Realism Overhaul V2 for SnowRunner

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Published by jawbones (mod ID: 142910)


WolFRocks Realism Overhaul

This is the original Realism Overhaul mod by WolFRock who has made this mod possible.
It was left behind a couple game updates ago and I have worked on keeping it compatible with recent updates.
This page is to make it easier for download purposes.

The mod is global, it contains many changes to the game files, installation is possible only by replacing the initial.pak file

Subscription Content

If you are subscribed to the mod you will have the following additional content:
-Western Star TwinSteer 6900XT-RS (Rear axle steering enabled version)
-TUZ 420 "Tatarin" AWS (All wheel steering version or tank like steering)
-Western Star 49X-XMT (Custom version of the 49X with the middle axle powered) Disabled due to T.o.S.
-Tow Hitch Bumper for Chevy Apache
-New Medium Logs Frame Addon
-New Long Logs Frame Addon for the TwinSteer /RS
-AWD upgrade for the Pacific P512 (Thanks Maltanoro for the suggestion 😁)
-New grey variant of the CAT C745 Bunk Log Frame Addon
-New Black variant of the 2 and 3 slot Sideboard Bed Frame Addons
-New Medium Logs Frame Addon for the TwinSteer /RS
-AWD Upgrade for the CAT 770G
-Option to move the spare tire higher up on the Khan Marshall to allow trailers to attach


  • Additional Repair Parts and fuel for all cars and trucks (You need to subscribe to the mod and enable it in the game!)
  • You may also like Real Reshade created for this mod (This is the initial version, but now the game looks better)
  • All vehicles have additional upgrades, frame addons and/or customization parts
  • All Roof racks, trunks and other maintenance/service frame addons have been set to realistic spare parts capacities
  • Tuned: engines, gearboxes, suspensions
  • Wheels are completely overhauled (3d models, names, friction, unlock ranks and prices have been completely changed - Realism Overhaul V2 Tire Stats)
  • Gearboxes have a different number of gears (from 4 to 12 depending on the improvement)
  • Unlocked additional accessories (you can remove almost everything and install a lot of addons at once, including new ones)
  • Slightly increased winches length (different winches have different power and length)
  • The weight of the trucks is now the real one (You will feel how it is to drive around in a 20+ tones of pure steel when you drive one of the Pacific trucks or other huge trucks)
  • The dirt has been increased (increase the amount of dirt after rain and snow, as well as the amount of dirt falling on the car)
  • Exhaust smoke has been slightly increased
  • Weather have been slightly altered (heavy snow and heavy rain increased, slightly increased light snow and light rain)
  • Added dynamic weather, added clouds on the horizon
  • Added all trailers for sale
  • Added real weight for cargo Huge thanks to Gumides for letting me integrate his amazing Heavy Haul Mod into Realism Overhaul
  • Added Real fuel tank volumes thanks to ElfVierzehn and his mod for the data found (I understand that some fuel tanks are too large and some are small, but engine tuning is ongoing)
  • Increased fuel consumption (tuned gearboxes and engines for increased realism and better compatibility with the realistic fuel tank capacities)
  • Damage capacity changed to more realistic values: Wheels, Gearboxes, Engines, Fuel Tanks, Suspensions.
  • Improved Responsive Steering (Each truck has its own steering speed and responsiveness)
  • Added Better Tire Pressure thanks to Siraij and his mod for settings. (I experimented with different settings, tried different mod options and decided to use these settings)
  • Added some settings from R-Physics MOD, VAXIS has not answered my post yet, but I think he will not mind (since the mod is global and there is not enough time to create and test everything)
  • Now all the trees can break, the limit of small trees is slightly increased, the limit is added to the medium and large (you can tear out the trees if you attach a winch, get closer it a little to the tree and pull it out of acceleration)
  • And many other changes...


(Yep, ↑ that ↑ above is a link and I did it like this because does not support GiFs)
(This also allows me to upload higher quality photos due to no size restriction)
(Some really high quality GiFs may take a second to fully load especially on mobile devices)


  • Multiplayer: Fully working as long as all players have the mod installed
  • Mod No Recovery: To use both mods together, first install Realism Overhaul and SECOND install No Recovery (thanks Lo2k for mod compatibility)
  • The rest of the mods : All subscription mods are fully compatible. If there is a mod that needs to be installed manually you can install them on top of my mod (by editing the initial.pak file, open the file and move the folders)

Other compatibility:

- This mod changes the initial.pak file and any mod modifying this .pak could conflict with this mod.


