Realistic Transmissions for SnowRunner

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Published by eclipse538 (mod ID: 119364)


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Manual Installation Only.

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The Advanced Special Transmission is now a 12-speed with reworked gear ratios.

All other Semi Transmissions are changed to 10-speeds with reworked gear ratios.

This also changes all Scout Transmissions to 6-speeds with reworked gear ratios.

Each Transmission RETAINS their original purpose and functionality, but now they follow suit of IRL transmissions regarding number of Gears and the Ratios between the gears.

No other changes have been made.

This has made the game so much more enjoyable for myself. I hope you enjoy it too.

INSTALLATION (You will need WinRAR, which you can Download for free directly from the WinRAR developer)

MUST DO****BACKUP Initial.pak*****MUST DO (highlight, click copy, and paste a copy of the file within Documents, or Downloads, etc.)

1. DOWNLOAD the .ZIP file.

2. Open "Realistic Transmissions" by double clicking it, it should open in WinRAR.

3. Open Initial.pak the same way, it should open in WinRAR. (X:\Epic Games\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client)

4. Navigate to X\:initial.pak\[media]\classes within Initial.pak while in WinRAR.

5. COPY the contents from "Realistic Transmissions" (a folder named "Gearboxes") and PASTE that within "Classes" folder in Initial.pak while using WinRAR.

6. WinRAR will open a new window and ask if you want to overwrite the archive, simply hit OK.

7. Close all WinRAR windows, and start the game and enjoy the mod!


1. To revert to old transmissions, open the backup copy of Initial.pak you made earlier, and repeat the steps above, but using the original files from Initial.pak.


1.0.0 - Initial release

1.0.1 - Fixed Prices

1.0.2 - Fixed fuel rates, Fixed High Gear for each transmission to make sense for the application

1.0.3 - Fixed a missing (") missing from the scout.xml file

1.0.4 - Updates to gear ratios, testing subscribe and install folder structure.

ATTENTION: if you do not like this mod or some aspect of it, leave constructive feedback or move on. All useless comments will be deleted.





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veydin @veydin

Awesome! Works great and appreciate the detailed instructions! Thumbs up brother!

Acid_Flash @acid-flash

Mod is not compatible with new game version (Mod12), new fine tune gearbox is broken/not available with this mod installed.

coskunts61 @coskunts61

push thortle later with drive push clucth (left shift) change gear ? now this not problem

WaFFacT @waffact

this is work with a H-shifter ?

Top_Gear23 @top-gear23

does this still work i cant install it

mtzgroup1977 @mtzgroup1977

Thank U.

exodusTweeter @exodustweeter

dont work this mod. i do everythinig 10 times and nothing change .. so wth ?;/ i see most comments are succesfull xD

Miguelan26053215 @miguelan26053215

who do i make it work

MrFissure @mrfissure

Compared the mod files to the 10.4 version original files. There are nothing outdated in the mod and should be working without issue with the latest Snowrunner version (2020-11-26)

NeX2Core @mickey669

I still use this mod today.
Impossible to play with the vanila gearbox, this one is so much better!

01kg @01kg

Всё работает отлично!
All working good!

idiocracy_ @idiocracy1

Appears this mod is dead.

idiocracy_ @idiocracy1

Have you tested subscribe install now that mods will be allowed in co op for the next patch?

idiocracy_ @idiocracy1

Will this be updated with the new vehicles?

Pantern02 @pantern02

I like te mod but one thing is "bothering" me. The fact that i use less fuel per minute in 10th gear with a loaded trailer then i do when i have the engine idling. I do think the truck should use the same amount of fuel per minute as it does pulling a heavy load in the lower gears as the engine has to work just as hard. Going downhill it should consume about the same amount as it does edling as the engine don't do much work.

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Yep. I like this mod. It is very useful to have a wider range of gears.
But the fuel consumption is really to dramatically lowered

198619881983 @198619881983

штота я не понил ставлю этот мод и нефига нет на 3 кпп 10 скарастей

bassbeats97 @bassbeats97

It makes the trucks alot faster, like in "high" mode. speeeed

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Hello :)
Im a long time user of your transmissions tweaks. Love it !
So i wanted to thank you for that,
And also suggest you change the "installation" tag from suscribe to manual, as it looks incorrect right now :)

Weedulus @weedulus

thank you -> everything good with new patch