effort. Very much enjoyed the landscape itself and fulfilling the contracts themselves :)!

CHughes @chughes

A free roam version of this map would be awesome! Lots of money to experiment with different trucks.

kaanergen @kaanergen

Awesome soundtracks. i love chopin :D

Actionjackson@Modio @actionjacksonmodio

I know at least someone would appreciate it. I guess it was quiet a surprise to hear it for the first time in a snowrunner map where you would expect cheap and lousy rock music :)

kaanergen @kaanergen

i hear two of them, fourth prelude and Eb nocturne. i not sure is there more.

Cobray96 @cobray96

Very beautiful map indeed! Sadly the tires float above the ground in almost all trails...
Unfortunately Snowrunner is not the best for crawling, it's too unrealistic both at slow and high speed.. Mudrunner was better at this


It would be nice If you made all the winchpoints stationary Instead of every shrub you winch to coming towards you when you winch to It.

Cobray96 @cobray96

It's not his fault, those shrubs cannot be made indestructible without other mods, they are placed in this map for aesthetic reasons. He said in the description that this map is made to never use the winch, only between 2 trucks