- This mod is global, so you do not install it simply by clicking the subscribe button.
- But the subscription button will notify you if an update is released and it will also add some additional content.
- The Realism Overhaul V2 Tire Stats

How to install the mod:

  1. Click on the mod size above the description to download the file and unzip with WinRAR
  2. Close your game
  3. Go to your game directory (i.e. Epic Library\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\)
  4. Backup your original "initial.pak" file
  5. Replace the original initial.pak file with my modified initial.pak file.

The new Compatibility Patch:

  • Installation instructions can be found here and inside the archive.
  • This will always be compatible with the game no matter what version you are using (as long as the devs of the game will not make major changes to some core components which never happened from release until now)
  • Please ignore the Sub_Content.pak file inside the archive as that is only for the subscribe content and not part of the installation.


-All you know and love but now working with version 12.2 Phase 3

Highlights from 1.6.1:
-Small update to the wheels overhaul from the last update
-A few other additions, fixes and quality of life improvements

Detailed changelog available in the changelog section of the files.
Also, some details regarding the new wheels/tires changes can be found in The Realism Overhaul V2 Tire Stats

Adding to the experience:

  • If you ever need the game to be even harder than this I can assure you that the current version of the Heavy Haul Mod created by Gumides is fully compatible with Realism Overhaul.

If you enjoy the realistic cargo weight please leave a like or comment on the Heavy Haul Mod page for the insane amount of time he put into this 😁

Installation: The order does not matter. It installs exactly like the compatibility patch. ( If you use the full initial.pak you must install Realism Overhaul first )

Installation: You must install the Off Road Trailers Mod first and than the Compatibility Patch over it. ( It's not fully compatible if you use the full initial.pak file for installing Realism Overhaul)
I do recommend to install the one as this will replace all trailers in the game with those better ones, even those that you find scattered across the map 😁





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r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

I'm releasing v1.6.1 in the next 5 minutes 😁
Please read my last comment before updating.

Edit: Update is now available, hope you read the warnings 😁

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Heyo 😁
I will release an update hopefully this weekend (if everything works fine with testing and if I finish everything)
I just want to let you know early that the new update will change the Mud Single Heavy wheels.

So, if you update to V1.6.1 please consider the following:

The above applies for those 3 wheels. Any other truck/scout with any other wheels will not be affected.

Hopefully most of you will see this early as I do not want anybody to update and then find themselves in the middle of a mud pit or deep snow with highway wheels and a giant trailer full of goods attached...and maybe just 20 or 30 meters away from the destinationπŸ˜‚

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Heyo 😁
This might be an update that some of you requested and I never had the time to do it but, after 23+ hours straight of coding, I guess it's done.

This update will:
-shorten the list of wheels available for every truck/scout in game
-make wheels have more sense
(the 3d model and the friction stats of some wheels has been completely changed)
-make the progression have more sense
(I can assure you that nobody will have every wheel available early in the game)
(all have their own required rank and price)
(this might be a problem for those that want to skip regions, like... go to alaska or tamyr or anywhere else as soon as you start the game)

Also, this wheels overhaul also affects suspension:
-some trucks/scouts might sit higher or lower than before, not by much - all stock vehicles suspensions have been retuned for this
-some trucks/scouts might have a softer or stiffer suspension than before - all stock vehicles suspensions have been retuned for this
(if you are in the middle of a huge contract or maybe even close to the destination - you might want to test your truck/scout in the proving grounds with the exact cargo and trailer that you have in the campaign to make sure it won't cause issues that could lead to failing the contract)
-some modded trucks/scouts might sit lower or higher than the creator intended if they use the stock game wheels
-some modded trucks/scouts might have a softer or a stiffer suspension if they use the stock game wheels
(if you have major issues with the suspension on modded trucks/scouts it might not be the creator that screwed up, it might be this change so test in stock game before reporting an issue with suspension/wheels to the creator of the mod - again, it modifies the suspension just a bit. nothing major but it might not be how the creator intended it to be)

With how long this took, there might not be an update this coming weekend (of course, if there are no major gameplay affecting bugs 😁)
I think we have pushed Phase 3 to the fullest with this update so, if there is nothing game breaking in this update, I will try to have a look at the PTS next time and maybe push an update for that if the code there is finished😁

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

I just saw something with this update.
I loaded my save and the game was showing me that my Loadstar 1700 suspension was broken. It had 0 out of 0 health. I just restarted the game and it came back to normal.

