Realism Overhaul V2 for SnowRunner

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Published by jawbones (mod ID: 142910)


WolFRocks Realism Overhaul

This is the original Realism Overhaul mod by WolFRock who has made this mod possible.
It was left behind a couple game updates ago and I have worked on keeping it compatible with recent updates.
This page is to make it easier for download purposes.

The mod is global, many changes are affected, installation is possible only by replacing the initial.pak file


  • Additional Repair Parts and fuel for all cars and trucks (You need to subscribe to the mod and enable it in the game!)
  • You may also like Real Reshade created for this mod (This is the initial version, but now the game looks better)
  • All vehicles added: engines, gearboxes, suspensions, wheels (not very large)
  • Tuned: engines, gearboxes, suspensions, wheels
  • Gearboxes have a different number of gears (from 4 to 12 depending on the improvement)
  • Unlocked additional accessories (you can remove everything and put)
  • Slightly increased winches length (different winches have different power and length)
  • The weight of the load increases (now it really feels like you are carrying a heavy load)
  • The dirt has been increased (increase the amount of dirt after rain and snow, as well as the amount of dirt falling on the car)
  • Weather have been slightly altered (heavy snow and heavy rain increased, slightly increased light snow and light rain)
  • Exhaust smoke has been slightly increased
  • Added dynamic weather, added clouds on the horizon
  • Added all trailers for sale
  • Added Real fuel tank volumes thanks to ElfVierzehn and his mod for the data found (I understand that some fuel tanks are too large and some are small, but engine tuning is ongoing)
  • Increased fuel consumption (tuned gearboxes and engines)
  • Improved dirt and weather, increased exhaust emissions
  • Damage changed to more realistic ones: Wheels, gearboxes, engines, fuel tanks.
  • Improved Responsive Steering (Each truck has its own control)
  • Added Better Tire Pressure thanks to Siraij and his mod for settings. (I experimented with different settings, tried different mod options and decided to use these settings)
  • Added some settings from R-Physics MOD, VAXIS has not answered my post yet, but I think he will not mind (since the mod is global and there is not enough time to create and test everything)
  • Now all the trees can break, the limit of small trees is slightly increased, the limit is added to the medium and large (you can tear out the trees if you attach a winch, get closer it a little to the tree and pull it out of acceleration)
  • And many other changes...


  • Mod No Recovery: To use both mods together, first install Realism Overhaul and SECOND install No Recovery (thanks Lo2k for mod compatibility)
  • The rest of the mods, you can install mods on standard trucks on top of my mod (by editing the initial.pak file, open the file and move the folders)

Other compatibility:

- This mod changes the initial.pak file and any mod modifying this .pak could conflict with this mod.


- This mod is global, so you do not install it simply by clicking the subscribe button.
- But the subscription button will notify you if an update is released!

How to install the mod:

  1. Click on the mod size above the description to download the file and unzip with WinRAR
  2. Close your game
  3. Go to your game directory (i.e. Epic Library\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\)
  4. Backup your original "initial.pak" file
  5. Replace the original initial.pak file with my modified initial.pak file.


- Updated to work with patch 6.0/1.08.




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tlccompco @tlccompco

I have been using this for the last week or so just to see the differences between vanilla and tailored setup. I like the changes your mod brings to terrain responsiveness and overall "believable" feel. I am curious why though a 10 speed gearbox in the low range tranny? It's odd having all of them to run through and then it drops right back to first gear the minute you run into some drag. I don't see it as particularly useful is all I mean. Is there a chance that in some of you future versions of the mod you will offer a few variants of the gearboxes or at least the speed ranges they offer?

corporalrus @corporalrus

When driving, if you feel that the engine does not have enough power and you need a lower gear, press the shift button once and release it - it will automatically switch to the desired gear. The speed will decrease, but not completely, without shifting to 1st gear. This also works when picking up speed - from low to high gear (for example, from 3 immediately to 7, if driving downhill). This mechanic also works in vanilla. (sorry, english is not my native language)

jawbones @jaleddon

Hey guys I haven't had the free time I thought I would but hang in there. So far the future update should include the following.
1. more power for the mini cranes (to offset extra weight)
2. azov 42-20 raised suspension change to buy item.
3. trailer ramp fix
4. loose cargo icons are bugged.
5. separate version with default exhaust smoke for performance improvement.
6. add all-wheel drive for GMСMH900

corporalrus @corporalrus

Hello! In the last update, the GMСMH900 all-wheel drive was added, but this modification is not in the mod. Can you fix it?

jawbones @jaleddon

Adding it to the list 👍

card.1998 @card1998

just tried it and got a wierd brown circular loading screen. i deleted the original "intitial.pak" and dropped the modded on in.

CnRJay @cnrjay

This mod still works with the latest hotfix. but not on the PTS

patrickc8675 @patrickc8675

Hey, loving this mod but was wondering if we could get a version with everything the same but default exhaust smoke? I use some modded vehicles that puff out huge clouds and its an instant FPS kill for my system haha.

jawbones @jaleddon

Lol dang, ya I can make a default exhaust version. Ill put it out along with the next update. Been busy with work recently but hopefully by this weekend.

JeyJey80 @jeyjey80

Hi, I found a little bug, Trailer Ramps are not operable with your mod. I tried vanilla and it worked, could you look into it? Also found, that loose cargo icons are bugged and show red/yellow icon.

jawbones @jaleddon

Ok thanks, Ill check it out as I soon as I can.

daniel9barrera9 @daniel9barrera9

Do you know if there is any way to make this work on the Public Test Server? When I try to install this mod on the PTS, I get an endless loading on the main menu.

jawbones @jaleddon

No not that I know of.

sjnick @sjnick

А подскажите пж-та, будет ли работать по сети, если и обоих будет установлен только этот мод?

jawbones @jaleddon

I cant confirm if it works with multiplayer. I know some have had success in the past but with the new updates it seems hit and miss.

sjnick @sjnick

We tryed to play multiplayer and in works. Of course, when the original game works. There's a lot of bugs with multiplayer in the game. For example, jne of our friends can't connect to us, and we can;t connect to him. Just start screen and then final screen after multiplayer with totals.

rcraig14 @rcraig14

Great mod! Only issue I have is the raised susp. for the Antarctic Azov. It says explore, but not which map, or maybe its a bug?

jawbones @jaleddon

Thanks, it looks like its a bug. I don't think there is a location for it. I can make it available to buy instead in the next update.

sjnick @sjnick

Спасибо за мод, очень любопытный ) Играть стало реально интересно, приходится подбирать грузовик под нагрузку. Обнаружил один косяк - на карте Остров Драммонд исчезли изображения бочек с топливом. Вместо них жёлтый квадрат с красными треугольниками.

Trigg3rHippieSR @trigg3rhippiesr

How the reshade preset compares with what you can achieve with the nVidia ansel?