R-Physics MOD v.1.5 (Cleaned and updated for 10.1) for SnowRunner

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Published by MrFissure (mod ID: 178602)

  • Removed around 260 unchanged files from the mod
  • Added missing string "SmAttenMult" (might have been added by an update?)
  • Added back shader string for water (not sure if this was removed intentionally?)
  • Wetness string added for mud (not sure if this was removed intentionally?)


All credits go to the original mod creater/author VAXIS

R-Physics MOD v.1.5 (UPDATED) for SnowRunner -




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GamersCircle @gamerscircle

Does this mod still work? I assume that this is a manual install for the initial.pak file?

giangygiac @giangygiac

Hey, thank you for the mod.
I'd like to ask you two questions, if you can help me:

1. It seems as if splashing water doesn't affect trucks with the same "wetness" effect I seem to recall from MudRunner, especially when it comes to anything above wheels. I get stuck on a flooded field, go full throttle, but anything above the wheels stays dry, if it's not also splashed in mud. I don't think this is an issue with your mod, though. Is this an issue of "R-Physics MOD v.1.5 (UPDATED) for SnowRunner", or of the game in general?

2. Can you point me to the values I need to change if I want to extend duration of splashes and particles even more?


CydonianKnight21 @cydonianknight21

may I include these changes (with credit) in my own mod?

FourEclipse @foureclipse

pls can you make a coal runner Exhaust file ? for more black diesel smoke ? ;)

idiocracy_ @idiocracy1

What's different between this and the other one?

overpas8 @overpas8

iv seen this in use will they alow it on console

Nightfiver @jmfabries

should we download the original?

MrFissure @mrfissure

No that is not required!

serega102 @serega102

Что это такое?)) Объясните пожалуйста в двух словах.

coolnick53 @coolnick53

i have a problem where if i have a sertain amount of mods it would freeze and crash ( crash dump) will this fix it or

CydonianKnight21 @cydonianknight21

the mod system for this game is awful. theres just a few template files and then a few files for each truck built off that. if you want to combine mods you really need to look at the code inside the files and start copying the parts you want into one file. one mod might only change one line of code for a truck but it will overwrite the whole file, not just that line. then if anything else changes that file like a game update or another mod, it causes a conflict, maybe causes the game to get confused because its missing newly implemented data.

the codes really easy to learn to just open the files with notepad or wordpad. in a day ive gone from knowing nothing to combining like 6 mods in my game

Jaws098 @croberge

same boat too

CydonianKnight21 @cydonianknight21

thanks. for some reason r-physics wont download any files for me, just the modio.json in its folder. youve saved me cleaning it myself (if i couldve gotten my hands on it) so I appreciate that

zaP26ynKgmIuNb5Yf @zap26ynkgmiunb5yf

Yesss! Thank you!

EvilJames69 @bencrews122483

so do we subscribe to install or ????? asking for a friend

MrFissure @mrfissure

Manual install like the original ! Sorry