If you see this, don't freak out, the game just needs some time to see the all the changes in this update.
Just restart and it will be fine 😁

davidconst @davidconst

Thanks for your hard work!

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Thank you for enjoying the mod 😁

NiklasNikoIO @niklasnikoio

Would you PLEASE make an Extra release version with far less extra Tires or tell me what i need to change/delete ?
I like it clean and there is just to much stuff. Dont get me wrong i like the earlygame "offroad" tire for the trucks but most of them are just diffrent looking tires with similiar stats and some are to big and clipp through the vehicle. Thanks

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Hi 😁
Unfortunately I don't have that much time to maintain two versions of the mod and there should not be a lot of wheels that clip through the trucks/scouts as I fixed a lot of them.( some wheels are made specifically for the highest suspension and sometimes it does not allow me to lock them for that suspension only )

If you want to try to remove them, in each truck file (initial.pak/[media]/classes/trucks) you will find a couple of lines for "CompatibleWheels". That is the code for the wheels. Remove or add as you see fit 😁

NiklasNikoIO @niklasnikoio

Thanks for you replay and instructions you doing a great job :) oh and thanks for maintaining Realism overhaul <3

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

I'm glad you enjoy it 😁

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Well...I know what I said about updates this week but there was another bug that affected gameplay and wanted to fix it as soon as possible 😁
That bug was related to the twinsteer medium logs frame addon and the fact that it will let you unload unlimited logs from it.
This is part of the subscribe content so as soon as you restart your game it will be fixed.

Now I was also working on something else as well so this update does not just fix one bug 😁
Full details are in the changelog.

Also, I'm aware that the PTS V13 is live but I currently have no plans to make this compatible with that as it's a very early build of the game(Missing textures and other code).

The compatibility patch will work on it if you try it but the saddle low on some of the low trucks like the GMC, White Westerns Star and a few really low trucks will not work correctly as they broke the saddle low on those trucks on V12, I fixed it in this mod and now, in V13,they reverted it back to how it was.

I will join the PTS maybe, but really close to release like 13.4 or however higher they will go, or maybe just update when the Stable version releases. Depends on how much time I have and how complete the code is 😁

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Hi everyone 😁
Again, sorry for the updates one after the other but there was a bug that affected gameplay and I had to fix it.
The main issue was that there was a bug with the medium logs frame addon that allow it to be loaded once and to unload unlimited logs.
This has been now rectified in 1.5.7 along other minor changes thanks to vladkiri that found and reported this issue😁
Along with this fix, the weight of the cargo and the animations have also been fixed, so enjoy a more realistic logging with that frame addon πŸ₯³
With this being part of the Subscribe Content, as soon as you load the game you will see the fixed frame addon 😁

If there are no other game breaking bugs this is the last update for this week 😁

Also, because the updates are basically one day apart, I kept both the 1.5.6 and 1.5.7 changelogs in case someone wanders what happened with 1.5.6 or why we shifted so fast from 1.5.5 to 1.5.7 πŸ˜‚

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Hi everyone 😁
Sorry for the re-upload but something went wrong with and only the full initial.pak file contained the updated files.
1.5.6.Hotfix contains the actual update
For those that downloaded this on the 2nd of April, you will have to download and install again to see the changes mentioned in the changelog of the file.
Those that downloaded the full initial.pak file are not affected.
Many thanks to vladkiri for spotting and informing me about this 😁

KvaNTy @kvanty

Hi r3wind3r. I've done russian localization of Sub_Content. Feel free to use it: strings_russian.str?dl=0

Also you forgot to close quotes after UI_ADDON_MED_LOG_FRAME_ADDON_NAME in all loc files.

Translation made within same set of rules as in G3RTS3N's RusLocalizationFixes, but vehicle names kept vanilla(TUZ 420 AWS is still TUZ, not GAZ)

Speaking of which, how are you supposed to control it? I don't know if it has too much responsiveness or not enough of it but I can't drive that thing straight for my life. πŸ˜‚

Edit: Link looks borked but surprisingly still works.😁

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Thanks for the translation 😁
Only thing I know in Russian is some profanity and Google Translate πŸ˜‚

Weird, that UI_ADDON_MED_LOG_FRAME_ADDON_NAME works in game for me when using English but thanks, I'll have a look.
I basically copied everything from the English file and created all the others with that 😁

Yeah, that thing is not that controlable... I'll have a go at the steering speed and other factors to see if I can improve it 😁

KvaNTy @kvanty

Hey r3wind3r. So I've played some more, tested things around, gathered my thoughts and I want to provide what I hope would be considered a constructive criticism.
There are three main issues hurting game balance and common sense: fuel trailers, repair parts and abundance of wheels.

Currently there is a apparent discrepancy between capacity of fuel trailers and fuel tank addons. As I understand RO has Off_Road_Trailers_vanilla_overwrite build-in, which in turn increased all fuel trailers capacity by factor of 2(for some reason). And we get this - 12 ton tank installed on our trucks with 1800 fuel inside and 4 ton trailer with 4000 liters, both of which clearly have almost the same volume. So to restore at least some resemblance of balance you have to either increase capacity of truck addons and every other modded trailer in existence(speaking of yansors's Trailer Pack) or revert some changes done by Off Road Trailers. I ended up picking second option cause it is easier to maintain: reverted scout tank and both truck trailers back to original fuel_capacity/fuel_mass values(900, 2000, 3700 respectively).

This is more of a wish but it highlights a bigger picture. We have trucks much more prone to damage in RO. This brings more fun and interesting situations, but should be balanced as well. Here is an example: I've been exploring Michigan in my Tuz-166, hunting for offroad gearboxes for my trucks. By the third map in that region I got my engine so low it began to stall every two seconds with no signs of repair shops in sight. And it was infuriating. We can't use service trailers unless they are attached to your truck, which most scouts can't do, we can't buy scout service trailers from trailer shops because there is no suck thing, and there is no addon option to have any repair points no many trucks.
Tuz-166 has spare wheel no it's back, has roof rack with several canisters and whopping 4 spare wheels(while visually there is only one) but has no space in entire car to store pitiful 50 repair points for emergency situations when you inevitably break your suspension, something you would clearly be able to store on passenger seat. Full sized trucks are more or less fine in that regard but for scouts it's a problem. I liked the idea of Additional Repair Parts mod you mentioned in description, but it does not look to be functional(and I would remove spare wheel from it).

Oh boy, this ain't gonna be easy.
So, can you tell me, what defines a truck? Distinct features probably. Something that makes you prefer one truck over another for specific tasks. Something we as a community used to think of them, something you see when you go on reddit or watch youtube. You can call it a Meta or something. But RO tends to blur the line between different trucks by giving them more addon variety(which is convenient) and most important wheel selection options. And the last one is gamebreaker in my opinion.
Cause before you wouldn't use some trucks in snowy regions because they lacked chained tires. This is what made those regions feel different. Game forced you to break habits and adapt, to use new trucks you wouldn't use otherwise, eventually leading to more interesting situations and overall more fun. Or exclusive things like super-heavy mudtires. Before it was defining feature that shaped how you looks at some trucks. But now we have such tires on every second truck including some scouts. And all this leads to that your truck selection is irrelevant, they are all more or less the same, and you just pick whichever one looks better for you. And it does not feel right.
Devs have put these constrains on us for a gameplay reasons. Yes some variety is a nice thing to have, when it doesn't bright too drastic changes to truck roles. But now we are in situation when almost every truck has almost every tire available. Multiply that by additional slightly smaller and slightly larger wheel sizes and wheel selection screen starts to look ridiculous. And even then you just pick whichever wheels are the best and forget about it, rendering 95% of that list pointless. RO already buffed friction of all tires. So do we really need Tayga tires on every other truck? Or BTR wheels on Hummer? Those sure are fun, but for a moment.
Well, I kinda thought common sense is what Realism Overhaul supposed to stand for. I understand that you've put a ton of work into it, but please consider tuning wheel selection down a bit.

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Hi 😁
Glad you use this mod and somehow enjoy it 😊

Trailers or fuel as you put it, RO does not modify any trailers at all. The fuel capacity and repair parts on trailers are exactly as the devs intended them to be. I use the Off-road trailer mod and recommended people to use it too 😁 (not the subscribe version)

Repairs, that's why all vehicles come with the option to install additional repair parts. If you are subscribed to that mod you will have in game, it works perfectly and its sole purpose is to help you in some sticky situations like the suspension blown out... or the engine as you mentioned, you can partially fix some parts on the vehicle so you can go on and not reset to garage or something like that.
About, the ability to go to repair shops or truck service trailers to scouts. I can't change core mechanics of the game to add repair shops and I won't make giant trailers attach to tiny scouts, especially if you think about TUZ 166. The only scout that can attach truck trailers is the International Loadstar 1800 as that is the only one that has the necessary weight and power to do, and trust me, the game does not like that at all.
I use the Poghrims trailer pack that also includes scout fuel trailers and service trailers and I recommend everyone to do the same. That mod adds so much to the game.

Wheels, in the stock game, maybe they mattered but now not that much.
The mod is called Realism Overhaul not New Game Meta mod as in real life you can install anything on any car as you see fit, sometimes is not practical but... you can.

Even if all trucks have almost all the wheels, I can guarantee you that you won't base the purchase decision of another truck on that. The trucks now have weight, real fuel tank capacity, realistic steering responsiveness and suspension and a variety of addon combinations. When I buy my trucks I look at all that and don't care that much about wheels. I already know that Super Heavy wheels are only available only on heavy trucks because those weigh 20+ tons and they need that, they are not available on trucks that don't need them at all.

This did not stop me from buying and using other trucks that I found at all. I'm now in Alaska and I used almost all American trucks or at least all that are available and found at this point, and I have 2 scouts and 2 trucks that remained in my fleet.
I still have my trusty Fleetstar 2070 (I played at the beginning with the Paystar 5700 and then changed to this one), I also use the Pacific P12 ( I love this truck but sometimes its sheer size and weight is a huge pain in the bottom but I got used to it, how it steers, how the suspension flexes and the weight distribution and I still use it) and I had all American scouts through out Michigan, mostly played with the International Scout 800 and now I fully switched to the Loadstar 1800 and I have a Hummer H2. I also used the Chevy Apache, but before I added a trailer hich to it so it was pretty useless but I might reconsider, and I'm waiting to find the Ford F750 😁

-I removed the BTR wheels from all scouts in the last update because they are OP. They are now only available on the scout that they were intended for.
-I normalized the Pacific Wheels as they were the best MudTires in the game even if they are off-road tires.
-Tayga wheels are OP in the stock game, here they are just good mud tires.
-Yes, all tire frictions are buffed by the mod because of the added weight of both the trucks/scouts and cargo.

There is a balance and a reason for all and yes, the list of wheels sometimes is huge and a pain to scroll through. I considered looking through them and removing some sizes or types, but I don't want to see comments like "I had and loved X and the last update removed it" and also I don't want to risk breaking peoples game or save if I remove something crucial like their wheels πŸ˜‚ Imagine starting the game after a long and painful day at work just to find your scout or truck in a mud pit or a bunch of rocks wherever you left it last time... without wheels πŸ˜‚

The game changes drastically in Russia (Tamyr) and everyone is still going to be obligated to switch to Russian trucks/scouts or torture themselves with American trucks. You can play with American vehicles through the hole game but Russian ones are just made to eat mud for breakfast πŸ˜‚

This mod pushes the game far beyond what the devs meant it to be and some things don't make sense or seem out of place if you just think about how the game is stock and keep comparing to that stock game.
I'm sure nobody will complain about the amount of wheels and tires if the tires selection menu was different like having a filer or categories that are compact at first, like, when you go in there you will just see 4 things (Highway, All Terrain, Mud, Chains) and just select and open the one that you need.

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

With all this, I can assure you that I've considered all that you mentioned.
-I considered at some point to modify the trailers but then I saw that somebody already did it and instead of doing the same thing again I just recommended that mod
-I considered adding more paint jobs to all vehicles but somebody did it already and they did it absolutely perfect and so I recommend that mod
-I am thinking of modifying the roof racks and other truck addons to feel more realistic (if you see one wheel on the roof rack... you only have one spare wheel and not 4...and so on)πŸ€” but it might break balance between what is on the truck and what can be found on trailers. I'll see 😁

Thanks again for using this mod and for the review/suggestions 😁

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Sorry, had to do it in two comments, there is an actual limit on how much you can write in one comment πŸ˜‚

KvaNTy @kvanty

Sounds convincing. Maybe I just didn't play long enough to realize these things do not matter all that much.πŸ€” Just rushed through beginning of Michigan, went to Taymyr as soon as got enough cash for Azov 64131 and currently getting close to 100% that region. I guess you didn't mention in description that trucks in RO now have different weight. You know, for the scope of this mod it wouldn't hurt to have short paragraph telling what RO is all about and its overall intentions, the way it's meant to be played. Should prevent such misunderstanding.

Though wheel clutter is a pain sometimes. It quite often feels that this abundance of options is just not justified. Yeah also FYI, if you remove something from compatible wheels list of a truck and then load game, that truck, even if it happens to be in a wilderness and is supposed to have those wheels equipped, will revert to it's default wheels defined in truck files. This might be an inconvenience if you suddenly have to get back to garage on stock tires, but it's not something gamebreaking.

I did install mentioned Additional Repair Parts mod, but manually, right into intial.pak, thinking it is supposed to be hooked up by RO. Noticed no effect in game. I don't entirely understand how subbing to it should help but I'll try. And thanks for info on Poghrims trailers, I somehow completely missed them( is terrible for browsing).
Also I had an idea about repairing scouts that might be somewhat a middleground. Both scout's flatbed trailers have big metal boxes in front, similar to where repair parts are stored on bigger trailers. What if just add some moderate amount of repair point to those two? This does not require introducing new entities, makes trailer shops just as valuable for scouts, and gives incentive to do light deliveries via scouts more often since you are drugging this thing around anyway.

And fuel. Yea, I get that going against what other mods(especially integrated) do might not be the best idea. Then how about buffing fuel tank addons on trucks? Cause currently there is not much of a point in using them.

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Everything should be in the description but it modifies so much that you will need an excel spreadsheet to mention everything πŸ˜‚

The rule is, you cannot add new stuff to the original game files.
This is why Realism Overhaul has Subscribe content. Those are literarily things that are not possible just by putting the files into the game.
So for the additional repair parts you will just have to subscribe to it and enable it in game and it will appear on all trucks. Realism Overhaul is coded to detect when that is enabled and add it to all trucks. It will be found under the Miscellaneous in the customization menu😁

I can look at those metal boxes on the scout trailers but I'm using the Off-road trailers mod and many people do so if I modify something for the trailers, not many people will actually see it. It might be worth it to suggest trailer changes to FOXCRF450RIDER for him to integrate them into his Off Road Trailers mod.

How are fuel addons on trucks not useful? There are 2 maps in Michigan and many more in other regions that don't have a garage at all. I used fuel addons and fuel trailers for those maps a lot, despite the fact that my Pacific P12 has 900 liters and is much more that the stock game will ever offer. Added weight of trucks+real weight for cargo+changed physics for mud, water and rocks and everything else in the environment will eat through any fuel tank, no matter if it's a monstrous 1500 liters like the TwinSteer or one of the Kolobs.

Again, yeah, I agree, the description might not say all this but it's just too much that is changed for me to write everything...nobody will ever read it πŸ˜‚
70% of people that use this mod never read the current description or at least not entirely read it so doubling the information on that will make it even more unpleasant.
I will try to see what I can add to the description in terms of major changes 😁

Edit: I modified the description a bit. Hopefully makes more sense 😁
I should put "And many other changes..." in bold, underlined and with big LED arrows pointing at it πŸ˜‚

KvaNTy @kvanty

On the topic of wheels... how often do you happen to use spare wheels?

I quite often heard that they are basically useless in this game and noticed that I almost never use them myself. Only two occasions when I had to repair a tire, even though I sometimes drive rather recklessly, were when I fell off the cliff and busted 70% of the car, and in BTR because it's chassis is really prone to damage for some reason and its kinda easy to destroy a wheel in a single hit while driving it.

Even when they get damaged by small pebbles on roads suspension gets hit much harder, so by the time tire should pop suspension is already killed several times. Plus many engines/gearboxes have less hp than average tire. So wheels feel like damage sponges atm.

My suggestion is to lower their DamageCapacity. Basically in half. Around 15-25-35 for scout-medium-heavy wheels respectively. It might be much nicer to look on round numbers like 10-20-30, but having just 10 for scouts(and Ank mk38) may need some testing to make sure its not overboard.

I think this will bring a bit more of a realistic feel to road accidents, and give meaning to all these spare wheels that we are dragging around anyway.

KvaNTy @kvanty

Oh I see! Makes sense now.
Actually Poghrims trailer pack solves everything. Thanks for suggestion, it's amazing! 😁

It just bothers me that both tanks have same size but vastly different capacity. Well maybe its just me. 😁 It's kinda minor anyway.

As for description of big mods you are usually greeted with concise introduction, and installation instructions. Like the most important things for every user. And then people can scroll down if they want detailed info on what mod contains, attributions, changelog etc.